Working out and watching what I eat but no loss

03 Jul 2017
03 Jul 2017

I have been having TPW meal replacement protein shakes for some weeks if not months now, I tend to have them for breakfast and someting lunch too. If I dont have a shake for lunch I try and get a healthy low cal lunch like chicken and salad in. Dinner wise I cook all my own food so you could say "clean eating". For the last few weeks atleast I have been cutting down on sugars and white carbs. I work out 4ish times a week which includes 2 x spinning of 45 mins, 1 hr kettlebells, 1 hr cadio blast and other general walking and weights inbetween. I am not seeing any change in my body or the scales and I am in that place where I ask, am I eating too much, too little, not the right things, etc etc and would like some help or advice on this. example for for today is: 

8am - Pear, 2 x coffee with drop of milk

10am - 1 x protein shake 

12pm - 4 small crackers with light philly and wafer ham 

2pm - black bean quinoa and 3 x falafels, light & free yoghurt 

5pm - apple 

6-7.30pm - Gym 

8pm - prawn stir fry veg with fresh noodles and soy sauce 

Any advice or pointers would be greatly apprciated