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Black Onyx Protein Truffles

These truffles are really good, almost like oreo-filled truffles because of the onyx used inside. Now, if you don’t have black onyx, don’t worry. You can use regular cocoa powder too! If you do want to give black onyx a go though.


1 tablespoon Black Onyx cocoa powder
3 tbsps ground almonds
1/2 teaspoon vanilla sweetener 
1/8 cup whey
1 tbsp almond milk or your non-dairy milk of choice
3-4 squares 85% dark chocolate


1. In a bowl, mix all of the above ingredients except for the dark chocolate and milk. Bind everything with the milk, little by little, until you get a moldeable dough. Add 1 tsp at a time to ensure your mix at no point becomes runny. You want a play-doughy type of dough you can roll with yours hands.

2. Roll your dough into four balls – or truffles.

3. Then, melt the chocolate in a bain marie (i.e. a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling water). You COULD melt the chocolate in the microwave too but a bain marie melts it more evenly and ensures the chocolate doesn’t burn.

4. Once the chocolate has melted, dunk the truffles in there to coat them. Use your hands or a spoon!

5. Transfer them to the freezer for 30 mins of the fridge for an hour and they’re ready to deliver the most intense cascade your tastebuds have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Macros per truffle (out of 4):

5g protein
4g carbs
7g fat

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