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Why you love it...
"Great bundle, great price, lost 1 stone using this bundle, can highly recommend." Tara
Why we love it...
Lean and clean, our Lean Muscle Pro Bundle contains everything you need to achieve the ultimate ‘Shredded’ look. From our revolutionary Whey Protein 360, stacked with over 23g of Protein per delicious shake, to BCAA’s to help protect and preserve lean muscle during intense workouts the Lean Muscle Pro Bundle gives you the full arsenal of fat loss weapons you need to achieve your body composition goals.



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Who Is the Lean Muscle Pro Bundle For?

If you’re looking to gain massive amounts of muscle or lose weight fast, then it’s to take the exit door, this bundle is for those looking to achieve the ultimate ‘Shredded’ look. From fuel, to protein, to energy, every angle is covered in the Lean Muscle Pro Bundle to help you lower your body fat % and achieve that lean muscle look you’ve always dreamed of. Protein is essential for supporting the growth and maintenance of muscle, that’s why we’ve added our very best to this bundle in the shape of our Whey Protein 360,. BCAA’s are added to help preserve the muscle mass you’ve toiled long and hard to build, while CLA and Thermopro provide the ultimate duo to give you the energy you need to fuel even the toughest workouts. All this nutrition combined, creates an all-star team of Lean and Clean.

What’s in the Lean Muscle Pro Bundle?

Whey Protein 360 (1.2kg)

360 by name and 360 by nature, Our Whey Protein 360 turned the game, flipped the circle and revolutionised the way Protein is made. Using our bespoke blend of 5 protein sources, Whey Protein 360 covers all bases providing an optimal blend of fast and slow protein sources to drip feed your muscles with the protein it needs to grow and maintain whilst also covering a complete amino acid profile for the full 360 effect.

What would be the point in having all this greatness packed inside if it didn’t taste insane? Luckily our TPW™ gurus thought exactly the same, that’s why from day one Whey Protein 360 was designed to be hands down, the best tasting protein shake on the market, and it’s safe to say our team absolutely nailed it on this one. Packing over 23g of Protein per serving, with just 1.4g of Fat and 0.2g of Sugar, Whey Protein 360 is absolutely ideal for anyone considering losing weight.

BCAA (250g)

The first of its kind, our BCAA was the first ever instantised BCAA Powder, while everyone was busy popping capsules we changed the game and broke barriers once again. Bringing Leucine, Iso-Leucine and Valine, the 3 most important muscle building amino acids your body requires in a 2:1:1 formula, BCAA is a vital component of any shred bundle to protect any existing muscle tissue from depleting while you run in a calorie deficit. Used by many fitness athletes for decades, BCAA’s provide the essential building blocks your body needs to build and maintain muscle mass. Available in 4 incredible tasting flavours, Berry Blitz, Green Apple Spike, Tropical Punch and Orange Burst, our team worked serious overtime to make these taste fantastic.

Pure Performance Vitamins (60 Capsules)

The common issue with running a calorie deficit while losing weight is that you start to get ill and run down, this is why supplementing with a Multi-Vitamin is essential to help maintain the performance of your immune system. Pure Performance Vitamins contain over 20+ active ingredients, ranging from your essential vitamins such Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12, but also contains rarer ingredients such as Chromium, all of these combine to not only keep your immune system functioning at optimal, but also improving uptake of nutrients in the blood steam, cognitive brain function and also reducing the effects of fatigue.

Thermopro (45 Capsules)

Thermopro is our gift to all athletes. It’s a strong combination of active ingredients all designed to commence fat burning warfare. Caffeine, Tyrosine, Green Tea Extract, Guarana, the list of legends contained in this mighty capsule are all headliners in their own right, bring them altogether however and you’ve got one hell of a show. Thermopro is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, its large energy output gives you the power boost you need during intense workouts to push that little bit harder, break through the next plateau and ultimately allowing you to burn more calories than you previously could, leading to better and quicker weight loss.

CLA (60 Capsules)

Fatty acids are a huge part of all weight loss programs. Why? Well fatty acids such as Omega 6 can’t be naturally produced in the body, however they provide a massive uplift towards your body compositiion goals. Its steeped in fatty acids such as Omega 6, these unfortunately can’t be naturally produced in the body, and can only be found in foods such Oily fish, however, you don’t want to have to eat fish every day right? That’s where a handy CLA supplement comes in to play, and our CLA’s potency and efficacy is off the charts, making it the No.1 go to source of CLA for many of our top athletes.

Protein Shaker (Colour May Vary)

The Science doesn’t stop when it comes to our TPW™ Shakers. Working with the world renowned team Buschsteiner with created a shaker that sets the standard for the 3 fundamentals of all Protein Shakers. Mixability, no lumps, ever, with our micro-filtered shakes that’s pretty much a given but just to be sure, we’ve added in micro filter to ensure absolutely no lumps in our shakes. No Leaks, the team at Buschsteiner have kitted this beauty out with a unique locking system that ensure that the shaker is sealed tight, with no gaps or cracks for our shakes to leak out of. Lastly, but by no means least, Looks! Our Shakers look insane, completed with a coloured lid and smoked body for that extra touch of class.

* Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and based on personal experience. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan. Nutritional Information per serving based on unflavoured.

06 June 2018

Great weight loss bundle!
Great bundle, great price, lost 1 stone using this bundle, can highly recommend!

Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and reflect customer's personal experiences. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan.


See each product page for individual product ingredients.

See each product page for individual product ingredients.


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