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We do our best to keep all our products in stock all of the time. However occasionally, due to spikes in demand or ingredient supplier issues, we sometimes get caught short. Wherever possible, you'll find the very latest status on any out of stock products on this page.

The team at TPW™ HQ regularly update this page to ensure you can always at-a-glance find out when your favourites are back in the game!


Product Return Date
Indulgent Nut Butter Tuesday 20th September 2016
Protein Grazers Monday 19th September 2016
Superfood Nut Butter Monday 19th September 2016
Almond Butter TBC
Rawtella TBC


If you can't find the product you're searching for in the list above then please send us an email and we'll do our best to provide an accurate update.

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