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“Been dying to try all your snacks, loved each one and the tub is huge! Nutties are the one!” Zara
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Containing a whopping 16 of our greatest bakery innovations, our Protein Rebels are loaded with all the insane flavours and nutritional greatness you would expect from a protein snack that is handmade at our Protein Bakery. But these aren’t called Rebels lightly. Here’s the inside track... These cheeky snacks are the misfits, the square pegs in the round holes - the ones who’ve refused to conform to the perfection our bakers desire. You see, each one has an added quirk, a knock here or there, an uneven shape, one tiny detail that meant they didn’t make they didn’t make the final cut. Some might call them the underdogs, but we’re always rooting for unsung hero - so we’ve teamed these Rebels together & created an all-star selection of Protein Snacks ready to fulfil their mission to exercise your tastebuds.



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Our Protein Rebels are for those who like to be different, who push boundaries and quite literally break the mould. Our Protein Rebels each have their own little quirk, an uneven rise a misaligned chocolate drizzle, a break in the mould, a slump on a corner... each was enough to be marked down by our team of artisan bakers who’s standards would put Mary Berry to shame.

Fear not though, whilst they didn’t quite make it into one of our Protein Bakery Boxes, they are still absolutely stacked with all the legendary hallmarks you come to expect from a TPW protein baked snack. The level of genius packed into each bite is unmatched, from the innovative protein blends, packed with an optimal mix of fast and slow acting proteins to fuel and support muscle maintenance and repair, to the little touches of genius, in the form of some of the earth’s most nutrient dense foods, such as Himalayan Pink Salt which are rich in minerals.

And the flavour, expect the full whammy as there’s nothing that these Rebels missed out on. Each one of our recipes has been honed and perfected in our Protein Bakery (the first of its kind in Europe) where we’ve continued to break through boundaries and deliver snacks that leave the others trailing in our wake. Whether it’s our soft baked Protein Brownies or our Protein Cookie pleasure domes, each and every snack delivers incredible levels of flavour, taste and texture that will leave you licking your lips in anticipation of your next bite


5 x PROTEIN BROWNIES (Belgian Chocolate)

A household favourite re-imagined and re-engineered to deliver insane nutritionals with an eye-opening, mind-boggling level of flavour, trust us when we say, these are the best protein brownies you will ever try. Stacked with over 10g of Protein in each cheeky little square, your muscles will be well supported with the protein they need to repair and grow. But what about the sugar content? To that we say we can practically say ‘What Sugar?’ You’ll find just 1g of sugar baked into each soft gooey centre, that’s it, like we said, devastating nutritionals.

7 x PROTEIN COOKIES (Salted Caramel)

TPW™ Protein Cookies are the freshest on the market and packed with artisan hands as well as science and passion. Our nutritionists have fused flavour and macros into one unique and convenient snack that’s high in protein, low in sugar and fuelled with fibre. With all our advancements in nutrition and science, plus the trail blazing bakery expertise we've built up over the years, there wasn’t any other option than to create a true nutritional legend. Did our teams clash in the development? Absolutely, and out of this always comes greatness. Was awesomeness born? We'll let you be the judge.

4 x PROTEIN CRUNKIES™ (Cranberry and Goji Berry)

Building on the legacy of our insane tasting protein snacks, the Protein Crunkie™ is the next evolution in game-changing fitness foods. Scientifically developed and hand-crafted, they represent the very latest in gourmet sports nutrition. Delivering muscle-building protein, high quality carbs, high fibre and heart healthy fats in one simple to eat cereal bar, it really becomes a conversation around – “what doesn’t this bar provide!?”

08 November 2018

Been dying to try all your snacks, loved each one and the tub is huge! Nutties are the one!

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See each product page for individual product ingredients.

See each product page for individual product ingredients.


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