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What is Whey & Greens?

Whey & Greens is the perfect union of two of the nutrition industry’s most popular products. It essentially takes the nutrient-dense nature of greens (like spirulina) and combines it with the high protein, high Biological Availability of whey protein. What’s left is a hybrid shake that helps to support an individuals elevated nutritional needs. This is why the Whey & Greens Supershake™ is ideal for athletes and anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

Whey & Greens is also considered incredibly versatile. This is because we only use THE PROTEIN WORKS™ premium grade whey protein to make it which is ultra-low in carbs, calories and lactose. For this very reason it can be used by strength and speed athletes, endurance athletes or anyone dieting. This nutritional flexibility is why most cupboards around Europe will have a pouch of Whey & Greens Supershake™.

Whey & Greens are also believed to make the ideal meal replacement. This is because the fibrous, nutrient dense nature of the greens works in synergy with the whey protein to slow the absorption of the entire shake and deliver nutrients to the body throughout the day. Also, for many people the Whey & Greens Supershake™ is the perfect union of two of the diet industry’s supplement staples. So it makes perfect sense in terms of convenience to combine them into what shake made with TPW™’s renowned all natural flavours and colours.

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