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How Does Protein Help Recovery?

The Recovery Protein section of THE PROTEIN WORKS™ website is not surprisingly one of the most popular. This is because protein as a macronutrient is of course traditionally associated with recovery, repair and regrowth of the body. A key area that needs nutritional support especially for athletes or those who follow an active lifestyle. But whilst protein itself is generally considered a “recovery protein” this area of the site was created for those that have been scientifically formulated for that exact purpose.

The best example of this is our aptly named Recovery Protein that contains whey protein and carbohydrates in the perfect ratio that’s considered optimal for recovery by the often quoted sports nutrition bible, “The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition.” It’s also been enhanced with amino acids and extracts that have been the subject of thousands of studies in the area of recovery enhancement.

Finally, the entire THE PROTEIN WORKS™ product line is forever evolving and expanding. The Recovery Protein section of the site is no different. Which is why we always invite anyone with any ideas to take to social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or Instagram) and let us know your suggestions. It doesn’t matter what sports background and whether strength-based or endurance-based we want to hear them. As we always say, the door to the TPW™ lab is always open.

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    With only the best sources of vegan protein and over 25g of protein per serving - this vegan shake is a powerhouse. Not only have we have infused it with a vitamin and mineral blend to further enhance the benefits of this shake. It's naturally sweetened to ensure this is the purest vegan protein shake you can buy. With amazing flavours exclusive to this range - you'd be silly not to try it.

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    NOW 52% OFF

    Code: TPW52

    From £19.99
    From £19.99
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