Protein Powders, Pre-Workouts And Carbohydrate Formulas

Protein Works powders range is absolutely loaded with only the finest creatine monohydrate, aminos and pre-workouts on the market today.

Whilst we undoubtedly have one of the best and most comprehensive collection of protein shakes we also pride ourselves on having absolutely everything you would need to support your training. Which is why the non-protein specific powders range was given an entire section on the site to itself. It’s in keeping with our PERSONAL philosophy and promise to you to offer bespoke nutritional and supplement support whatever your individual fitness goals. So whether you want to increase muscle mass, lose body fat or improve sports performance we will have the right sports powder to help you achieve it.

Creatine has been the subject of thousands of studies. This is because it has been scientifically found to increase physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise. For this very reason creatine is arguably the second most used supplement in sports nutrition. Whey protein of course being the most popular. Therefore understanding the importance of creatine we at Protein Works offer it in all its many forms. Visit each product page below for a detailed explanation as to why each form is different.

Regarding carbohydrate powders we again have different forms to suit your needs. Such as the rapidly absorbed Dextrose, Maltodextrin and Waxy Maize Starch to take with your whey protein powder post workout. Or instant oats, a lower glycaemic index carbohydrate ideal for providing a slow and sustained release of energy throughout your workouts. Essentially this is the carbohydrate form of the slow absorbing casein protein.

Our amino acid powders range includes certain staple aminos that should be in all athletes’ diets.

This is because whilst having ‘whole’ and complete forms of protein in your diet like whey protein isolate, there have also been numerous studies to show the benefits supplementing with free-form amino acids too. The best known of these being our BCAA powder that used to enrich many of our award-winning protein shakes.

At Protein Works we’re always looking for ways to improve, both in terms of the sports nutrition we offer and our service. That’s why our entire powder range is packaged under strict Good Manufacturing Practice and made in sealable, robust containers and packages to ensure they leave the Protein Works Headquarters and arrive with you in the best possible condition. Essentially, exactly the same manufacturing processes that govern our widely-acclaimed protein powder applies to our powders range too.

    • Pure Fine Instant Oats
      Pure Fine Instant Oats

      "These instant oats are very easy to mix in shaker bottles and combine with whey powder to m...Sam

    • Glutamine

      "Glutamine is great for cutting! Green apple and orange burst are both really nice but o...Kaitlin

    • D Aspartic Acid Powder
      D Aspartic Acid Powder

      "I've been on D-Aspartic Acid for a few weeks, definitely seeing the effects. Great product...Nick

    • Vitamin D3 Gummies
      Vitamin D3 Gummies

      "These gummies are perfect for the morning. Easy to chew and taste great!" - Jamille

    • Vitamin C Gummies
      Vitamin C Gummies

      “I take these once a day, they taste great and definitely feel less tired” - Kacey

    • Multivitamin Gummies
      Multivitamin Gummies

      “Love these! Taste just like a gummy sweet, so much better than tablets” Taylor

    • Raze Burner
      Raze Burner

      “Sour Cherry is soooo tasty, literally like drinking a juice, Love it!” Blake

    • Immunity Vitamin C & Zinc
      Immunity Vitamin C & Zinc

      "Absolutely love this, using it to boost my immune system whilst working from home." - Ben

    • Vegan Vitamin B12
      Vegan Vitamin B12

      “Great supplement, simple way to maintain my levels of Vitamin B12!” Grace

    • 24-7 Super Multivitamin
      24-7 Super Multivitamin

      “You guys nailed it with this, loving the uncomplicated benefits, feeling more brighter and...Josh

    • Diet Super Multivitamin
      Diet Super Multivitamin

      "Great multivitamin pill and easy to swallow - hitting my RDA on loads of vitamins. Recover...Phil

    • Performance Multivitamins
      Performance Multivitamins

      "Great multivitamin pill and easy to swallow. Great price and delivery was amazingly quick ...Phil

    • Vitamin D3 Tablets
      Vitamin D3 Tablets

      "This is a must-have for me, especially with the lack of sun I get!" - Hattie

    • Raze Extreme
      Raze Extreme

      “This is true next level stuff, you can feel the energy coursing through your veins and the taste is unreal.” Morgan

    • Raze Zero-Caff
      Raze Zero-Caff

      “Perfect for my evening workout, delivers the same pre-workout kick with zero caffeine!” Frankie