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Carbohydrate Powders


Simple or Complex? Fast absorbing or Slow Absorbing. The world of carbohydrates powders can be a fickle world, here at THE PROTEIN WORKS we seek to make your life easier. Here we have the ultimate selection of carbohydrates, made from the finest quality and absolutely perfect to use as the fuel to get nutrients to your muscles fast and start to repair and get stronger.

The post workout nutrient window is believed by many experts to be the most important one for athletes and people who train. Put simply this is because you need to feed the muscles that are exhausted and starved of nutrients following training for them to repair and regrow. Carbohydrates are a small component on the array of post workout supplements available to you

More specifically the type of carbohydrates you consume with your protein shake have been shown to have a profound effect on your muscle recovery and growth. This is why we created these carbohydrate powders, backed by years of research, this scientifically calculated formula has been shown to work with your protein of choice. It shuttles the aminos and protein to the muscles quicker and creates a far better muscle building environment within the muscles than if you were to consume protein alone.

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  1. Dextrose
    Rating: 99%
    99% of 100
    "Dextrose mixes well and works great with TPW whey to deliver energy and muscle repairin...Michael
    from £9.99

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    25% OFF!

    Code: DEAL25

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  2. Maltodextrin
    Rating: 98%
    98% of 100
    "Glycogen replenishment is vital for recovery- super easy way to increase my carbohydrate ...Chris
    from £15.99

    10% OFF!
    Code: SALE10

    10% OFF!

    Code: SALE10

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