Best Protein Powder For Women


The best protein powder for women, whether that be you’re trying to tone, keep in shape, or just trying to improve your health, Protein Works has a shake for each goal. As standard, each shake provides you with a premium source of delicious flavoured protein, from strawberries ‘n’ cream to the fan favourite salted caramel, but what sets us apart from the rest is our attention to detail.

We hand select each and every ingredient, to make sure that it provides your body with the right nutrients, but also taste amazing too. We’ve even added some additionals such as a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals to some of our favourite protein powders.

Some women believe that going to the gym and consuming protein shakes will make them ‘bulky’ or build large amounts of muscle mass. Depending on what your training goals are, this isn't true. Protein has more benefits than just repairing muscle and helps contribute towards a healthier lifestyle. There have also been many studies conducted that find having an increase of protein can actually encourage weight loss and improve body composition too.

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  1. Diet Meal Replacement
    Diet Meal Replacement
    Rating: 96%
    96% of 100
    “I use these meal replacement shakes to help with weight loss and can't recommend them eno...Alex*
    was from £17.99 from £15.29
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  2. Diet Whey Complex
    Diet Whey Complex
    Rating: 95%
    95% of 100
    "Great taste and fantastic results. There's a lot in this formula for weight loss and I pr...*Alex
    was from £22.99 from £16.09
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  3. Vegan Diet Meal Replacement
    Vegan Diet Meal Replacement
    Rating: 97%
    97% of 100
    “Tried this as an alternative to Huel and very glad I did. As well as having a great taste,...Sam*
    was from £19.99 from £9.40
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  4. Diet Meal Replacement Extreme
    Diet Meal Replacement Extreme
    Rating: 99%
    99% of 100
    “So delicious, I have this to replace my lunch and it keeps me full until tea time! No s...Charlie
    was from £24.99 from £17.49
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