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We've got your back this pancake day, from sweet and indulgent to savoury and delicious -
this is the go-to place for everything you could possibly need for some epic pancakes!




+ 1 scoop Whey Protein 360 (Banoffee)

+ 1 scoop Protein Pancake Mix (Unflavoured)

+ 150ml Milk

+ Zero Syrup (Any flavour)

+ Coconut Chips


+ Blend all ingredients until smooth

+ Heat a pan with a tbsp Coconut oil and fry mixture until golden.

+ Top with your favourite Zero Syrup and some coconut chips!



+ 2 scoops Whey Protein 360 (French Vanilla)

+ 2 eggs

+ 30g oats

+ 1 banana

+ Zero Syrup (Any flavour)


+ Blend all ingredients until smooth

+ Heat a pan with a tbsp Coconut oil and fry mixture until golden.

+ Top with your favourite Zero Syrup!

Sweet + Scrumptious

Super Greens

White Choc & Berry

Sweet tooth's out there,
you will love this indulgent delight!


Blueberry Classic

Try making our Protein Pancake Mix
with added blueberries to the mixture!

Protein Powehouses

Dark Choc & Walnut

Nutty madness, peanut butter, walnuts
and smooth dark chocolate...


Banana & Maple

Simple yet delicious, this is one for the banoffee lovers!

Pimp your pancake...

Make the ultimate clean pancake with these delicious goodies!


Go Savoury!

Protein Water

Super Green Goodness

Greens never tasted
sooooo good!

Protein Water

Savoury Salmon Roll

Filled with cream cheese and
delicious smoked salmon.

Protein Water

Savoury Protein Pancakes

A simple and healthy recipe to
make the ultimate savoury pancake


Yes you heard us correctly, check out how our sweet friend can help get us healthy!

If we told you that to lose fat, you should eat chocolate, you'd probably think we were mad. This is because the word, "chocolate" is frowned upon in certain nutritional circles.But recent studies show that the vilification of all chocolate is unjustified. In fact, certain types of chocolate could (and in fact should) feature in your diet. To many this will seem completely alien. But if you consider the fact chocolate is indeed a plant-based food that originates from the seed of a fruit, then it's probably less absurd. Cocoa bean studies show that raw cocoa is naturally high in flavanols (naturally occurring plant nutrients) and this is where the magic happens.

This is because researchers from the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of L'Aquila in Italy, found the flavanol content of dark chocolate improves our glucose metabolism. What this means is it improves a person's ability to absorb sugars and carbohydrates making them less prone to storing fat. So why does chocolate get such bad press? The answer lies in the manufacturing process since not all chocolate comes equipped with a magical cocoa supply. For instance, dark chocolate is typically quite high in cocoa and boasts a 70% to 85% content depending on the brand.

Whereas not surprisingly, caramel-layered, sugar-ridden variations don't come with quite the same health properties and should be included in the diet in moderation. This is because the additional sugar causes fat storage, cravings to occur and ultimately causes the wheels on our dieting wagon to completely fall off. Now we’re not suggesting that you should run for hills every time a packet of chocolate biscuits is opened. But just know--contrary to popular belief--not all chocolate is evil. Read more...


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