Origins Protein Shaker
Origins Protein Shaker

Origins Protein Shaker

Pretty sturdy, no leaking so top marks for me. I would definitely pick up another Origins Protein shaker! Nick

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The Origins Protein Shaker is our flagship shaker with its gold and dark smoked brand colours, designed and manufactured in Germany using precision engineering. Coming in with an optimal 700ml capacity, and an easy reference measuring guide, it can handle pretty much any shake from our extensive range.

Everything about this protein shaker screams quality. From the home of premium accessories, Buchsteiner® in Germany, it assembles perfectly and provides a long life, leak-free experience. It comes with a toughened sieve, that sits in the neck of the container, to ensure ultra smooth, clump-free shakes every time.

If You Buy Just One Shaker…

Striking in its styling, the Origins Protein Shaker was inspired by our heritage. We launched 10 years ago with a shaker very similar to this, designed by the founding team, and as they say, the rest is history.

It’s comprised of a striking gold lid and spout, which contrasts with a highly smoked body, which is semi-transparent allowing you to see your liquid inside. You get the best of both worlds! The precision sounding click of the spout as it closes, the smooth twist of the screw top lid, and the reinforced container, all make this the only shaker you should buy, if you’re only buying one! The shaker is super easy to wash as it disassembles into 3 parts, allowing you to clean without any dramas.

  • Official Buchsteiner® Manufactured
  • German Precision Engineered
  • High Quality Durable Plastic
  • Robust & Rigid Construction
  • Removable Blending Sieve
  • Smoked Semi-Transparent Body
  • Optimal 700ml Capacity
  • At-a-Glance Measuring Guide
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Secure Lock Closure


The Perfect Shake

The Origins Protein Shaker comes with a high tolerance sieve that can perform with any powder formulation or liquid you throw at it. It works equally as well with water or any kind of milk. It is designed to help break up clumped or grainy powder into a fine, soluble form.

Its 700ml capacity is optimised for our range of shakes from preworkouts to high performance protein shakes. The chamber offers enough capacity for expansive blending, which once again helps with the mixing process. Finally, the half curved, half flat construction of its body provides an ergonomic design that fits snugly into the palm of your hand.


Designed to Last

The Origins Protein Shaker is the most hassle-free option in our range. It’s your go-to shaker whether you are performing on the field of play, working in the office or just relaxing at home. Shatter-proof, kick-proof, sit-on-it-proof. This is one accessory that will stick with you through thick and thin.