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At TPW™ Towers we regularly day dream about the recipes we're going to whip up over the weekend!
So we've picked the two hottest ones of the moment to share with you guys. These recipes are trending with our TPW™
Tribe and the love on social for them has gone crazy! We've tried them, we've tested them and we can officially say... You Have To Have These In Your Life!



This delicious muffin recipe is a nutritional powerhouse. Made with award-winning Whey and a range of superfoods, these make for the perfect sweet treat to curb those cravings. This recipe includes:

+ Whey Protein 80

+ Peanut Butter

+ Zero Syrups

+ Flaxseeds


This recipe is one of the easiest, yet tastiest homemade creations you will find. Combining smooth yogurt, creamy Peanut Butter and sweet syrups is a recipe for success. And you can create almost any flavour protein ice-cream by simply changing up the Whey 80 flavour!

+ Whey Protein 80

+ Peanut Butter

+ Zero Syrups

+ Greek Yogurt




Stock up on these goodies for endless nut butter recipe creations!



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