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Epic Times At TPW™ Towers


Protein Snacks Unleashed

We're chuffed to be able to announce the launch of our new Epic Protein Snacks range which includes some of our best-selling bakery innovations such as Protein Nutties, Protein Truffles and Protein Brownies. These bad boys have had an extreme make-over and are now strutting their stuff in a store near you. Yes, that's right, when you're feeling peckish and the cookie jar is empty, you can nip out to your local high street and grab an Epic!

Each snack combines our trademark insane flavours such as Jaffa Cake Frenzy, Millionaire's Rush and Crunchy Peanut Explosion with the finest protein and natural ingredients on the planet. Wherever, whenever you need a protein boost, you'll now know just what to do.

Where Can I Get These Cheeky Choc Legends?

These cheeky choc legends will be appearing at a store near you. In fact, they're already stocked in many stores and flying off the shelves as we speak! The Epic Protein Snack range is available in Asda supermarkets, plus Holland & Barrett and GNC stores. We're not finished though, as it appears the biggest kept secret in healthy snacking is now out of the bag! We'll keep you informed of where we'll be launching next once TPW™ Towers can meet the demand.

TPW™ Kicking IT In Retail

In addition, to the Epic Snacks, don't forget you can get a mini TPW™ range in over 600 Argos stores nationwide and selected Tesco supermarkets. The same great products we sell online offering premium grade nutrition at cracking prices.

We're on a mission with a commitment to get the population eating healthier, exercising more and educating people to read the nutritionals of what their consuming, rather than just assuming it's healthy because the marketing says so.


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