The wait is finally over! There were these few words, that hadn’t existed in a sentence before… ‘insane tasting vegan protein bar’. You know we love a challenge right? That’s why we’re standing here proud, as those small but great words are now real, for the first time. We've raised the bar in an area all before have tried but fell short. The VEGAN CRAVERS™ are here and they’re truly an insane tasting vegan protein bar… and then some!

Made from three premium plant-based proteins, all natural flavours and a big dollop of TPW™ magic, every single square packs over 14g of protein, plus is high in fibre and low in sugar. Awesome macros mate, but flavour we hear you cry? Sorted. Enter the wizards of the TPW FLAVOURY™. They’ve put these babies through over 100 different taste tests and the two insane flavours that past our rigorous taste-bud profiling tool are (drum roll please!) Chocolate Avalanche and Salted Caramel Luxe.

Vegan Shakes

A new legend of vegan nutrition has arrived!

TPW Vegan Cravers™ are a true masterpiece and are the latest edition to ensure we continue to wear the vegan nutrition crown. Sculpted from the finest ingredients known to mother nature, the TPW™ Wizards have obsessed over these for months, tweaking everything, developing our innovative vegan triple blend, combining that with our luxurious chocolate coating with a sumptious fudge like core to create a vegan taste sensation. Combining this previously unseen level of flavour with a nutritional profile this exceptional, will propel this vegan bar straight to #1. Weighing in with over 14g of protein, low sugar and high in fibre the TPW Vegan Cravers™ are plant based powerhouses.

"I can't stop reaching for these bad boys, they are simply incredibly satisfying and moreish."

Lorna taste tester, December 2017

Vegan Shakes

TPW Vegan Craver™ - A nutritional powerhouse

+ HIGH PROTEIN - Over 14g of protein per serving for growth & maintenance of muscle mass

+ LOW IN SUGAR - Less than a gram of sugar* to aid weight loss plans and goals

+ HIGH FIBRE – For increased digestive health and energy

+ SLIM LINE FAT CONTENT - Just 3.5g of fat per serving – all that and you’re eating chocolate!

+ NATURAL FLAVOURS - Made from 100% natural flavours as standard

+ DAIRY FREE – well, nothing more to say on that one, does what it says on the tin!

+ REDUCED FAT COCOA POWDER – sourced to elevate taste without comprised nutritionals

+ 3 X PROTEIN BLEND – Exceptional quality Soy Protein, White Hemp & Wheat Protein

+ SWEET POTATO POWDER – Source of complex carbs, vitamins and minerals for energy

Vegan Shakes

2 Lip Licking, Natural Flavours AVAILABLE

We've got two insane and ALL NATURAL flavours to dive into. Having undergone over 200 taste tests including sampling every single vegan bar we could source globally, we can confidently say that our Chocolate Avalanche flavour rivals that of a Swiss chocolate gem and our Salted Caramel Luxe oozes class and has a unique freshness that is set off by a pinch of Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt – which incidentally many people believe is the purest salt available on the planet and has a raft of superior mineral qualities vs any other forms of salt … did we mention we were obsessed??

Chocolate Avalanche

We all know there's chocolate, and then there's CHOCOLATE. This is true next level chocolate wizardry to leave any chocoholic in vegan snack heaven.

Salted Caramel Luxe

A combination to leave any Michelin starred chef in awe, our inspired addition of Himalayan Pink Salt compliments the caramel core in ways to leave you speechless






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