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It's not often we can tease your taste buds with a deal on our exclusive Bakery collection... but let's throw out the rule book today,
dive into this one & grab some goodies whilst stocks last.
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Our Protein Truffles™ Bakery Box is the supercharged younger sibling of our much loved Diet Protein Truffles™. Now because we like to bend the rules a little, although we say this is younger, these little nutritional ninjas are actually BIGGER than our Diet Protein Truffles™ and that’s because we wanted to give you a protein snack that packed more in its punch! With us? Well, adjust your settings now, as bigger also comes with less calories than you might expect and an extra 4.1g of Protein than our Diet Protein Truffle™! At just 125 calories per Truffle and boasting 14.5g of Protein, instead of reaching for your go to craving, kill it a double whammy of taste & nutritional greatness!






The Protein Nutties™ Bakery Box is what happens when you take a nut butter obsession to a culinary genius and a sports scientist and ask for a nutritional miracle… the result? A perfectly baked fusion of 100% natural nut butters and premium grade whey protein, blended with the finest ingredients, including organic virgin coconut oil and organic raw cacao nibs. All that, delivered in a handy sized snack that packs a nutritional punch well above its weight! Baked, prepped and packed all by hand at TPW Towers this box of nut & protein powered snacks is unique to TPW and sell out faster than we can make the gems!



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