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2 new nut butter innovations just landed.


Earlier this year, we announced the launch of our 2000 sq ft in-house nut butter facility known as The Nuttery™. Since then, our freshly made nut butters have caused mayhem in the world of healthy eating with our 100% natural flavours and colours, pure ingredients and epic nutritional profiles being totally unmatchable by anyone else.

To join our range of Luxe nut butters, 100% nut butters and our record breaking chocolate and hazelnut spead, Rawtella, comes two brand new, nutty creations. One is a superfood-infused jar of pure goodness and the other is the most luxurious and indulgent nut butter you will find...


Indulgent Nut Butter


Indulgent Nut Butter is a richly flavoured nut-based butter that’s been uniquely created by artisan chocolatiers and leading nutritionists.
Fusing cashews and hazelnuts with raw Indonesian chocolate and organic cocao nibs creates the ultimate smooth and luxurious butter.

+ An indulgent, all-natural nut butter

+ Contains pure Indonesian chocolate

+ Rich in healthy sacha inchi oil

+ Packed with cashews and hazelnuts



Indulgent Nut Butter


Superfood Nut Butter is the one of the world’s most nutrient-dense nut butters. Made by fusing almonds, cashews and organic virgin coconut oil with over 23 superfoods, each tub comes packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

+ A superfood-fused almond butter

+ Contains 23 nutrient-dense superfoods

+ 100% natural & packed with vitamins

+ Made with Organic VIrgin Coconut Oil



Indulgent Nut Butter


Since the launch of The Nuttery™ earlier this year, our unrivalled nut butter range has taken the health food world by storm and caused a frenzy in TPW™ HQ. Check out the rest of our range here:

The Luxe Range

Peanut & cashew butters made using the finest natural ingredients, with flavour combinations that will blow your socks off.

100% Nut Butters

Ultra pure, made simply from 100% natural roasted nuts with absolutely no added ingredients.


One of the world’s healthiest chocolate spreads. Hand-made in the TPW™ Nuttery by leading nutritionists and artisan chocolatiers.





From protein-packed bakery treats to award-winning Whey Protein 80, here are our top nut-inspired picks:





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