The Protein Works


Our TPW Wizards have embarked on another nutritional crusade!
This time taking on the villains of complicated daily vits with a health boosting, fatigue fighting 24/7 Super Multivitamin.




+ Fatigue fighting all-round vitamin

+ Packed with vitamins & minerals

+ Great source of calcium & iron

+ Over 5 different B vitamins

+ 31 health boosting ingredients

+ Contains 100% natural herbal extracts




Power pills packed to the rafters with over 5 different types of Vitamin B plus Guarana Extract and fortified with Calcium, Iron and topping of Vit C & D to name just a few, when we called this a SUPER vit, we weren’t messing around. It’s a fatigue fighting, immunity avenger fuelled with core minerals and 100% natural herbal extracts. Ooosh! … Plus, the Wizards tell us that their labs are now powered by 24/7 Super Multivitamin TPW Ninjas … so we expect a double down on innovations from the Towers now we have this bad boy in tow!

In all seriousness, when creating this epic super supp, we wanted to tick all the boxes of not only an all-round super multivitamin but a genuine power pumping vit that fights on all fronts. We wanted an ultimate health-boosting daily vitamin that gives you everything you need for your 24 hour health-kick, 7 days a week, no matter who you are or what you do - and that's exactly what we've done… just don’t blame us if you find yourself having too much fun!






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