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Why you love it...
"Helped me so much starting out, as a newbie I didn't know where to start but this provided all the fuel I needed!"Jamie
Why we love it...
The Mass & Power Starter Bundle brings together some of our finest muscle building innovations to deliver the essential fuel you need to build serious muscle mass. Protein, that’s our specialist subject and our Total Mass Matrix Extreme is the ultimate source of Protein for any muscle building fan, all combined with our latest and greatest innovations to keep your body ticking over.



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If you’re here to build muscle, and by that we mean, lots of muscle then this is the one for you. The Mass & Power Starter Bundle is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to gain muscle mass. Total Mass Matrix Extreme is our biggest shake, in more ways than one. It packs a whopping 55g of protein per serving, from our innovative Protein Blend to feed your muscles with every ounce of protein they could possibly need to grow and repair. Protein supplied, Total Mass Matrix Extreme also delivers the calories you need to get into a calorie surplus with an unrivalled 1008 calories per shake packed into each serving, meaning you can eat standard meals throughout the size and still deliver the calorie surplus required to build muscle mass and size.

This bundle is the full package though, looking after more than just your muscles, we’ve got our most potent vitamins to keep your body performing optimally, a 2.2L Juggernaut to deliver all the hydration you need to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Chuck in our best selling Protein Shaker, along with the TPW™ Fitness guide to provide you the fundamental principles in muscle building and you start to understand just how much detail we’ve put into this bundle, like we said, it’s the full package.



Total Mass Matrix Extreme is a no gimmicks Weight Gainer Shake for those who looking to build muscle mass. It’s DNA is steeped in our tri-protein blend of Whey Protein, Micellar Casein and Soya Protein.This blend delivers an unrivalled level of completeness, with a perfect mix of Slow and Fast acting proteins, but more than that, they also combine to deliver a complete amino acid profile, giving your muscles the full 5 star experience allowing them to be supported for growth and repair. Total Mass Matrix Extreme is then taking to the limit with our next 3 additions. Our innovative carbohydrate blend is a true world beater, made from the highest quality carbohydrates such as Buckwheat, Chia Seeds and Spelt Flour these carbs provide everything you need post workout, both refuelling the body’s energy needs and transporting around the heavier protein molecules to deliver them faster to your body’s muscle cells.

We’re not done there though, next we added Creatine Monohydrate, a compound used by strength athletes for decades and heavily supported by scientific studies to help improve power output. Creatine helps to create ATP in your body’s muscle cells, this is the energy currency your muscles spend when you need to lift heavy, so by stacking your muscles with creatine, your able to help break through plateaus, lift heavier and set new personal bests.

Nearly complete we finished our Total Mass Matrix Extreme with one last cheeky addition of L-Glutamine After completing a tough workout, your muscles will be severely depleted of muscle glycogen. Enter Glutamine, an essential amino acid that plays a key role in getting the necessary carbohydrates to your muscle. Research shows that when Glutamine is taken pre-workout, levels of glutamine in the blood were increased by 25% and competitors noticed a significant improvement in recovery speeds. This is perfect for anyone in a calorie restricted diet, as the most abundant amino acid that is found in your muscles, glutamine preserves your lean body mass, and if found lacking in the body it will be extracted from the muscle resulting in muscle loss.


When pushing your body hard the number 1 response of most beginners is to take on board loads of macronutrients, while completing forgetting about the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly. Our Pure Performance Vitamins are a once daily super vitamin that contain over 20 active ingredients from Vitamins B through to E and a comprehensive range of Minerals such as Chromium and Manganese. All these combine to deliver improved cognitive, gut and immune function, keeping you at your peak when you’re pushing your hardest.


On release day The Juggernaut produced queues that stretched around TPW™ Towers with our loyal tribe eager to get there hands on what was dubbed as the No.1 Must Have by our TPW™ Gurus. Once you get your hands on it you see why, no stone was left unturned in our goal to produce the ultimate hydration buddy. Complete with an ergonomic handle design, strapped lid so you can’t possibly lose it and sleek design the Juggernaut weighs in with exactly 2.2L of water in it’s sturdy vessel, which is exactly the amount of water your body requires to keep hydrated all day long.


The Protein Shaker is a culmination of german engineering genius and TPW™ Swag. Bringing together a smoked body with a coloured lid to deliver an outstandingly polished look and feel to enjoy our insane tasting protein shakes. It’s not all style though, packed inside is an innovative mixing system that allows you to enjoy our shakes with absolutely no lumps and filtered for that smooth, creamy texture.

TPW™ FITNESS GUIDE (Digital Download)

The TPW™ Fitness Guide is designed to deliver all the principles and groundwork you need to build a successful fitness journey. It’s absolutely packed with Workouts from our team of TPW™ Legends, Recipes straight from the TPW™ Kitchen and Knowledge bombs from our In-house Sports Scientists to help you build the basic of understanding of health and fitness to absolutely smash your training goals.

19 October 2018

Cant fault this bundle at all, much better than others ive bought. The ingredients in the shake are great, and have started to see a difference already. Hopefully it will help me to compete in a few months.

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19 October 2018

Body Coach
Im a body coach, and often refer my clients to the protein works. Im always on the look out for improving my own personal training, so loved being able to download the guide onto my phone, and read while working out. 5 stars for the flavours too, and have already felt a difference using the vitamins in the morning.

19 October 2018

Great Price
Saw this on facebook, and have been wanting to start my winter bulk for the first time. Wasnt too sure where to start, but thought this bundle would help me with my protein intake and the guide would help me on some new training routines. The shaker and water bottle is a nice addition too. Well worth the money.

06 June 2018

Covers all the essentials
Helped me so much starting out, as a newbie I didn't know where to start but this provided all the fuel I needed!

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