The Protein Works and FlexFood

The TPW™ team know how to spot an up and comer, and with the whole team now using the FlexFood App it was clear to see they’d got it spot on! We all know the importance of tracking macros, but with other apps it becomes a real chore, with difficult to edit recipes and slow loading search the amount of time spent can easily add up to making it feel more like a chore. With FlexFood, all of that is resolved, with the world’s largest food verified database at your fingertips creating, editing and tracking your food intake couldn’t be simpler. We’re only just discovering the true potential of this App, and there’s more of it’s immense list of features below, however if you’d like to save time and stress on your food tracking #whowouldn’t then use the code FFTPW to get a FREE 30 day Premium Trial worth £5.99

Next Level Nutrition Technology

- World’s Largest Verified Food Database

-Fast Food Searching with Natural Language Entry

- Bar Code Scanning

- Adaptive Macros

- Generated Shopping Lists

- Progress Tracking

Exclusive TPW™ Discounts

As part of our partnership with the team at FlexFood, each FlexFood user will be entitled to receive some insane exclusive discounts through the FlexFood App to help you reach your goals, this includes

- The Best Tasting Whey Protein Powder

- Insane Tasting Fresh Baked Snacks

- The most comprehensive selection of supplements


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