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The TPW™ phenomena has come from nowhere and is now kicking butt not just in the UK, but across Europe. Every single one of you has achieved awesomeness by joining our incredible community and we are forever grateful for your support. Each one of you is a TPW™ LEGEND and we want to see you all involved as we continue our European takeover. So whether you're just a beginner starting out on your journey or already smashing it as an absolute veteran of the iron house, we want ALL your selfies, however sensible or insane right now!




It takes seconds to get involved and we'll do the rest. So no excuses. Take your place in the #TPWEuroTakeover hall of fame, as well as our ever-growing Instagram and Pinterest feeds. To get involved:


1. Simply take to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest
2. Proudly post your selfie, transformation or just general training picture & include @theproteinworks and #TPWEuroTakeover
3. Tag or @ any of your friends in the post too. Whether they are from the UK or elsewhere in Europe, we want them involved too!
4. We become alerted to your awesomeness & then celebrate it on our website in the #TPWEuroTakeover hall of fame, as well as on our Pinterest boards and Instagram feed!







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