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The TPW Endurance Range

Summers' coming a-knockin'! Pull that head out the sand, ruffle up those feathers and shake off the nay-sayers, it's time to double up on efforts & max the out put of any time you can put into your body. As is the TPW™ way, we're mobilizing a movement to find your Y this Summer. Beach BodY, Bare BodY, Bear BodY, Buff BodY, whatever the goal, let us amp up your Y and chase down the body you want. This week we're dropping knowledge bombs on ENDURANCE so check out the below.
We are super proud of our lean muscle range here at TPW™, with our collection packed full of premium flavours, timed-release formulas and fresh, protein bakery snacks.
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Supplement Your Goal.

From protein-packed bakery treats to timed-release protein shakes, we've got everything you need to get the best out of your endurance.

Check out our range of supps to get the best out of your journey. If you're not quite sure what you need, or need a little help choosing, check out our Quick Start Product Selector. A TPW feature that personally picks products for you, depending on your goals and lifestyle.


The Endurance Snack.

We don't believe that having a diet to fuel endurance needs to be boring, which is exactly why we have created the best-tasting, nutritionally awesome foods and snacks on the market today.

Our endurance snacks are high in protein, high in low GI carbohydrates and packed full of our all-natural, delicious flavours.



The Basics Of Endurance

The term 'endurance' basically refers to your body's ability to sustain a high work rate for a long period of time. Endurance is needed in most sports whether it's a football maintaining the same work rate for the entire 90 minutes of the match or something as extreme as a triathlete, marathon runner or iron man competitor simply making it to the end of the race. Here we examine the fundamentals of endurance and the different elements of it.

Endurance is basically your body's ability to sustain a set work rate over a period of time and this can be further sub divided into 'aerobic endurance' and 'anaerobic endurance. ' During aerobic (with oxygen) endurance training, such as a slow, steady 90 minute run, the body is working at a level that the demands for oxygen and fuel can be meet by the body's intake. The only waste products formed are carbon dioxide and water, which are removed by sweating and breathing.

This usually occurs when you are working at 65% of your maximum heart rate and the main factor dictating your aerobic endurance tends to be your VO2 max, this is basically the amount of oxygen your lungs and cardiovascular system is able to uptake and use. Put simply the higher your V02 max, the better your cardiovascular fitness. Read More Here...


Our Top Endurance Picks

Check out our top picks for your endurance goals below, what's more, you can get up to 50% OFF these goodies right now!

The Endurance Recipe Hub

High Protein Porridge

High Protein Porridge

The perfect high protein

Nut Butter Recipes

Nut Butter Recipes

Protein-packed and
full of goodness.

Banoffee Pancakes

Banoffee Pancakes

Topped with zero calorie
and zero fat syrups.

Chewy Granola Bars

Chewy Granola Bars

All-natural, hight energy
granola bars!


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