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Choc Nut Butter Bites


Ashleigh Ponder, aka @BALANCEDNOT CLEAN has created these Choc Nut Butter Bites using our Indulgent Nut Butter! Here's her awesome recipe...


Protein Muffins


+ 30g TPW Indulgent Nut Butter

+ 50g Choc Peanut Whey 360, or another flavour of your choice

+ 25ml water

+ Optional: chocolate sprinkles



How to Make

1. Scoop out 30g Indulgent Nut Butter and place into a microwave safe bowl.

2. Microwave for 20-30 seconds (850W), until soft/melted enough to spread. Be careful not to over-microwave, otherwise you can burn the ingredients of the spread. Do bursts of 15 seconds if you want to be safe.

3. Add the 50g whey 360 straight to the bowl.

4. Using your fingers, 'rub' the powder into the melted nut butter until it is evenly mixed. It will not be soft and bite-like just yet, but that's OK. It should be fairly dry at this stage.

5. In a separate cup, add tap water.

6. Put your main bowl with the nut butter and whey mix onto your food scales.

7. Add 25g (25ml) of water. This needs to be done slowly and precisely, as too much water will make this mushy.

8. Using a spoon (or two!) start to press and mix the added water into the mixture. You may have to use your fingers to fully combine it. The dough will be sticky at first, however as you knead and press it, it becomes firmer and sticks to itself more (rather than your hands/spoons!).

9. Once the dough is fully combined, keep it in your bowl for a moment while you wash your hands of any dough!

10. Line a small, single serving loaf tin (or a bowl, if you want mini 'slices' rather than squares) with a layer cling film, so it rests along the bottom of the container and up the sides.

11. Press your dough onto the cling film in the container until flat.

Optional: press in some sprinkles.

12. Refrigerate for 10 minutes.

13. Cut into squares/slices.

14. Enjoy!




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