Carbohydrates: Strength

But what if you’re not training to improve endurance? Maybe your goals are strength based. Maybe you’re training in the gym to perform a powerful butterfly stroke or hold impeccable backstroke form during the latter stages of a 100m sprint? Well, if that’s the case research from the University of Queensland should be of interest. Titled, “Effects of Carbohydrate Restriction on Strength Performance” they tested a group of athletes performance in the squat rack after restricting their carbohydrates for 2 days compared to when they were fully fueled up.

What did they find? Exactly the same it seems, stating, “The carbohydrate restriction program caused a significant reduction in the number of squat repetitions performed.” Put simply, what this means is if your goals in the gym are strength orientated then be sure to wield the powder of carbohydrates. This is why I’ll be taking lots of Superfood Bites and Flapjack into the gym with me. Basically scientifically proven and “portable” carbohydrates that you can have on the go. Especially during a time when sitting in the squat rack with a bowl full of oats and granola might not be the most practical.



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