The Protein Works™ Protein Scoops

15 Feb 2013

A customer on Twitter recently tweeted about our protein scoops. They tweeted "Really love the TPW™ packaging, love the products. Even the protein scoops are right there on top, and that's a first!". I haven't heard this comment before but it did get me thinking why this was unusual. For us at The Protein Works™ the scoop is always on top because we put it there. :-)

Protein Scoops from The Protein Works™

So why would I write a blog post on protein scoops?! The key difference between us and most brands out there is that we don't farm out our product development and manufacturing to a faceless third party that you will never know about. We do everything at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ in-house. That means the innovation, the formulation, the production all takes place at TPW™ HQ. This allows us to move faster than anyone else, innovate quicker than anyone else. Most importantly it ensures the highest possible quality on the market today.

Whatever brand you use, I would urge you to find out more about where your sports nutrition is really manufactured. Is it in the UK? Is it in Europe or further afield. And what about the ingredients, where do they come from and can you see their certification of authenticity. After all, it's end to end pure sports nutrition know-how and quality you are looking for, not a branding exercise. And I have never understood the brands that don't include a scoop but charge you for it separately. Feels like cheating the customer to me. Certainly not something you would ever see at The Protein Works™. :-)

So think about it. Third party manufacturer transported to wholesale warehouse, wholesale warehouse to retailer, sit on store shelf for a few weeks and then finally to you. Gradually that scoop works its way down through the powder so by the time you receive it, the scoop is nowhere to be seen! At THE PROTEIN WORKS™, we place your scoop on top of the powder and it invariably stays there as your supplements are produced and shipped out to you directly in a matter of days. Maximum freshness, maximum effects, maximum results....and a scoop on top! :-)