Creatine Muscle

26 Jan 2013

The creatine muscle hypertrophy relationship is quite possibly the most well researched subject in sports nutrition. It’s also one of the most common questions we get asked here at THE PROTEIN WORKS™. We have written this article to hopefully answer the questions you may have about the world’s most widely used strength supplement.

Creatine Muscle

The creatine muscle relationship is key to understanding why it’s the most widely used strength enhancing supplement on the market today. Supplementing with creatine has been proven to enhance the muscles re-production of a substance known as ATP. ATP is the muscles ‘molecular energy’ and is needed whenever we move and our muscles contract. So as you can imagine very important during sprints, weight lifting or basically any quick, strong or powerful movement of any kind. The problem our body’s have is that naturally we have a limited supply of ATP in the muscles so we can only work flat out for 5-7 seconds. You would have definitely experienced this when you start to fail on the ninth rep on the bench press or perhaps start to flag and slow down during the latter stages of a 100m race> This is your ATP stores running out.

Creatine Muscle Energy

Now the second part of understanding the creatine muscle relationship is that supplementing the diet with creatine means the muscles are able to replenish ATP stores quicker. This means you are able to work ‘flat out’ for longer. This ultimately means the creatine muscle relationship improves the molecular energy within the muscles and you are able to lift that ninth rep on the bench press, maybe even the tenth and eleventh). It can also mean you are able to sustain your maximum speed during a 100m sprint whilst the rest of the field start to flag.


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