An Inside Scoop Of Life At TPW™ Towers

06 Sep 2015

Working at THE PROTEIN WORKS HQ is every bit as awesome as it sounds. In my time here, I have seen the company grow at an obscene rate in such a short space of time and the best part about it is we have always kept in line with our original ethos and beliefs.

It has been fantastic to see some of the experts at work on a daily basis; from Product Innovators to Marketers to the Graphic Design team, but there are no egos here and the team is very close-knit from top to bottom. I could go into some of the antics that occurred at Chester Races a couple of weeks back, but what happens at TPW Towers stays at TPW Towers...

How it Started

My first year and a half here was in the Customer Services department and this is where I certainly ‘learned the ropes’ not just about the company, but about the sports nutrition industry in general. With the foundations already in place from Dave’s (The Head Honcho of Customer Services) hard graft, we continued this and became the strongest CS team in the industry, working tirelessly late into the night and at weekends to maintain our position as the number one sports nutrition brand for exceptional service!

Then Ross Edgley came knocking, with his iron fists, and I was offered a new role in the Social Media department. This is a very exciting opportunity for me and obviously one I wasn’t going to refuse. The demands of the job are very different to the ones I had in my CS role, so this keeps me on my toes and I am learning an abundance of cool stuff every single day.

Our amazing TPW Community now boasts a huge social reach of over 3 million, which is an unbelievable feat that has been achieved in such a short space of time, but we want to continue growing this to be the biggest!

So much is happening at the moment inside TPW Towers and we just want you to get involved and feel some of this excitement. We will aim to provide you with the latest news, innovations and antics coming directly from the TPW lab. This may even include video tours of the World’s first protein bakery and interviews with members of our unrivalled product development team about the never-ending list of epic products they are reeling off.

We also love to get neck deep in MUD at obstacle races such as Tough Mudder and Mudnificent 7, so if you do not bump into a member of the team there, then expect to see some brilliant videos and pictures of us ploughing (crawling) through the mud.

Let’s just say the brand new ‘TPW Team Social’ is now in full flow, so you can all expect to see some pretty awesome things.