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Diet Super Greens

Diet Super Greens powder from The Protein Works™ is a revolutionary formula that incorporates all the nutritional benefits of our best-selling Super Greens powder with cutting-edge premium grade ingredients designed to aid fat loss. One serving of Diet Super Greens powder equates to 5 portions of fruit and veg.

Diet Super Greens powder breaks new ground in the nutrition industry combining 23 of the world's most nutrient dense food sources and optimal doses of Green Tea Extract, CLA, Acetyl L Carnitine and Yerba Mate. It is designed to help prevent fat storage, promote fat loss, boost energy levels and detoxify the body.

  • Revolutionary super food diet shake

  • Equates to 5 portions of fruit and veg

  • Designed to aid fat loss, detox & energy

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    The Protein Works


    Engineering Researched & formulated in the UK at THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Production Quality Manufactured, packed & despatched by THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Flavouring & Colouring NATURAL flavours & colours
    Thickeners & Fillers 100% FREE of thickeners & fillers
    Ingredient Sourcing TPW™ accredited supplier & INFORMED SPORT™ approved supplier
    Certificate of Analysis Independently certified & full documentation provided, see Product Testing
    Level of Guarantee TPW™ LIFETIME Guarantee applicable on this product
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  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Natural flavours and colours
  • Diabetic
  • Wheat Free
  • GM Free

Diet Super Greens

Diet Super Greens powder from The Protein Works™ is a revolutionary formula that incorporates all the nutritional benefits of our best-selling Super Greens powder with cutting-edge premium grade ingredients designed to aid fat loss. One serving of Diet Super Greens powder equates to 5 portions of fruit and veg.

Diet Super Greens powder breaks new ground in the nutrition industry combining 23 of the world's most nutrient dense food sources and optimal doses of Green Tea Extract, CLA, Acetyl L Carnitine and Yerba Mate. It is designed to help prevent fat storage, promote fat loss, boost energy levels and detoxify the body.


The Superfoods List of Diet Super Greens

Diet Super Greens powder reads like a who's who on the superfoods list. It is first and foremost a potent greens powder which is unrivalled in terms of its vitamin and mineral profile. As well as contributing to your FIVE-A-DAY, Diet Super Greens is designed to aid immune function and enhance cellular energy. This is because Diet Super Greens powder provides such a wide spectrum of highly bio-available whole food nutrients that are absorbed and used by the body efficiently. Every ingredient adds nutritional weight to the formula.

More specifically, Diet Super Greens is made from a synergistic blend of 23 of the most nutrient dense ingredients from the superfoods list. These include wheatgrass, barley grass powder, spirulina, chlorella, pomegranate powder, spinach powder, broccoli powder, alfalfa powder, elderberry powder, bilberry powder, carrot powder and a polyphenol blend, but to name a few.


Fat Loss Ingredients In Diet Super Greens Powder

Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful Super Greens, Diet Super Greens is formulated to help prevent fat storage and aid fat loss whilst at the same time boosting overall health. Diet Super Greens contains optimal dosages of ingredients proven to help promote fat loss. Here we breakdown the exact science of each so you can see how it can support achieve your training goals:

  • Green Tea Extract (140mg) - is a very powerful antioxidant that's been shown to help increase the amount of fat your body is able to burn during exercise and improve how your body processes carbohydrates.

  • CLA (500mg) - Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a special kind of fatty acid that has been shown to help prevent fat storage and accelerate fat loss at the same time.

  • Acetyl L Carnitine (500mg) - has become one of the most popular fat burning amino acids in sports nutrition today based on its ability to encourage the body to use fat stores as energy more effectively.

  • Yerba Mate (250mg) - is a natural, stimulatory fat loss ingredient that's renowned for providing a 'smoother', sustained energy flow compared to other harsher stimulants. It's shown to help speed up the metabolism and encourage the body to use fat stores as energy more effectively.

  • Guarana (300mg) - is another natural, stimulatory fat loss ingredient that synergistically works with the super foods in Diet Greens to help increase the amount of fat your are able to burn during exercise.

  • Chromium Picolinate (50mcg) - is a mineral shown to help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce cravings.

  • Tyrosine (250mg) - helps the body lose fat through a very different mechanism to most other ingredients which is why it's dramatically risen in popularity within the diet market. Tyrosine is an amino acid that can help play a key role in controlling neurotransmitters that govern mental alertness, combat stress and help motivation when dieting or cutting.


Diet Super Greens Powder Detox Benefits

Diet Super Greens is also renowned for its detoxifying, digestive and energising properties. This is because the active ingredients in TPW™ Diet Super Greens help to support each and every cell in the body. It can be taken as a snack in between meals or as part of a diet plans. It is also ideal for anyone looking to improve their digestive processes. Diet Super Greens has also been shown to increase body alkalinity. This means it encourages the PH of the body to become more alkaline and less acidic which in turn means bacteria and viruses are less likely to thrive. This is particularly important for people with hectic lifestyles as Diet Super Greens provides a convenient way of achieving the benefits associated with eating FIVE-A-DAY of fruit and vegetables.


Diet Super Greens Powder With Natural Flavours

Our premium grade Diet Super Greens powder is sourced from the finest super foods available. It is manufactured at our state of the art facility right here in the UK with our widely acclaimed all natural flavours and colours to create the finest greens powder you will find anywhere. Unlike other brands on the market today who use artificial colours and flavours, we invest in all natural ones as we believe the taste and results are superior. No fillers or thickeners are used during the production process which guarantees a totally pure product. As we produce all our formulas ourselves, each one offers the ultimate in freshness. Find out more about TPW™ All Natural Innovative Flavours.


Premium Grade Sports Nutrition

Here at TPW™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source. We personally quality check every raw ingredient supplier and ingredient before giving it the TPW™ quality seal of approval to be used in our formulations. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is the TPW™ philosophy that flows through every product we make and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today. Click on the Product Profile for full product information for your absolute peace of mind.

Q. What is TPW™ Diet Super Greens powder made from?

A. Diet Super Greens powder is made from a synergistic blend of superfoods and has been enhanced with proven fat loss ingredients. For a full ingredient breakdown click on the 'Ingredients' tab.

Q. When is the best time to take Diet Super Greens powder?

A. There isn't really a specific nutrient window for Diet Super Greens powder but a lot of people prefer to take it in the morning to 'set them up' for the day ahead.

Q. What are main reasons for taking Diet Super Greens powder?

A. To achieve the elusive FIVE-A-DAY that is associated with improved immune function and enhanced cellular health of every single cell in the body as well as accelerate fat loss and prevent fat storage.

Q. Are all greens powders the same no matter what brand you use?

A. As with so many things in life, if you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right answers! The quality of ingredient can vary significantly and therefore the potency will do too. In addition, just because a product may be called pure it doesn't mean that it necessarily is. We recommend you read the ingredients and nutritionals on the label to better understand exactly what you are buying. We can assure you that our products are 100% pure.

Q. What if any side effects will I get from taking Diet Super Greens powder?

A. We haven't heard of any nasty side effects from taking Diet Super Greens powder however it's not advised to take them when breastfeeding.

Q. Can I use Diet Super Greens powder with any other supplements?

A. Yes most definitely. Diet Super Greens powder can literally go with any other supplement.

Q. Who should take / benefit from using Diet Super Greens powder?

A. Those wanting to eat healthy and specifically lower their body fat.

Serving Size: 12g (4 x 5ml black scoops)

Add 12g (4 x 5ml black scoops) to 250ml - 300ml water or juice to your TPW™ Master Blender. Then mix well and consume.

IMPORTANT: Before use, please check the included scoop is BLACK. If not, please contact us on 0845-4672411.

Really like this stuff. I am an avid juicer, and juice a lot of fruit and veggies when I'm going through a healthy phase. Juicing fruit and veg is expensive and really hard work, so I use Diet Supergreens to fill in the gaps. The problem is, the ingredient scope and scope are so good with this stuff, and it's so effective, that I have almost stopped with fresh juices!

So anyway, even after a week of drinking benders and fast food, I use this stuff 2-3 times a day alongside plenty of water and green tea, and I feel amazing very quickly.

I can feel my bloatedness disappear, energy levels go up, and generally my wellness seems to improve.

Just buy it, there's so much good stuff in there, and for the cost, it's high value for money.

I recommend this to everyone, especially those feeling under the weather.

Diet Super Greens is and awesome variant of greens powder which is more preferable for cutting style diets and is working well in aiding my fat loss goals whilst on a strict ketogenic diet with a calorie deficit between 750-1000 per day.

This product works well alongside 30-60 grams of Diet Protein 97 Isolate, and RedCell as well as CLA and Green Tea Extract.

Since using this I have a more improved sense of well being and have increased energy levels and strength, my endurance has also increased slightly.

I rate Diet Super Greens 5/5 because it is an awesome product that I feel is essential for health and reducing body-fat levels, it is also much easier to drink this than eat the extra fruit and vegetables.

This product is great in all flavours provided with my preference being aimed towards the tropical punch version.

The original version of this product is acceptable unflavoured as it can be added to protein smoothies and shakes which help to mask the strong flavour.

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Great product, mandarin is the flavour I'd say get. Otherwise you'll defo enjoy.

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Another great product from TPW!
I have bought tropical punch and thats exactly what it tastes like, a bit like LILT if anyone remembers that!
i have mine in the morning and is great to boost veg levels. Yes its green but it doesn't taste like it !

i will continue to buy this great product,
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Happy Training!
Yesterday I noticed i was running short on my TPW products so I decided to log on and make my next purchase. Each time I order I browse the website and pick something new to try. This time it was "Diet Super Greens".

After reading several mixed reviews of this product i was fearful of what i may experience when it arrived. Earlier on today my products arrived and i could not wait to open the packaging and give this a go. I have say it is not as unpleasant as others made it out to be. I would say that it may be an acquired taste but it certainly is not awful. Do not be put off by its earthy green colour or smell as it definitely tastes better than it looks. All in all i would say this is a good product to purchase if it works as intended. I will have to wait until i have use it some more before i can give a more in Depth review but feel free to use my referral code to bag yourself some free protein - JT200843
I was pleasantly surprised. I've had other greens from other supplier in the past and it used to make me gag because it did taste swampy. After reading the reviews I plucked up the courage to try these diet super greens tropical punch flavour (bought a small amount just in case I didn't like them). The acid in the tropical punch flavour helps offset the earthiness of the greens so it's actually a pleasant experience. Yes it looks like Kermit in a blender but smells of tropical Kia-Ora. I've quickly reordered a bigger batch. Not sure about weight loss but it makes me feel alert and helps with my 5 a day
Ive yet to see any results with this weight wise but it certainly gives you energy. Ive only been using it 2 days but it tastes great and its a good feeling knowing that you've ate all the goodness in this before you've even left home in the morning. It tastes fine but don't put off by the green colours
Absolutely great stuff..I struggle with the veg so this is pretty much perfect for me..I've got the mandarin orange flavour..tastes better then it smells you won't be disappointed

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The orange isn't bad- you still get that sort of earthy taste but no worse than any of the dissolvable vitamin c tablets but I found if you throw a bit of ice after mixing it makes it much easier to drink :) great getting my 5 a day too
Great flavours and a really good way to get your 5 a day. Ever since I started taking this, my energy levels have increase whilst seeing a decrease in body fat.

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I was expecting this to taste of pond water, but was quite surprised. The orange flavour makes it more than palatable. Got a nice lift from taking it and perks me up first thing in the morning, have replaced my morning coffee with this powder now and actually feel loads better since I have.

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Great product, easy mix and amazing taste.

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Now this really does aid weight loss,tastes better than it looks

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I really didn't see where the nice flavour was at all. Just tasted very earthy to me, although I did notice my skin was a lot clearer after regularly drinking it
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I was really surprised that the tropical flavour tastes great even though it's bright green!

Felt amazing after drinking this like I could work out at nax capacity! Definitely a great buy!

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I was expecting this to taste of pond water, but was quite surprised. The orange flavour makes it more than palatable. Got a nice lift from taking it and perks me up first thing in the morning, have replaced my morning coffee with this powder now and actually feel loads better since I have.

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Diet Super Greens is a great version of greens powder which I find much more suited for cutting style / fat loss diets.

I have been using this supplement for the last month and find it works well in combination with Diet Whey Protein Isolate 97, Micellar Casein, Red-Cell and additional CLA.

Since using this greens product I have an improved sense of wellbeing and increased energy levels.

My strength and endurance levels have also increased allowing me to set a few new personal bests and reduce the overall rest times between sets reducing the total duration of my weight based workouts.

Diet Super Greens gets 5/5 because it is an awesome product which I feel is essential for promoting good health and reducing body-fat due to providing you with essential micro nutrients and a range of fat burning ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, CLA, ALCAR, Chromium and Tyrosine.

This greens product makes it much easier to meet your 5 a day target for fruit and veg and it is much more convenient to drink this rather than eat the extra fruit and veg.

Diet Super Greens tastes great in the Tropical Punch flavour, it is similar to a tropical based squash or mixed fruit juice drink, the flavouring works well to completely mask the strong greens natural taste.

The original unflavoured version of this product without the fat burning ingredients has an acceptable flavour and can be added to protein smoothies and shakes which mask the flavour, I personally find that unflavoured greens combines well with Lemon Shortcake or Mint Choc Brownie flavoured Whey or Casein because of their strong flavours they mask the taste of the greens powder very well.

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First of all this product could do with being in a smaller bag as it goes all over your hands and it feels like you're wasting loads!
Secondly I bought it in the cranberry flavour, it is sweet but wouldn't say it was much of a cranberry taste, it's got a bit of an earthy texture, kinda sits around in your mouth.
Not the best but it is drinkable and I do often have a very quick gag reflex so can't be that bad :)!
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Excellent product and decent value. Top taste!
Tropical Punch is my go to flavour following advice of other reviews. Definitely a palatable flavour.

Product mixes well with water, it does have a slight grainy texture but this is due to the nature of ingredients. The texture is fine, don't really notice it after a few servings.

I've been using this product for a month now and have noticed a big difference in energy levels.

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Had mandarin and initial taste is orangey with a vile after taste. Doesn't mix that well either. But found it leaves me feeling full and have improved energy and generally feel really good. Will definitely buy it again but will probably go for the tropical flavour
I love this, my goals over the last few months were to lose fat and build muscle and this has definitely helped achieve this.
I only take x2 scoops in the morning (half the recommended dosage) because I know that I’m going to be eating fruit and veg anyway so don’t need my 5 a day just from the shake.
I then take x1 green tea extract tablet at lunch time which keeps me energised throughout the day and burns fat.
I tried it mixed in my porridge initially, definitely wouldn’t recommend! I just mix about 150-200ml of water and it does the trick. I’ve just ordered my second batch! 
I wanted to try the Mandarin Orange flavour this time but all sold out, so gone for Tropical Punch again.
The ingredients speak for themselves , impressive indeed . I purchased the Manderin Orange , mixed it with 250ml of water .. You get a dark green drink which looks like pond water after the algae has gone mad .. But amazingly it tastes to me just like orange squash ! It's mixes very well in a shaker , not totally smooth as you'd expect but no sludge holding onto the bottle when you drink it.
Brilliant product to help you achieve your goals.

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This is another great version of greens powder which is more favored for cutting style diets, i find it works very well when combined with diet protein 97 isolate, and Redcell as well as CLA.

Since using this i feel better overall and have increased energy levels and strength and endurance have also gone up.

5/5 this is an awesome product which i feel is essential for health and reducing body-fat, it is also much easier to drink this than eat the extra fruit and veg.

This is great in all flavors provided but i also find the original version of this product acceptable unflavored as it can be added to protein smoothies and shakes which mask the flavor.

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I take this as i leave the house, with my vitamins to give me a boost for the day.

The mandarin flavour is nice, but, I find the texture very grainy. I am going to try normal super greens and see if that is better.

At £1.16 (max) per day for all your 5 a day, i think it is great value.
ive been taking the super greens every day in the morning and the make me full for at least 3 hours x im more energetic and ive ordered more of these in the pomegranate and cranberry flavour i can drink these just diluted with water and i like the taste
More energy, effective for fat loss, by checking dress-size not scales.

Mix oat drink with 100% Cyprus Tahini

Using mandrin flavour
I've been taking the tropical flavor of this (which tastes great) at breakfast for the past month and find it gives me a lot more energy throughout the day.

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I bought this because I find this a much easier and cost effective way of getting my 5 a day! Some people commented that It was a bit expensive, I personally think it's much cheaper than buying all the fruit and veg! I drink it in the morning and I'm done.

I bought the tropical flavour and I love it! I have been using it for just over a week and am starting to feel more awake and energised throughout the day. I have also tried the mandarin and it's ok, but is definitely recommend the tropical flavour!! Yummy and refreshing!

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Love it! It's a great product that leaves you feeling energized and positive. I tired the original Super Greens before which I also loved, but having the Green Tea Extract etc incorporated into the formula just makes it even better! I've only been using this for a few days so I can't comment on fat loss but every little helps! I certainly wouldn't advocate it as a substitute for including fruit and veg in a diet, but it's a great supplement.
This has a great taste( tried tropical punch) and it goes down a treat. Makes you feel good that you are getting your five a day
Only problem is that the little scoop goes to the bottom of the bag and you get your fingers covered in green powder. I solved this my transferring the powder into plastic containers and keeping the spoons separate . I tend to do this with my protein anyway
I drink a portion of this daily in the Tropical Punch flavour usually mixed with apple and mango juice, which results in a pretty sweet drink but definitely enjoyable. There are little white lumps of powder in the mix that you may need to crush with your scoop, but I solved the problem of getting green powder all over your fingers when you scoop - decant the powder into some plastic containers - the TPW Pack n Stack are great for this.
I Appsalutely love the diet super greens, it energises me helps me throughout my day. I work shifts, so it's a great help to my daily routine. Great for the gym before and after my workout. Mandarine flavour, is my favourite, that's what I always order.
Tropical flavour is really nice. This product definitely helps with my energy levels and since I've started drinking it, I have not suffered from any nasty colds.
Was a bit sceptical about trying this as I thought it would taste gross. BUT I went for it and it tastes good! I have the flavour mandarin. The smell is a bit whiffy but what do you expect haha.

I feel a lot more energised! Always take it before i go to uni and also use it as a pre-workout alongside Raze. Deffo recommend this product!
This is now one thing I will not be letting my cupboards go with out! I have one in the morning before break fast and i feel more awake and more energetic. I've also noticed my skin improving but maybe thats just co-incidence? Who knows.... either way the tropical punch flavour is awesome and would definitely recommend! You do have to keep shaking it because it settles but its not really a problem if you have it in a shaker or a glass with a spoon to hand!
Yummy taste (tropical punch)
Has everything you need in one drink
Makes you feel great
Veg wise i have carrots and brocolli maybe a couple of times per week. I like fruit and do eat it but they never last very long and are also expensive.
Says me enjoying a bowl of strawberrys.
Get it you wont regret it.
Also the bags under my eyes and skins cleared up a lot. I seem to be low on iron and a lot of stuff in this drink has iron in.
This is a great product and tastes great (well the tropical one does yet to try the others) I add a bit more water than recommended so it lasts longer. It does settle quite quickly though so you do need to shake it up nearly each time if you don't down it. Hopefully I will see the benefits soon but so far I know I have more energy - take this mid morning and lasts me until well past 12 noon before I need to eat again. shame about the scoop - difficult to find in the packet and would be easier if you only had to use one 12g scoop rather than 4 little ones.

super service from TPW as always so glad I found these guys they have totally re motivated me Thanks - only gave 4 stars because of the scoop
This is definitely the best Greens shake that I have tasted! (Tropical)

The only my downfall for me in the mini scoop and the bag. You can't help but get covered in the dark green mixture trying to dig out the scoop to start and then having to measure out four scoops worth. A larger scoop in a tub would work a lot better.

Very speedy delivery. Again, another fab TPW product!

I wasn't a fan of this at first as i was having it with just water. Add it with some orange juice and I started to take it regularly and the changes are really noticeable. I felt energised and it put me in a really good mood. If you don't take any other supplement this is the one to take.
Ordered 500g as this stuff is brilliant- standard delivery arrived the next day these guys are so efficient!

Tropical flavour is lovely and great mixed with yoghurt or porridge as well!
A really refreshing drink. Definitely prefer the tropical over the mandarin but both are amazing.
On my second packet, feeling energised and overall just very well in myself.
I tried this after I found the Super Greens Advanced unflavoured a little bitter.

This Diet Super Greens in Mandarin Orange flavour is yummy mixed with water. No need to blend with fruit and protein shake.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone wishing to try a greens mix as a supplement.
This product is one I will be buying again and again. Great taste (orange), great instant hit and long term effects noticeable. Definitely a must for anyone trying to supplement their diet.
First time ive ordered these, have the pomegranate and cranberry. They taste is fine. Looks a bit weird. A longer scoop could help as i get quite a bit on my fingers.
I purchased the tropical flavour and it tastes amazing if anything a little bit too sweet. It can settle a bit quickly so you have to keep mixing but I definitely see an increase in energy
I ordered this as a trial not expecting much. Having tried various "greens" recipes and shakes I expected this to taste like the lawn cuttings... How wrong was I! The pomegranate and cranberry is palatable with no harsh aftertaste. It mixes well but does settle quite quickly so I find I have to keep mixing every minute or so if I'm not downing it. It can be a bit of a pain to clean in a shaker! I've definitely noticed an increase in energy and don't need a mid morning snack. All in all I'm impressed and will be keeping it as a regular in my diet as a simple way to get so much goodness!
Just got my diet supper green powder today...i must admit i was i bit dubious about drinking the powder smells strange...but oh my...i went for the orange and wow it tastes so good!! ... If it helps me shift some belly fat great but I'm using this more as a way of giving my body some healthy planning on using the powder in my morning juices or smoothies and mid morning or afternoon snacks...along side the hemp protein i use as well.... Will report back any weight loss etc...and what a great delivery service to text to tell me what time an hour slot awesome work guys !!
This mixes so well and tastes far better than I was expecting. I have it with my breakfast in the morning as a little boost to my daily nutrients. Can't comment on the fat loss side just yet. Personally I think it's a tad expensive so it gets 4 from me.
After reading various reviews, I wasn't sure how this product would taste or if the texture would be all that. Have to say, the pomegranate and cranberry is the best so far! The tropical was ok but very sweet.
I ordered this in the mandarin orange flavour and was amazed how easily it mixed with water and even more amazed at how good it tasted. I can't wait for my next shake in the morning. With regards its fat loss properties I will report back in a few weeks time.
tastes great will continue to keep buying
Like others, I was concerned that this would taste like the evil wheatgrass stuff I have tried and failed to enjoy in the past. It was a very pleasant surprise that this is not the case. The pomegranate flavour whilst a bit grassy is perfectly palatable and makes for a good wake-up drink and energy boost. I have a half dose in the morning and a second in the evening. So far so good TPW. Thank you
I got the pomigranit flavour and mixed it with low carb coconut milk and yum I was expecting a slightly yucky drink but could have drank endless amounts of it! Mixed really well and no nasty lumps to contend with!! Top marks, only thing a bit pricey!! :)
I've had 'greens' before. They've tasted awful. This is different. It tastes nice! I make my own juice anyway and look forward to adding this to the mix. Try it... you'll be surprised!
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I bought the pomegranate & cranberry flavour and after putting it in shaker and looking at it I was thinking this is not going to taste good but actually it didn't taste to bad and after a few days drinking it you get use to the taste. you can notice a difference in energy levels and do feel good after drinking this! takes a few days for your body to get use to it so the word detox is very true... after 30 mins to a hour you might need to visit the toilet for the first few days ha

but I would 100% recommend this or for you to at least give it a few weeks trial!
Amazing product! I suffer from IBS and this stuff surely works wonders!! I feel I don't need to take my medication or increase intake of fibre ad the diet super greens helps!! Great stuff!
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Since I started low carb dieting I got some low metabolism coming along. Now I m getting the super greens I feel the machine is up to run smoothly again. The tropical Punch taste isn't bad at all! It mixes very wel in the shaker. I like it.
When I first tried this product I had it with water and it was the worst thing I have ever tasted. I thought to myself I would never have this EVER again. After about half an hour, I started to feel more awake and alert; I thought to myself I definitely have to force this down tomorrow. My problem is I find it to sweet so I had to counteract that with taking it with something bitter.....grapefruit juice. It wasn't amazing but it was bearable. My advice definitely buy this product if you don't mind the sweetness you'll be fine, if you do down it with grapefruit juice.
Just ordered this after trying the super greens tester and looking forward to having it.
Mixes well just in a pint glass with some water, gets a bit messy to clean in a shaker.

It does taste a bit earthy.. but it doesn't taste bad. Unbelievable amount of goodness in the shake, it could taste like a cats arse and I would still drink it.

Love it, perks me up and means I don't to chuck random veg and fruit in with meals for the vitamins etc.

I tried both the mandarin orange and pomegranate & cranberry, the flavour for both wasn't the best but expected for what it is, pomegranate & cranberry was better. Gives you a nice little bit of energy and I find mixing it with coconut water works best as no lumps or powdery
Drank this and thought I'm not drinking this again,..but that day I had so much energy I felt great!..and have had it everyday since used to the taste and quite like it now,would recommend this product especially if like me you don't like ur veg.
This stuff is amazeballs. Taking in to consideration the spiraling and wheatgrass content it doesn't taste too bad. I have it with 200ml of water with my breakfast, and it makes me feel great. Love the fact it's 5 portions of veg in one drink, great taste considering what's in it. I have just ordered pomegranate flavour so waiting in anticipation.... You won't be disappointed.
Have this in the pomegranate and cranberry flavour. Taste is good but more importantly it's been great in helping me through the flu season whilst getting leaner. Will keep this as part of my long term health plan, only criticism is the price but I believe in getting what you pay for!
Took this at 9am on an empty stomach + didnt feel like breakfast until midday..great energy release + appetite supressant. Didnt taste as bad as it looked either! (Tropical)
So glad I bought this, it's brilliant. I actually think the taste is really nice I bought the tropical flavour and I could drink it all day! Another great product from TPW :)
After looking to change up my diet I found this powder and thought it would be a good way to boost my veg intake. I have to say, since taking this I'm feeling a lot...brighter. This is more noticeable when I forget to use this.

In terms of looks like murky green water. However I've found the pomegranate/cranberry flavour to actually taste quite nice. Only issue is it can get quite gritty at the bottom of my shaker.

I'm going to stick with it and I suggest anyone unsure on whether to try this or not gives it a go, there's no real downside.
I've always struggled to get my 5-a-day so this is an absolute godsend. I can't believe there's so much 'good' in this powder. The fact this type also aids weight loss is the icing on the cake.

Smells a bit like grass cuttings but the orange flavour tastes great. Will be buying for a long, long time :)
This is an excellent product. Get your 5 a day in one simple serving. Healthy and packed with stuff to aid weight loss. Got good results using it.
I bought this as iwas curious about it- I had the tropical flavour which tastes great mixed with plain yoghurt, don't be out off by the colour!
Really happy with this, I've tried a few different brands in the past and I've always had to hold my nose but this is great. The Tropical Punch flavour tastes just like cordial. I get some funny looks at work when I drink it, (I add it to an evian bottle instead of a shaker.) but it really does help get me through the morning. Especially about half 10ish when I start craving the biscuits and doughnuts in the office. The fact it's got Yerba Mate, CLA, Guarana AND Tyrosine in it is amazing as well as all the other fat loss properties. You don't really get such a comprehensive blend that often. So all in all, this is bang on! It really has become a daily necessity for me.
Love love love this!! Got it for my fasting days as I do the 5:2 diet and this helped me fight off hunger and tastes beautiful! So glad I got two! I've even recommended this to my friends.
After just a short time using the Diet Super Greens I have already been feeling the health benefits. It isn't the yummiest thing in the world but it's palatable and the flavourings (I have Pomegranate and Cranberry) make it taste just like juice. It can sometimes be a bit 'bitty' which can freak me out a little bit, but overall its benefits are 100% worth it.
Ordered the new Tropical flavour and it tastes great!

The only drawback was digging the scoop out of the bag - any chance the scoops could be package individually for less mess and ease of use?
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Echoing others, tastes surprisingly good ( pomegranate ), would be worth experimenting with volume of water for different consistency and taste.

One complaint...the scoop...would it be too much to ask to have one scoop of the correct size, as opposed to using four scoops the size of a thimble ?
I bought these for two reasons. One was to help to detox after the Xmas excesses and the other was to share with my son who barely eats any fruit or veg, so I thought this would be a good way to get some nutrients in him, especially during the winter months where he seems to constantly have a cold. Anyway I found it to be a good start to the day, it certainly gives me a lift in the mornings, although I could do with another boost by the afternoon. At first I though the flavour was quite horrid but after a while you get used to eat and although it's probably not the nicest drink I now find it to be quite palatable. You do have to drink it quick though because it doesn't take long for the greens to settle again. My son is taking it every day now, so next time he wants some he can buy his own!
Got a small bag initially in case I couldn't drink it but I was pleasantly surprised by the taste! Tried the pomegranate and cranberry flavour which is really palatable. Awesome!
I was expecting this to taste of pond water, but was quite surprised. The orange flavour makes it more than palatable. Got a nice lift from taking it and perks me up first thing in the morning, have replaced my morning coffee with this powder now and actually feel loads better since I have.
Fantastic product , been taking for a few days and already feel like I have loads more energy. Just taking one serving each day, will start to add a second serving in a week or two to maximise the benefits.
Ordered these instead of the normal greens I get. Had one serving in the morning and really does give me a nice energy boost as well as giving me my daily dose of greens.

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