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The finest quality night time supplements

Studies show you’re nighttime nutrition can have huge effect on how your muscles repair and regrow whilst you sleep. Understanding this, we at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ have developed a range of supplements that when taken before bed can dramatically improve the entire nocturnal recovery process.

It’s widely known that people who train require more sleep than those who don’t. But it’s also well documented that certain supplements have been shown to improve an athlete’s quality of sleep too. We at TPW™ know this better than most, and so have sourced the very best supplements for you. This includes a variety of night time proteins that are casein based to ensure they slowly release amino acids to the muscles throughout the night. Plus the hugely popular and well researched zinc and magnesium compound ZMA which has been shown to not only improve your quality of sleep but also increase growth compound levels too.

Another important factor that few in the sports nutrition sector consider is the addition of sweeteners and other artificial additives to protein blends to flavour them. This can have a mild stimulatory effect on certain athletes which can detrimentally affect their sleep. Fortunately for all TPW™ customers, our protein formulas are made using all natural colours and flavours and contain no thickeners or fillers that may interfere with an athlete’s sleep pattern. So you have additional peace of mind that our slow releasing, nigh time protein blends will support your training and recovery and not hinder it.

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