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The finest quality morning supplements

Research shows that our morning nutrition can have a massive effect on our physical and mental performance for the rest for the day. We at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ know this and know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. That’s why we’ve created a morning specific product range that enables you to either select a supplement to add to your normal breakfast and therefore improves its nutritional content. Or to create a morning shake that’s made completely from the products in this range. However you want to start your day we have the supplements to help.

Looking specifically at some of the ingredients, first we have a variety of timed-release protein blends that are capable of providing a sustained release of amino acids throughout the day. Or alternatively we have some quick absorbing proteins which are capable of delivering amino acids to the muscles that have been starved whilst you sleep. Similarly we have low glycaemic index carbohydrates that provide a slow sustain release of energy throughout the day or high glycaemic index carbohydrates that absorb quickly and restore muscle glycogen levels that would have become depleted whilst you slept. Also aside from the macronutrients here at TPW™ we also offer individual amino acids, vitamins, minerals and extracts that have also been shown to improve both physical and cognitive functioning when taken in the morning.

So whether you just need a comprehensive multivitamin to help boost the nutritional content of your ordinary breakfast or want to create the perfect morning shake, take a look at the products in this section and find what’s best for you.

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