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Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine from the The Protein Works™ is a non-essential amino acid of the finest quality. Sourced exclusively from a TPW™ accredited supplier, it is the only naturally occurring beta amino acid and has been proven to help increase strength, lean body mass and muscular endurance.

Beta Alanine helps buffer lactic acid build up, enabling the body to maintain strength and power for longer periods. This can also help delay the onset of fatigue and increase exercise intensity and duration.

  • 100% premium grade Beta Alanine powder

  • Helps delay the onset of muscle fatigue

  • Can help promote quality muscle mass


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    The Protein Works


    Engineering Researched & formulated in the UK at THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Production Quality Manufactured, packed & despatched by THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Flavouring & Colouring NATURAL flavours & colours
    Thickeners & Fillers 100% FREE of thickeners & fillers
    Ingredient Sourcing TPW™ accredited supplier & INFORMED SPORT™ approved supplier
    Certificate of Analysis Independently certified & full documentation provided, see Product Testing
    Level of Guarantee TPW™ Money Back Guarantee applicable on this product
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    The Protein Works


    There is no protein in this product.

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  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Natural flavours and colours
  • Diabetic
  • Wheat Free
  • GM Free

What is Beta Alanine?

Beta Alanine has become one of the most heavily researched supplements within sports science in recent times. A non-essential amino acid, Beta Alanine has been shown in studies to help form the compound carnosine within the muscles which in turn can help buffer lactic acid, reduce the onset of fatigue and increase exercise intensity and duration. Proving so successful in experiments, Beta Alanine has now become one of the most popular performance enhancing supplements in sport today and specifically Beta Alanine from The Protein Works™ is sourced from an accredited TPW™ supplier and is the highest possible grade available.


What are the Benefits of Beta Alanine?

Backed by credible research, Beta Alanine is a great addition to any athletes supplement routine and is one of few supplements on the market proven to enhance performance when taken solely on its own. But it’s also become a very popular active ingredient in most preworkout formulas, including The Protein Works™ best-selling Raze™ Preworkout.


How Do You Take Beta Alanine?

Also because Beta Alanine improves performance in a completely different way to most other aminos, it works very well when taken with other supplements. For example many sports scientists recommend strength athletes take Beta Alanine with Creatine Monohydrate to enhance muscle power and size. Whereas a Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate has become the recommended supplement blend by endurance experts.


What's The Best Beta Alanine?

Here at TPW™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source. Each ingredient supplier must pass rigorous audits and checks before being given the TPW™ quality seal of approval. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is our philosophy that flows through every product we manufacture and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today. Click on the Product Profile to see full product information for your absolute peace of mind.


How is Your Beta Alanine Made?

Please note that this product is produced in-house at our very own production facility. It is supplied in a re-sealable foil pouch to ensure freshness and a scoop is included free of charge in every product.

Q. When should I take Beta Alanine?

A. It depends on your lifestyle and goals, we recommend following TPW™ usage guidelines.

Q. What are the main reasons for using Beta Alanine?

A. To help increase muscle mass, delay the onset of muscular fatigue and increase exercise capacity to improve performance. If you have also hit a training plateau, then Beta Alanine could be a way to boost your training onto the next level.

Q. What does Beta Alanine taste like?

A. It has a bitter aftertaste, so we recommend mixing with juice to make it more palatable.

Q. Is all Beta Alanine powder the same no matter what brand you use?

A. As with so many things in life, if you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right answers! The quality of ingredient can vary significantly and therefore the potency will do too. In addition, just because a product may be called pure it doesn't mean that it necessarily is. We recommend you read the ingredients and nutritionals on the label to better understand exactly what you are buying. We can assure you that our products are 100% pure. At TPW™, we are committed to transparency and openness in all our products and that is why we provide a Product Profile whic gives a complete overview of the product's background including our approval, location of manufacture and money back guarantee applicability.

Q. How can I tell if the Beta Alanine powder I buy is good quality?

A. Look for the Certificate of Analysis which will give you the assurance that what you are buying is what it says it is.

Q. Is Beta Alanine suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

A. Yes, it is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Q. Can I use Beta Alanine powder with other supplements?

A. The simple answer is yes. We recommend you always check serving instructions on each product if you plan on taking a combination of supplements. Beta Alanine and creatine work in synergy with each other along with a form of carbohydrate such as TPW™ Waxy Maize Starch or Dextrose. Beta Alanine also depletes taurine levels, so if you are supplementing with Beta Alanine then it is suggested you supplement with additional taurine also.

Q. Can I get Beta Alanine from natural whole foods?

A. Beta Alanine is mainly found in a dipeptide called carnosine, it is also found in the dipeptides anserine and balenine which are found in protein rich foods such as beef, pork, chicken and fish.

Q. What if any side effects will I get from taking Beta Alanine?

A. Beta Alanine can cause a tingling and flushing sensation on the skin once ingested. However, this is a perfectly normal reaction and not harmful in any way.

Q. What is Beta Alanine?

A. Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid.

Q. Who should take / benefit from using Beta Alanine?

A. Bodybuilders and strength athletes. Endurance athletes. Those new to weight training. People involved in team sports. Those who participate in regular intense training and exercise.

Values based on: 2.5g per serving

Serving Size: 5g (one medium BLACK scoop)

Add 1 scoop (5g) to your desired amount of water or juice and shake well in your TPW™ Master Blender.


On workout days:

Take 4g-5g daily, divided between 1-2 servings. Take 2g-2.5g approximately 20 minutes before exercise and 2g-2.5g immediately after exercise.


On non-workout days:

Take 4g-5g ideally with food.

IMPORTANT: Before use, please check the included scoop is BLACK. If not, please contact us on 0845-4672411.

Wow! Really surpised how much of a kick you get from this! Really good kick for in the gym, pushed me through my workout. Pins and needle sensation running through hands and forehead. Recommended with any preworkout or combine with caffeine pill!
Was surprised to see how fast this supplement kicks in. It is almost within minutes and you can feel the tingle on your lips at first.

Have been using this for months now and I mix 5g of this with 5g of creatine with squash. Nice cheap alternative for a pre workout.
I love my beta alanine. Try to only use full blown pre workouts intermittently but always have a bit of this in my pre workout shake. Great product which i'd recommend to all; the horrible tingling subside pretty quick!
Started taking Beta Alanine this week, first time using this product. Stuck to 1 scoop (the standard measure that comes in the bag) mixed with fruit juice about twenty minutes before i get to the gym. The first couple of days I found that I got the pins/needles type prickly heat feeling which was a little annoying for about the first ten minutes of the workout but it subsided after that and towards the end of the week felt no irritation at all. I would rate this product for sure, more reps, focus & energy throughout total workout.
Following some research I decided to add this to my diet regime as it adds to the effect of Creatine, after taking it for a week I can already feel the benefit, if your taking creatine this is the essential compliment, Great product once again from TPW
I take this every day (1g, 4 times per day) as recommended in my muscle genes report. It does what it is supposed to do. I mix it in with pre workout / creatine / post workout shakes and don't notice any difference in taste. Don't notice any tingle-ing sensations as others say but maybe that is because i have a smaller dose. Recommended and will be purchasing again.
I tried beta alanine today for the first time, never had a pretty workout before either, took 2.5g pre n post workout an withing 15 mins of my pre shake I started feeling itchy around my ears an head then it got worse an was happening around my whole body, it was torture, but it is a natural side effect of BA so Im going to lower my does to 1 g spread out throughout today as a loafing phase for a week or so an see how it goes, but other than the side effect, I was able to push extra raps out an felt like I could train for longer, felt focused accept for the extreme itching lol all an all good product hope to build a bit of tolerance of to reduce the side effects
What a supplement, I am carb backloading at the moment and this is a key ingredient to get me thru my workouts while on low carbs
Reduce fatigue massivley, keep going at the gym for much longer.
Mix this with Creatine HCL & Orange Squash as a pre workout drink and it works great. Seen PBs in all areas since using!
Noticed more power in my workout. Use it everytime, more endurance and energy = work harder .The tingles where weird to begin with however now just normal. 5 stars from me!
Phenomenal product. Increases stamina and allows me a greater number of repetitions in my local gym. I use it for a month and I have never felt a burning sensation of the skin, just a little on the lips while drinking. Maybe it's because of the amount you take - use about 2.5-3g before and after training.
This is now a product I will not be without. The so called 'tingles' aren't too bad and I have certainly noticed a difference in the last 2 reps of a set where the gains are made. I am also weary of anything that is so called 'unflavoured' but this mixes well with water/juice/protein; anonymous but effective! Give it a go now!
never believed how much this increases endurance but it does - give it a go and you will not be disappointed. will never train without it.
I mix this with my pre and post workout shake and im definitely feeling the benefits also its pretty cheap
Mix it up with your pre workout juice and start destroying your PB's! Thats what i done anyway!
Tingles dont feel too bad, helps me feel like a surge of energy rushing through me
I use this every day just taken as it is, I actually like the tingles, does a great job and proven just like creatine
The tingles are hard to get used to but ensure you consume daily and they will pass. This should be used like creatine, take daily regardless of training, don't just take before a workout.
Works as it say. The tingle feels strange the first few times but after it hardly noticeable.
quality product that works
after using this product im making all kinds of gains... all kinds
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Mixes well wouldnt train without it
Mix it in pre workout shake youll
Be glad you did
5 stars for me
I've used beta alanine as part of other pre workout supplements (and I really love the tingly feeling you get from it, this alone gives it 5 stars).

the product mixes well, doesn't have much if any taste that I can notice but those tingles are amazing!
As per below I'm on the MF 12 week transformation plan and Nick Mitchell recommended this product. And I can see why!

Used it for two sessions now and without a doubt you get a buzz from it, helps increasing your energy and performance. I also feel good after finishing a session instead of weak/fatigued. And there's no 'come down' afterwards like many products which are full of caffeine.

5 stars for this.
This was a recomended supplement on the Men's Fitness 12 week programme so I thought I'd give it a go.

Noticed immediate benefits from my first session.
Delays the feeling of lactic acid build-up and allows you to squeeze out that essential extra couple of reps.

The first couple times you take it, you'll notice a bit of tingling in your skin about 10 mins before your session, but it's nothing to worry about and soon goes away when you start training.

No bad side-affects to report.

Nice one!
Read in Flex magazine this reduces the acid in the muscles when training so you can train longer and harder. Bought a 250g bag in the 'Payday Sale' and had some savage leg sessions since!

Going to stack it with creatine next but 10/10 for me

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