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Fuel with The Protein Works for Endurance

With the help of elite endurance runners, we at TPW™ have created a range of products specifically designed to enhance endurance performance. Knowing that endurance training and competition is considered the most demanding on the cardiovascular system and the body’s aerobic system we have sourced both different forms of carbohydrates needed for carb loading and scientifically proven amino acids that have been shown to help improve an athlete’s endurance capacity.

Studies show that endurance athletes require more carbohydrates than any other type of athlete. This is because carbohydrates are our body’s primary fuel supply. For this reason we have sourced a variety of different carbohydrates ranging from slow releasing, low glycaemic index carbohydrates that provide a slow sustained release of energy. To fast releasing, high glycaemic index carbohydrates that provide a quick burst of energy.

Also to aid recovery from strenuous endurance training we’ve also designed a range of protein shakes. Based on research conducted at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada that suggested endurance athletes need just as much protein as strength based athletes to prevent overtraining, our formulas protein and carbohydrates in the exact ratios proven to achieve optimal recovery.

Lastly at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we understand that at elite level competition, nutrition can be the difference between winning and losing. That’s why we strive to offer the best endurance supplements on the market and only use the finest ingredients. This is in keeping with our promise to only offer PURE sports nutrition. Ultimately it means all athletes using any TPW™ supplements know the ingredients are 100% needed by the body and there are no artificial sweeteners, thickeners or fillers used.

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