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Protein Grazers™ Protein Bars

Protein Grazer™ protein bars from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ are convenient bite-size high protein bars packed full of the finest quality whey protein isolate and low GI oats. Engineered using TPW™ all natural flavours and colours, each Protein Grazer™ bar is individually wrapped for extra freshness. They are a great tasting snack to consume in between meals or any time of day.

Each Protein Grazer™ bar is high in protein to boost your protein intake and high in dietary fibre to help keep hunger at bay. Whether on your desk at work or in your kitchen cupboard at home, you might want to consider keeping your Protein Grazer™ bars safely under lock and key!

  • Great tasting bite-size protein flapjacks

  • Premium grade whey protein isolate

  • High in both protein and dietary fibre

  • Step 1:

    Product Profile

    The Protein Works


    Engineering Researched & formulated in the UK
    Production Quality Manufactured on behalf of THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Flavouring & Colouring NATURAL flavours & colours
    Thickeners & Fillers 100% FREE of thickeners & fillers
    Ingredient Sourcing TPW™ accredited supplier
    Certificate of Analysis Not applicable
    Level of Guarantee TPW™ Money Back Guarantee applicable on this product
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    Protein Insight

    The Protein Works


    Please see Nutritional and Ingredient tabs for full information on the protein content in this product.

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  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Natural flavours and colours
  • Diabetic
  • Wheat Free
  • GM Free

Protein Grazer™ Protein Bars

PROTEIN GRAZER™ protein bars from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ are convenient bite-size high protein bars packed full of the finest quality whey protein isolate and low GI oats. Engineered using TPW™ all natural flavours and colours, each Protein Grazer™ bar is individually wrapped for extra freshness. They are a great tasting snack to consume in between meals or any time of day.

Each Protein Grazer™ bar is high in protein to boost your protein intake and high in dietary fibre to help keep hunger at bay. Whether on your desk at work or in your kitchen cupboard at home, you might want to consider keeping your Protein Grazer™ bars safely under lock and key!


Why not get Random on Protein Grazers™?

We appreciate some of you like to mix things up a bit and we completely get there's nothing like being different. So much so that we've created a range of RANDOMS which include a mix of flavours so when you dip in, you never quite know what you just might get. You can currently choose from:

  • RANDOMS: - Chocolate Mint Chip + Peanut Toffee + White Choc Strawberry
  • ULTRA RANDOMS: - Gingerbread + Chocolate Coconut + Chocolate Mint Chip
  • RANDOMS CHOC: - Rocky Road + Chocolate Coconut + Chocolate Mint Chip

Just choose from the flavour dropdown menu above if you want to go random.


Science Behind Protein Grazers™

Protein Grazer™ protein bars are formulated using premium grade whey protein isolate which helps ensure your body receives the highest biological available protein to support the repair and regrowth of your muscles. Protein Grazers™ also contain a low Glycaemic Index (GI), fibrous carbohydrate blend made from rolled oats, jumbo oats, oat protein and oat bran. This unique blend can help keep you satiated and fuller for longer. It can also help regulate blood sugar levels, control cravings, reduce feelings of hunger and finally synergises with the high protein content to promote a lowering of body fat.


Protein Grazers™ - Protein Bars For All Goals

One reason Protein Grazers™ are so popular is because they have been specifically created to be as nutritionally versatile as possible. Whether you want to lose weight or increase lean muscle mass, Protein Grazers™ can be a positive addition to your supplement and diet. Considered to be very low in calories in comparison to the amount of nutrients it provides, Protein Grazers™ have a satiating effect for anyone wanting to lose weight. At the same time, they contain the highest biological protein available to support lean muscle growth and repair.


100% Natural Protein Bars

As with all TPW™ products, these innovative bite size protein bars use only natural ingredients to create an exceptional tasting snack. We believe the finest ingredients deliver the best results. Protein Grazers™ come in three exclusive flavours of White Choc Strawberry, Peanut Toffee and Chocolate Mint Chip. We've even thrown in a Randoms version for those who like to mix things up a bit.


Innovation in Protein Bars

Unlike most protein bars on the market today, which have been extruded through high pressure machines in the production process, Protein Grazers™ are baked. This gives it a better texture and makes it easier for the body to digest. The inclusion of whey isolate crisps and the tri-oat blend add a further dimension to the texture and we believe sets Protein Grazers™ apart. The baking process also gives the protein bars a more intense and natural flavour which all helps when you need to satisfy cravings, without sacrificing your diet.


Quality Assured Protein Bars

Here at TPW™ Towers, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source of your TPW™ protein bars. Each ingredient supplier must pass rigorous audits and checks before being given the TPW™ quality seal of approval. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is our philosophy that flows through every product we manufacture and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today. Click on the Product Profile above to see full product information for your absolute peace of mind.

Q. When should I take Protein Grazers™?

A. It depends on your lifestyle and goals, we recommend following the suggested serving guidelines.

Q. What are main reasons for using Protein Grazers™?

A. To help supplement a high protein diet which in turn has been shown to aid muscle growth and repair and also support fat loss.

Q. Are there any specific health benefits associated with Protein Grazers™?

A. Yes. The unique oat blend contained within each Protein Grazer™ helps regulate blood sugar levels whilst at the same time contains beta glucans that have been shown support the body's immune system.

Q. Can these protein bars be absorbed effectively by the body?

A. Because of the premium grade natural ingredients and unique formula, Protein Grazers™ can be absorbed and digested by the body far better than most other bars on the market.

Q. Are all protein snack products the same no matter what brand you use?

A. As with so many things in life, if you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right answers! The quality of ingredient can vary significantly and therefore the potency will do too. In addition, just because a product may be called pure it doesn't mean that it necessarily is. We recommend you read the ingredients and nutritionals on the label to better understand exactly what you are buying. We can assure you that our products are 100% pure.

Q. What if any side effects will I get from taking Protein Grazers™?

A. We haven't heard of any nasty side effects from taking Protein Grazers™.

Q. Can I consume Protein Grazers™ at the same time as other supplements?

A. Yes absolutely. The pure nature of Protein Grazers™ means they are the perfect snack whatever your training goal and can be used with Total Mass Matrix if your goal is to increase muscle mass or Diet Whey Complex if your goal is fat loss, for example.

Q. Who should take / benefit from using Protein Grazers™?

A. Anyone dieting and looking to lose weight, bodybuilders and strength athletes. Endurance athletes, as well as those new to weight training.

Consume our Protein Grazers™ any time of the day as a high protein snack to boost your protein intake and help keep hunger at bay.

Such a nice and handy little snack to throw in your gym bag or to have in with your lunch to help out with those sweet cravings! I've tried both chocolate mint crisp and chocolate coconut and both were really nice, mint crisp was marginally my favorite but both were so good!

If your a first time buyer use my Code for a free small bag of protein JS117090 :)
I have purchased these in the Rocky Road & Peanut Toffee flavours after trying the Choc Mint ones previously.

They are awesome mini bite-size bars that make for a great snack when on the go and easily pop into your lunchbox / bag.

The nutritional values are great and these easily contribute to high protein intakes.

Rocky Road is awesome and has nice chunks of dark choc and even cherries with some pink pieces of marshmallow, the taste is great and not overpowering however they are quite moreish.

Peanut Toffee is also great tasting and has a great sticky caramel type tasting coating , once again these are not too sweet or sickly making them great to eat on a regular basis.

5/5 These are great little treat / snacks that can be used to kill off cravings when dieting and provide you with a quick protein hit.

They are like miniature versions of the regular protein flapjacks but overall i prefer these because the regular flapjack can sometimes be too much to eat in one go due to being so dense and filling.

I cannot wait to try the other flavors of this product and hope TPW continue to expand on the range.

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These are Delicious! Keep the chocolate cravings down and are so handy to bring about with you! 10/10

My referral code for free protein: SM141420
This is a great tasting bar and very filling. the delivry was very quick. will recommend to freinds
Just received my first batch of these, fast delivery, came earlier than expected. I opted for the chocolate mint flavour and they're awesome.

I was a bit thrown of by the size, but the mini bars are actually perfect for a snack, they fill you up. No funny after taste, they taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream flavouring combined with a chewy thick rice crispy cake. Will definitley be buying more!!
I have had a couple of these of a friend who brought some into work a while back i have only tried the choc mint ones but they are great and kill cravings. They are a nice addition to TPW product range and have a great nutritional breakdown 10/10 A* Awesome Taste and Texture.

For Free Protein Use My Referral Code: JM15339

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Great snack size protein grazers that keep hunger at bay, you definitely need to keep these under lock and key though as 1 quickly turns into 2 or more! Rocky Road is a personal favourite but all the flavours are delicious!
Got the mixed tub, tasted very nice, filling little snack for those midnight munchies
Good source of protein between meals. I like to keep one in the car or in my bag for when I'm feeling hungry and on the go.
I tried the peanut toffee- The initial smell is a little offputting but if you can get past it then you'll find the taste is actually really nice. Very sweet and sticky. However I wasn't really satisfied by the small size so you might find yourself reaching for another!
These are fantastic ordered these for quick snacks when I'm working and do the trick and keep you full. Highly recommended well worth the money
Just ordered my 3rd and 4th boxes.. I'm hooked on these! Chocolate mint is great. Also sometimes pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds if I'm having one as a dessert... highly recommended!
I keep a tub of these in my drawer at work to keep the those hungry moments at bay during the day. At home, these have fast become my wife's and my favourite snack. Buy any of the flavours except the White Choc & Strawberry...really not to our taste at all! Gingerbread is where it's at!
After munching my way through a jar of Randoms enjoying every flavour, I got exited to find that TPW were doing rocky Road flavour. Ordered a jar of Randoms chocolate and whent straight for a Rock Road. Very disappointed in the flavour, nothing like a Rocky Road :-(
only tried the mint choc chip and they're great tasting and an ideal snack to have when you're feeling a bit peckish or want something chocolatey
Just bought a jar of Ultra ransoms and they are superb. Gingerbread especially scrummy. Really does keep the hunger at bay and just big enough to feel satisfied. Thoroughly recommend them
Got these the day after I ordered them. There are no labels on the individual bars so that makes it a bit tricky but they are great!
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These little bars are an absolute treat. Handy to pop into your gym bag or handbag when you need a little protein boost or sugar hit - stops me from reaching for the really naughty stuff! Surprisingly filling, packed with protein and low in calories - well done TPW, sterling product yet again.
Referral code: SD55881
Very impressed,
Whether I'm bulking or cutting TPW is my main go to company! It works for everyone's needs/goals!
Sometimes I use these as a quick snack, or I crumble them ontop of some Greek yoghurt for some extra flavour (along with TPW Zero Syrups) for a protein boost during my day! Super tastey and every flavour so far has been on point!
I bought the Randoms tub, but I really want to try Rocky road! however I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate so I don't want to by it alone or in the Randoms Choc bundle :-/

Maybe they should have a pick your own mix tub?
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White choc a little sweet for my tooth, but other half loves them. Handy to stick a couple of grazers in a bag when out and about to keep those sweet cravings at bay when they surface, not overly filling and can be enjoyed between meals without feeling like a big bloater!
i got these as an exchange for an item i wasn't keen on and THANK GOD, these wee things rock!

Portable, perfect for gym bag, pocket, bag whatever, tasty, not gooey or fake chocolate or chemical protein tasting...just like treat so I don't feel deprived. and I just do a lucky dip into the tub for a treat

Ultra randoms are my choice, coconut, gingerbread and choc chip.

Well done TPW :-)
The perfect sized snack and taste delicious. Decent protein for the calories and low sugar levels. I got the randoms and randoms ultra.

This is my personal opinion on the different flavours:
1) Chocolate Coconut 10/10
2) Chocolate Mint 9/10
3) Toffee nut 9/10
4) Gingerbread 8/10
5) Strawberry & White Choc 6/10
Having bought 4 bottle so far I can certainly say these are very tasty, a great hit of protein in a low calorie snack ideal if you are running low on the calories and fancy a quick snack.
On my second tub now :) tried the randoms & randoms ultra as I get a little bored with the same flavor of one thing.

Very tasty and chewy, my favourite are chocolate mint chip & gingerbread.

One a day in my lunch box they last a while.

Definitely a recommended bite size snack.

Bought myself the Ultra Randoms tub, these things are great! All of them waste good but the Ginger Bread one is just something else, my next tube is defiantly just going to be Ginger Bread. Would 100% recombined these!
I bought the Toffee Peanut ones and was surprised at how big they were! The tub is not huge but they really cram them in. Was expecting bite sized bars but these are like mini bars! Will last me ages, great value for money. Would recommend getting the mixed tub though. The peanut ones are really nice but I can see myself getting bored of the flavour once I'm half way though. Have just ordered the Ultra Random tub so looking forward to more flavours! They are great to pop into your handbag or to snack on after the gym or between meals if you feel peckish.
I'm a new customer, New purchaser. I love grazers, they taste great (choc & mint) only snag is it left me feeling bloated and constipated. I've been taking them since Tuesday 2 a day. Now I'm gonna have to stop (thurs) to get rid of the bloatedness.

It's a shame really, because grazers is a great idea, definitely wth the amount you get in a jar. : '(
Got x4 samples of the choc coconut and I LOVE these!!

They're really tasty and have a lovely texture.

Will be putting in an order next pay day.
These taste AMAZING. I bought the 'randoms' box as I initially bought the Rocky Road full bars but found they were too much for me. This size is perfect for me however. I would give them 5 stars but I personally find they give me a lot of bloating compared to my diet protein powder so don't consume too many throughout the day.
I first bought the "randoms" tub months ago with mint chocolate chip, peanut toffee and white chocolate strawberry flavour. All are delicious! Mint chocolate chip jusssst has the edge though for me as it has tiny chunks of dark chocolate in them.

I like to workout fasted in the mornings but sometimes I'm ravenous so I have one of these before I go - this keeps my hunger nicely at bay.

Great product! Can't wait to try more flavours.
Yeah so these came for me yesterday and even though i have only had 2 really great for keeping my hunger at bay during the day , Think once my supply has run dry i will be buying more .
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At 56p each they're the same price as an unhealthy chocolate bar, but they have 7.5g of protein, taste great and you can take them anywhere (sometimes trying to make and drink a shake isn't all that convenient on the move as i'm sure you know). Another great TPW product.
These are amazing. They don't have that normal protein taste and are also indestructible, which means you can stick a couple in your kitbag and they'll be good for weeks in rain, sun, cold, whatever. The random pack is great, more flavours please!
Taste amazing! Great to snack on, shame that this flavour isnt avaliable in the whey & oat flapjacks
Better then snacking on chocolate or anything else to satisfy your sweet tooth. Lovely and chewy just like flapjack but without any of the bad stuff and a good boost of protein. Will buy over and over again
I ordered a random flavours tub, and what can i say, another excellent Protein Works product!

All flavours (Peanut toffee, White Chocolate and Chocolate Mint) are very enjoyable and i have to limit myself!

Great for on the go energy instead of fatty chocolate bar/"diet"cereal bars!

Will Definitiely be ordering again!!
I bought the Randoms Ultra (mint, gingerbread and coconut) and it is the best thing I have ever tasted. I can quite happily eat these over chocolate and cakes. They are so delicious and nothing like I have ever tasted before. I wake up in the morning and crave them!!! I eat them after a workout because of the sugar content even though it is low, but they are worth the wait. Absolutely divine, still to try the peanut toffee, not a fan of white chocolate and other flavours mixed together but I am so excited for tomorrow's one already. I eat them religiously everyday, RECOMMEND!!!!!
i love these fit in your pocket nicely, i got the mixed one as i wasnt sure on which flavor i would like and i was surprised i liked them all :-) great for my sweet tooth too
I bought the strawberry and white chocolate grazers as I'm always craving something sweet and needed a healthy alternative. These aren't like any other protein bar or snack you would get as they don't have the dry and stodgy texture. They taste great, satisfy my craving for a sweet snack, and are a good way to up my protein intake. will definitely be buying these again.
i bought the mint chocolate one of these and they taste great! i am trying to limit myself to just one a day... very hard tho! cant wait to try the other flavors! would recommend them totally! great after workout treat
Having embarked on a wretched diet where I'm restricted to a meagre 1,590 calories a day, these are truly the perfect snack. Chewy, crispy and they don't just taste of protein powder like a lot of other brands. Mint choc chip is my fave so far.
Man these definitely hit the spot! Nice wee boost of protein and a much healthier snack then the usual rubbish you might eat after a stressful day at work! Will for sure have to try the new flavours
I can't get enough of these!!!! It's taking all of my willpower not to eat them all in one day. The 'randoms' option is the one to go for. ENJOY!!!
Great for a little snack! I ordered peanut toffee and they are the best protein bars I've tasted, plus super fast delivery!!!!
Never liked protein bars until I tried these grazers, choc mint def best flavour, so easy to eat, will be buying me very soon
I will keep this review short and simple. brought this for all those bad days where I need a little treat. High street products that are advertised as healthy really aren't and are ridiculously over priced.

This product is great tasting and if each bar is only consumed in moderation. it can become part of a routine! Half way through my tub and will most defo buy again.

Well Done TPW!
TPW you have done it again. !! ordered the random tub flavors are amazing taste great. they are great for any time of the day if you need a wee nibble or a little help meeting your macro's 10/10 guys and the flat mates love them to so need to hide them. hope you bring out more flavors because no matter what they are they taste great." maybe apple pie" or creme brulee
Great tasting snacks with a good amount of protein for when your on the go or haven't got time to chow down on a meal. Good value as protein bars go too. I always go for the variety pack but the mint choc is the best tasting!
Just can't get enough of these little things!!! usually just have one a day to stop that craving for sweet food that I have always been a sucker for and this does the job perfectly, amazing little preworkout snack and just ordered 2 more tubs!!! The choc mint is fantastic so now I'm trying the white chocolate, highly recommend these
Got the variety pack, not a big fan of the toffee but the choc is really nice.
These things are amazing! I keep some on me at all times as they are great at keeping hunger at bay, but also for a hit of protein any time. I bought a mixed jar and am unsure on the White Choc Strawberry & Peanut Toffee flavours, but the Choc Mint Chip is to die for! Next time I order these (which I 100% will) I'll be going for a jar of the Choc Mint Chip flavour.
My PT recommended these to me to help me get out of the habit for the need for something sweet in the afternnoon and they have done the job. So easy to put one in my bag when I go out and about especially if going out for dinner and trying to avoid having a desert, what a great idea! love them!! choc chip the best
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I can't get enough of the chocolate mint flavour. They are so tasty I can't believe that they are good for you! Would totally reccommend 100%
Bought these to try them out. Great taste and perfect for mid meal snack instead of eating rubbish. These little bars really push the hunger pangs away. Mixed jar is epic.
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Have been looking for a rice crispy type snack for a while as I'd seen a lot of recipes but the actual protein crisps are quite expensive. These are ideal for that. With the 7g of Protein and the low calorie count, these are an ideal sweet treat if you're counting calories for weight loss.
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These are the best tasting protein bars I've ever had. A good snack size, lovely flavours, excellent price and great macros. Only problem is, is that the chocolate mint ones are SO good that it's hard for me to keep them on my desk at work without dipping into them all of the time!
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Best Choc Mint protein bars I have ever had. Most protein bars all seem to be the same with different wrappers on them , but TPW bars are different in a good way.
Ordered yesterday and arrived today. First thing I did was crack open a Mint Choc Chip protein grazer and they taste amazing. Not like the usual protein bar with the horrible stodgy chewy taste. Will definitely be ordering more!
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Have these at work for 11 and 5 oclock-sies. much better than a biscuit and all adds to the protein count, will order again for sure!
  • 2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Great taste, but not as filling as shakes.
These are great! Got the variety pack, stick them in the office at work and have them as my mid afternoon snack! Mint Choc flavour is gorgeous!
got the min choc, taste is pretty good, really convenient however would like to see some more flavours
There are so many protein bars out there but hands down this beats the rest. They taste amazing!

I got a random selection for variety and I love the taste of all of them, I will 100% be buying again.
So glad I bought this product, the flavours are really tasty and the white Choc raspberry tastes like cake! Who knew protein could taste so good!!
I have to say i'm not normally the biggest fan of protein bars but these are something else.

These are simply delicious and are a convenient way of staving off hunger with a healthy tasty treat.
What a great product and the flavour is unbeleivable.....would highly reccomend.

Hope the large bars will be getting the same selection of flavours :)
have tried all 3 flavors with the mixed jar, all 3 are great and couldn't recommend highly enough.Do not keep in work however or you will find yourself devouring them all.
Love these little bites of heaven.... I sit them on my desk at work and always dip in around 3 o'clock for a quick protein fix between lunch and home/gym! All 3 flavours taste great and are really easy to eat; not dry or chewy like other manufacturers! Top work TPW!
Peanut toffee ones are the stuff of legend a protein bar that tastes good doesn't have that weird grainey texture and doesn't require the jaws muscles of a bull mastiff to eat one 10/10 guys well done
Tried one of my mates and liked them so ordered a tub of the choc mint flavour. Happy camper , thanks .
very impressed with these!i ordered the 'randoms' which is a mix of all three flavours, i think next time i will just order mint choc tho, the others are still nice but i'm a huge chocolate fan! these are a great grab and go type snack and very filing! great protein content for the size too, the protein works never fails to impress me! great items and amazing prices, thanks guys!
These are like my title says, amazing and addictive!

I bought a mixed tub of flavours and by the far, the choc mint crisp are the best but the other flavours are also tasty!

Great little snack between meals but I wouldn't take the whole tub with you or you will eat them in a day! Trust me!!
This is such a great idea, they are so addictive as well. I bought the tub with all 3 flavours and loving all of them.

TPW you are the best, thank you!
I have worked for 2 European leading manufacturers within the supplement arena for over 7 yrs and I have to say that the service, taste and nutritional value of The Protein Works is fantastic! Great work guy's.
I got a batch of these.they went down a real treat.took them to work with me and munched them when I got peckish and I was well satisfied.they taste amazing and they stopped my stomach rumbling at work when I have not got time for a proper meal.awesome on the go protein snacks
What a clever idea, little protein treats . Yummm
Ordered a tub of the mint ones, tried it as soon as I got them and the missus insisted we order the mixed tub to try :) Healthy version of something between a club and a viscount? Yes please!
My new protein grazers have now taken pride of place on my kitchen worktop, the missus biscuit jar has now gone!! Great snack to have. *****
I was sceptical with these as most protein snacks have that funny taste. But these don't. They're amazing. Had to try one of each flavour when they came because the first one was so good! Love the fact you can have 3 flavours in one 'jar' too. Will 100% be ordering more of these :-)
Another success , not had a duff product from tpw yet , keep them coming guys, you are now my go to supplier for pretty much everything.
Great handy snacks to have when you don't want a full bar but need a top up during the day. Taste good too
I got a tub of randoms which meant I got to try them all. The consistency is slightly chewy which isn't a bad thing as you reall feel as though you've had something substantial. These are smaller than many protein bars I've had in the past and therefore are lower in calories so perfect for when I just want something small to pop in a pocket to tide me over.
The peanut toffee flavour is my fave.
Bought a tub of the mixed varieties , made the fatal mistake of taking to work , now I have none left . Seems I've converted the protein doubters. Will be buying more .
Seen some good feedback on twitter so decided to give them a try. All three flavours are good, strawberry one is bang on. Pretty neat idea.
These are brilliant. Perfect when you have a little hunger issue!! Great tasting with a coffee. Good offer to start with too. Would order again.
Choc mint heaven xx
Getting through a protein bar can be quite a chore sometimes, but these slip down a treat. I have been eating three at a time , as roughly that equates to a decent sized normal bar. Great idea to have a mixed jar . 5 stars all the way guys .
A great idea , and a great product from a great company. They never put a foot wrong in my opinion. Always feel I am getting high quality products when I order from them, so very happy with that .
I ordered a mixed jar of these , and what a fabulous idea these bars are. I was just going to have one bar to start with but found myself eating one of each flavour as they were so tasty. Choc mint is really delicious. This company really does offer high quality products , and are always coming out with creative new products .
I love the Whey & oat crip bars in cherry almond and choc so thought these would be similar. Tried peanut toffee. They are nice but very very sweet, I cannot taste the peanut but are a nice flavour .Neat size and individually wrapped so good for a quick snack. Still a top quality product as usual , pls can you make a version that's more peanutty!,,,
Was very excited about these as I love the larger bars but don't always want so much to eat. These are a great size and very handy.
I've now tried all 3 flavours and definitely prefer the mint choc chip. That one seems to have the most taste. The white choc and strawberry wasn't bad but I found the peanut toffee a bit 'chemical' in taste and smell. Maybe it will grow on me but it's the flavour I'd least like to pick out of my random jar.
Will definitely by ordering more in the not-too-distant future.
Just arrived today, my own 'cookie jar' of protein goodness. I tried the white choc and strawberry and it was delicious.
These will be perfect for a snack or on the go when I need something convenient but don't want to wreck my diet.

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