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whey protein 90 isolate

Whey Protein 90 is a premium grade whey protein isolate with the highest protein content of any whey protein powder. TPW™ Whey Protein 90 is undenatured as the whey is micro-filtered and NOT heat treated, ensuring the purest possible protein with 90% fast-acting protein content. Whey Protein 90 now includes ground-breaking patented enzyme technology, AMINOGEN® to aid protein uptake.

Low in fat, carbs and lactose, it is the ideal choice for anyone looking to build high quality lean muscle. Whey Protein 90 is instantised to ensure easy mixing and naturally high in BCAA's & glutamine.

  • Ultra high 90% protein content

  • Low In fat, carbohydrates and lactose

  • Includes AMINOGEN® enzyme system

  • Ideal for lean muscle growth & fat loss


  • Step 1:

    Product Profile

    The Protein Works

    WHEY PROTEIN 90 Isolate

    Engineering Researched & formulated in the UK at THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Production Quality Manufactured, packed & despatched by THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Flavouring & Colouring NATURAL flavours & colours
    Thickeners & Fillers 100% FREE of thickeners & fillers
    Ingredient Sourcing TPW™ accredited supplier & INFORMED SPORT™ approved supplier
    Certificate of Analysis Independently certified & full documentation provided, see Product Testing
    Level of Guarantee TPW™ LIFETIME Guarantee applicable on this product
  • Step 2:

    Protein Insight

    The Protein Works

    WHEY PROTEIN 90 Isolate

    Whey Proteins
    Whey Protein 80 (Concentrate) 0% Whey Protein 90 (Isolate) 100%
    Milk & Egg Proteins
    Milk Protein 80 (concentrate) 0% Egg Protein 80 0%
    Calcium Caseinate 90 0%    
    Non-Dairy Proteins
    Brown Rice Protein 80 (concentrate) 0% Soy Protein 90 (isolate) 0%
    Pea Protein 80 (isolate) 0%    
  • Step 3:

    Product Testing

    The Protein Works

    WHEY PROTEIN 90 Isolate

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  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Natural flavours and colours
  • Diabetic
  • Wheat Free
  • GM Free

What is Whey Protein Isolate?

Whey Protein 90 Isolate from The Protein Works™ is the highest quality whey protein isolate available anywhere in Europe. It's the isolate version of our award-winning, premium grade whey protein concentrate which won the highly coveted, "Best Protein Award" in the industry-leading FSN Product Awards.


How is Whey Protein Isolate Made?

Our whey protein isolate powder comes from vegetarian sweet cheese, sourced directly from Europe's leading whey protein manufacturer. As with all TPW™ sports supplements, Whey Protein 90 Isolate only uses the finest grade ingredients and represents incredible value for money. Whey Protein 90 also includes the ground-breaking patented enzyme technology, AMINOGEN® to further aid protein absorption.


How High is the Protein Content of Your Whey Protein Isolate?

Whey Protein 90 Isolate provides over 90% whey protein per 100g (dry basis) backed up with the very latest independent product test results. Simply click on Product Testing to see for yourself. Whey Protein 90 is naturally low in fat, carbohydrates and lactose and contains high levels of essential and non essential amino acids which help shuttle the protein to your muscles post workout and exercise.


What Does it Mean When The Whey Protein Isolate is Undenatured?

Our whey protein isolate powder is undenatured and instantised which means the whey is micro-filtered and NOT heat treated. This process ensures that the protein stays intact and as pure as it can be. It also enables the powder to mix easily and achieve a smooth texture, giving you the perfect protein isolate shake.


What are the Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate?

Whey protein isolate is the most efficient protein for the human body. Research has shown that out of all the protein sources, whey protein isolate is digested and more easily absorbed than any other protein which is why it is the choice of bodybuilders and elite athletes. Whey protein isolate in liquid form gets directly into your system faster than whole food, which is ideal for that "magic hour" post exercise. A protein shake can help recovery, repair and replenishment of muscles for maximum growth after exercise.


BRAND NEW AMINOGEN® Patented Enzyme System

AMINOGEN® Patented Enzyme System

All TPW™ products are designed using the very latest sports nutrition research and technology. Our best-selling Whey Protein 90 is no different. Whey Protein 90 is now formulated with the breakthrough patented enzyme system, AMINOGEN®.

This revolutionary system helps your body to absorb even more free amino acids locked within Whey Protein 90. This in turn helps build lean muscle, increase lean body mass, decrease body fat and support vital body functions. In essence, AMINOGEN® is formulated to make your Whey Protein 90 even more effective, and at no extra cost!

Read more about the science behind AMINOGEN® Patented Enzyme System.


What is The Best Flavour Whey Protein Isolate? And is it Natural?

Our premium grade whey protein isolate is made from vegetarian sweet cheese, sourced directly from Europe's leading whey protein manufacturer. It is manufactured at our state of the art facility right here in the UK with our widely acclaimed all natural flavours and colours to create the finest quality whey protein isolate. No fillers or thickeners are used during the production process which guarantees a totally pure product. As we produce all our protein formulas ourselves, each whey protein offers the ultimate in freshness. For independent product certification of its quality, simply click on the Product Testing tab above to see for yourself. Find out more about TPW™ All Natural Innovative Flavours.


Why is Your Whey Protein Isolate The Best?

Here at TPW™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source. Each ingredient supplier must pass rigorous audits and checks before being given the TPW™ quality seal of approval. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is our philosophy that flows through every product we manufacture and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today. Click on the Product Profile and the Protein Insight to see full product information for your absolute peace of mind.

Please note that this product is produced in-house at our very own production facility. It is supplied in a re-sealable foil pouch to ensure freshness and a scoop is included free of charge in every product.

Q. When should I take whey protein isolate?

A. It depends upon your lifestyle and goals, we recommend the following optimal serving times:
Immediately upon waking / 30 minutes pre workout / immediately after your workout / before you go to bed. Any other time during the day when you require additional protein intake.

Q.Does whey protein isolate taste the same as whey protein concentrate?

A. The taste is similar. However, as whey protein isolate is lower in fat and carbohydrates in comparison to whey protein concentrate, it is understandably less creamy. So for those who like a "lighter" shake and are calorie counting , Whey Protein 90 is the perfect choice.

Q. What is Aminogen® and why is it in Whey Protein 90?

A. Aminogen® is a revolutionary system that helps your body to absorb even more free amino acids locked within Whey Protein 90. This in turn helps build lean muscle, increase lean body mass, decrease body fat and support vital body functions. In essence, AMINOGEN® is formulated to make your Whey Protein 90 even more effective, and at no extra cost!

Q. What is the difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate?

A. Whey protein isolate powder typically contains over 90% protein compared to that  of whey protein concentrate, which is typically around 80%. Whey protein isolate is the purest form of whey protein available. It has the highest Bioavailability (BV) of all the whey sources on the market today. Typically between 30-60% more than whey protein concentrate.

Q. What does Bioavailability (BV) actually mean?

A. Bioavailability is a simple measure of how quickly your body can use a certain fuel source. For example, whey protein isolate has a high BV as it is rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream once taken.

Q. How much protein should I take?

A. It is recommended that you consume between 2-5 servings per day, dependant upon your own personal needs. A serving would be classed as 25g (one scoop) of Whey Protein 90. It is recommended that you take 1g of protein per pound of body weight, so adjust your intake accordingly.

Q. Why do I need to take protein?

A. Consuming a protein shake can help muscle growth. It has been widely researched and shown to help muscle growth, recovery and repair after intense exercise or workout.

Q. Is all whey protein isolate the same, regardless of which brand it is?

A. As with so many things in life, if you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right answers! The quality of protein can vary significantly and therefore the protein content will do too. In addition, just because a product may be called Whey Protein Isolate it doesn't mean that it only contains whey protein isolate. We recommend you read the ingredients and nutritionals on the label to better understand exactly what you are buying. We can assure you that our Whey Protein 90 is purely whey protein isolate. At TPW™, we are committed to transparency and openness in all our products and that is why we provide the following information on all our protein products: 1. Product Profile - a complete overview of the product's background including our approval, location of manufacture and money back guarantee applicability. 2. Protein Insight - a complete breakdown of the types and quantities of protein contained in the product. 3. Product Testing - an up to date certificate of analysis which provides independent verification of the protein content

Q. How can I tell if the protein I use is good quality protein?

A. Keys signs to look for are the level of protein declared on the label. Look for whey protein isolate with a minimum of 90%. Unflavoured, pure whey protein isolate should be smooth with a neutral dairy taste. It should be easy to mix and with little froth. Of course the ultimate way to know is from the results you get from taking the product.

Q. Does your flavoured whey protein powder contain artificial flavouring and colouring?

A. Most protein supplements on the market today are made using artificial flavours and colours. We are committed to maintaining purity in all our products which is why we only use all natural flavouring and colouring with absolutely nothing to hide. Not only is this kinder to your body, but it also gives a more natural and real taste to your shake.

Q. What does "dry basis" and "as-is" mean when talking about protein content?

A. When you see a protein powder that states on the label the protein is given as "dry basis " this means that the moisture present in the powder is included in the total protein value. Moisture in dry protein powders are typically around 4%. However, when a protein supplement is stated "as-is" this means the actual protein content of the powder with the water content excluded. In other words, the true protein you will be consuming. As whey prices have increased significantly over recent years due to the large demand in the sports nutrition sector, some brands may not give you all the facts in regards to the true level of protein in their products. At TPW™, we believe in transparency to give you the utmost confidence when choosing your whey protein supplements. On all our protein products you will see both the as-is and dry-basis values declared. Once again, it's all about knowing what to look for.

Q. Is whey protein suitable for vegetarians and vegans ?

A. Whey Protein 90 is suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans.

Q. Can I take whey protein isolate with other supplements?

A. The simple answer is yes. We recommend you always check serving instructions on each product if you plan on taking a combination of supplements. Whey protein isolate is most commonly taken with creatine, oats, BCAA and glutamine. In fact the uptake of protein can be improved by introducing high GI carbohydrates, as this creates an insulin spike which helps flood nutrients to the muscles quickly.

Q. Can I take too much protein?

A. If you don't burn the excess calories that come with the additional protein, it may lead to increased body fat. No other side effects have been noted in research carried out.

Values based on: 25g per serving
Energy (kJ) 393.3, 92.5
Fat (g) 0.25
Carbohydrates (g) 0.17
Protein (g) 23
Cholesterol (mg) 0.5
Calcium (mg) 100

For   Unflavoured variant

Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate 90%

Soy Lecithin ( E322 - Instantising Agent   )


For   Flavoured variant

Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate 90%

Natural Flavouring ( Strawberry and Cream )

Natural Colouring ( Beetroot Red )

Soy Lecithin (Instantising Agent)

Serving Size: 25g

We recommend between 3-5 servings per day, depending upon your own individual needs. It is widely recommended that for optimal benefits, you should take 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day.

Add 150-225ml of water or milk into your TPW™ Master Blender. Add 1 large scoop (25g) of Whey Protein 90, mix well and drink.

The less liquid you use, the thicker your shake will be, so adjust to suit your own taste.

Typical daily usage:

  • 1 serving upon waking
  • 1 serving 30-45 mins prior to exercise
  • 1 serving immediately after exercise
  • 1 serving between meals
  • 1 serving before bed
Very high quality whey protein isolate which I have converted to from competitors products to due to it having a better flavour, being easier to mix and having added digestive enzymes increasing the uptake of amino acids into the muscle tissue meaning this is the best value isolate for money.

I give this a top 5/5 because it is a great product for lean muscle gains and for body fat loss, it also greatly helps recovery after a hard workout and blends well with Cluster Dextrin or Waxy Maize to replenish glycogen stores as well as shuttle this into the muscle through spiking insulin levels.

The Caramel Macchiato, Choc Mint Brownie and Lemon Shortcake all taste awesome and mix flawlessly in as little as 200 ml of water or milk.
The taste is also very nice in water for those of you who cannot have the extra calories from milk and are on a strict fat loss diet.

I tend to use this product for competition prep when reducing body fat to the lowest levels, this is an ideal protein source due to being so pure and low in carbohydrates and fats, it is also good for those with lactose issues.

Would recommend to anyone who has problems with lactose and does not get on with regular whey protein 80 concentrate.

The Diet Whey 97 is also another superior Isolated Protein that is a great alternative to this product due to being even higher in protein but is more expensive and only required if you need the absolute best in protein powders.

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Bought this a week and a bit ago and have now been taking it for a week. This stuff is incredible. I wanted to up my protein intake and getting a 40g protein first thing in the morning with my porridge is an amazing way to kick off the day! :) 10/10 mixes really well, tastes great and weight has dropped, while muscle has improved. Happy customer!
Use my referral code and get your protein for free:) SA269593
I was never a big believer in supplements before the protein works but now I see the light! I purchased a giant bag of this in banana flavour and not only does it taste great but I can actually see results to! Highly recommended.

If you're a first time customer use my reference code at checkout for an extra free bag of whey protein: JF279783
This is a very high quality top end whey protein isolate which I have switched from competitors products e.g. such as *y Pro*ein & B*lk Powd*r* to due to it being better tasting, easier mixing and having added digestive enzymes increasing the uptake of amino acids meaning this is the best value for money and will provide you with more aminos making it a more effective protein based product.

5/5 a great product for lean muscle gains and for body fat loss, it also greatly helps recovery after a hard workout and blends well with Cluster Dextrin, Vitargo, Waxy Maize and Dextrose / Maltodextrin to replenish glycogen stores as well as shuttle amino acids into the muscle tissue.

Choc Silk, Lemon Shortcake and Jaffa Cake all taste awesome and mix flawlessly in as little as 150 ml of water or milk.

I tend to use this product for competition prep when reducing body fat to the lowest levels, this is an ideal protein source due to being pure and low in carbs and fats only beaten by the Isolate 97 which is the best money can buy.

I would recommend this product to anyone who has problems with lactose and does not get on with regular whey protein 80 concentrate because it is easier on the digestive system and absorbed much easier due to being lower in carbohydrates and fats.

For Free Protein Use My Referral Code: JM15339

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bought the unflavoured version and it tastes fine, not too interested with the taste, more interested in the results. If you are going to buy a whey protein buy this one. whey isolate has a higher protein content (at least 90%) and it is much more quality. It also contains less lactose than whey concentrate and therefore people with lactose intolerance should be ok with it.

Use my referral code... CJ40320 :)

this is the best whey protein on the market in my opinion, compared to other sellers, the results are much coming along much quicker and its a lot cheaper too! this is a must buy!!
I have been using the protein works for just about 2 years. Whey protein isolate 90 is by far the best protein i have tried. Being lactose intolerant i have to be careful as i am super sensitive to it but have no adverts affects from this protein powder. My favourite is vanilla mainly because you can add many ingredients, i have it every day with almond milk, almond butter and frozen raspberries for breakfast. It also makes a great vanilla skinny latte. I have had great gains and fat loss with this product. It blends amazingly even in a shaker and tastes just like vanilla ice cream. If you want any products enter referral code CH36710 and you will get FREE. Protein powder with your first order :) enjoy
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I like this protein and I have to say I have noticed a distinct improvement in muscle tone since I started taking it. However, I'm not completely in love with the flavour- I got vanilla and I find it very hard to drink, it's border line disgusting. In fairness though the taste alone is not enough to put me off buying this again as feel it's a great protein for the price but next time I will try another flavour :)
This is a high quality whey protein isolate that is great for post workout supplementation, i have found that since using this recovery has increased and i feel this is more suited to my goals for cutting due to it being low in both carbohydrates and fat.

I have been using the Caramel Macchiato flavor for a few weeks and it is great it is very tasty and moreish i would recommend this flavour to anyone it is one of the best of the range.

The product mixes great every-time in as little as 150ml of water or milk.

You have the extra benefit with this product having Aminogen, the digestive enzymes help break down protein improving the percentage that gets used by your body making this a very solid product.

5/5 great quality isolate with a great texture and flavor, for gaining lean muscle and losing bodyfat this product is ideal.

For Free Protein Use My Referral Code: JM15339

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I bought the vanilla creme flavor and I either drink it (with milk as an awesome milkshake or with water - although it tastes weird and is very liquity when mixed with water therefore I reduce the liquid volume to improve consistency) or I use it as an ingredient in foods such as pancakes and raw vanilla peanut butter fudge. The flavor is not too strong but can be quite dull to drink so I've ordered banana smooth for more variety.

For Free Protein Use My Referral Code: AM148635
Helps aid recovery quickly and I'm already seeing gains. Chocolate silk is amazing, not too sweet which is good!
A very high quality whey protein isolate which i have switched from competitors products to due to it being better tasting, easier mixing and having added digestive enzymes increasing the uptake of amino acids meaning this is the best value for money.

5/5 a great product for lean muscle gains and for body fat loss, it also greatly helps recovery after a hard workout and blends well with Cluster Dextrin to replenish glycogen stores as well as shuttle this into the muscle.

Choc Silk and Caramel Macchiato both taste awesome and mix flawlessly in as little as 150ml water or milk.

I tend to use this product for competition prep when reducing body fat to the lowest levels, this is an ideal protein source due to being pure and low in carbs and fats.

Would recommend to anyone who has problems with lactose and does not get on with regular whey protein 80 concentrate.

For Free Protein Use My Referral Code: JM15339

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If you're new use my referral code: AS183023 for a free 250g bag of whey protein 80!
This protein has to be the cleanest stuff iv used so far and trust me iv tryed all the big brands. If like me you have a dicky stomache im lactose intollerent, then this stuf is the bees knees as you get no side effects what so ever. non of the usual protein farts and also no bloating and upset stomache. some of the big brands are terrible for this. Try this if you want to save a relationship thats being ripped apart by your rippers!
I had the lemon shortcake flavour, bit sickly to be honest but felt stronger and looked bigger after just 2 weeks. Will try the unflavoured one next time as I dread the taking of it now due to it be sickly.
I am addicted to coffee type protein flavors and the caramel macchiato whey isolate is great, it is not over powering and has a strong rich creamy taste with just water, im sure this will be divine with almond milk or full fat whole milk, if im daring on a cheat day i may even use some Gold Top.

Thanks for producing such a great quality tasting product, this will be a staple purchase for sure.

For Free Protein Use My Referral Code: JM15339
First whey proteine isolate ive brought from TPW and got banoffe pie tried with milk and was AMAZING!! But i take TPW creatine hcl with water and the protein and its masks the horrendous taste of hcl so well thinking ill try choc mint next i plan to vary the tastes each minth and speedy delivery too!! By far the best on the market
Wow! So I've tried a lot of brands and even the big, well known ones haven't done it for me flavour wise. I'm the type of person who will be out off drinking the shake if I know it's gonna be too thick or taste like crap.

But this shake mixes so well, the flavour (vanilla crème) actually tastes like ice cream! Makes the process so much more bearable.

I stuck with a simple flavour because I'm picky and I must say now they did this so well, next time I think I'll step outside the box!
Also the berry blitz bcaas are tasty and give me good energy for the workout.
Been using diet whey in the chocolate silk flavour, its by far the best protein shake ive had until now, as long as you drink it with milk, i find it pretty bad with water, but that's just a personal opinion. Im going to try another flavour just for a bit of variety.

It does its job, good for recovery and I've made gains too.
It took me ages to decide a flavour as they all sound delicious. I went for Butterscoth Ripple and am about to reorder as it is DEVINE. Even with more water than usual it was delicious. Speedy always!
Both myself and my husband have been using this for a while now. The cherry bakewell tastes very nice, and brilliant with or without milk, no problems with lumps which is good. Best thing I find with the isolate is no bloating! The both of us have noticed results in a short space of time! We are trying 2kg of banoffee pie (which was amazing and not too sweet) this time after trying a sample of it. The protein works is a company I want to order from again and again, brilliant products, brilliant service!
just ordered 4KG of both mint choc brownie and chocolate silk. Only tried the brownie at the moment, by far the best protein i've ever tasted, better than the 97 Isolate mocha i was previously using. which in itself was miles ahead of MY protein garbage. top respect to TPW
This is the first protein powder I have ever used and I am really impressed.
I initially started with a 500g bag of the chocolate silk flavour that gave me good results in a short time, mixed well and tasted great. I personally liked it with milk or chocolate Alpro soya milk, didn't think it went well with water.

Just ordered a 1KG bag of the chocolate mint brownie flavour which I have had my first shake of tonight, really tastes good, just like mint aero which is nice
I have just recently purchased the chocolate mint brownie. Tastes better than I originally expected, service is excellent. Really looking forward to trying more of their products out.
Been using this product for the past few months, and I have to say I'm really happy with my results. I went from the Gold Standard protein, which most people have used to this as this was cheaper and not much different in terms of macros, and I have to say I wasn't disappointed.

The protein itself tastes amazing, mixes well and as it's so low in fat and calories you can have it along side a protein packed meal. I sometimes have 3 of these a day and don't get sick of the taste.

TPW company as a whole is incredibly professional, you feel you're using a quality product that has been given a lot of time and thought. Well worth buying all of your fitness products off the protein works, fantastic company.
As far as Isolates go, don't think TPW can be beaten on price!!
In a perfect world, I'd always have the Diet Whey, but Whey90Isolate a bit more affordable as I have it everyday!!

My fave Flave has to be Banoffee Pie!! Fell in love with it over Christmas 2014!
I love Butterschotch too!
I mix with a dash of coconut milk for a treat, or its fine with just water!
Cherry bake well= decent taste
Muscle growth if used correctly is guaranteed.
I've been using the strawberry flavour for 3 months now, and have definitely made gains, however, one thing to add would be that this flavour isn't the best. My next order will be a different flavour, and great job on the nutritionals with this!
Absolutely fabulous macros and amazing taste too! Would reccomend mint choc brownie flavour!
With only 0.2g of fat, 1.4g of carbs and 21.9g of protein. Whey Isolate 90 is a great supplement, to a diet, that lacks sufficient protein.

I am always using Isolate 90 throughout the day, due to its high protein low fat/carbs, when ever I find it hard to hit my target protein for the day.
I bought the caramel macchiato as an extra to the natural vanilla I wanted to buy and try. I have to say I found myself reaching for the Caramel macchiato far more than the vanilla. I adore vanilla and never thought a flavour could surpass it but this one was so sumptuous! Just the right sweetness which is not usually the case with sucralose sweetened whey. Being winter, this is a fabulous flavour to start the day with and I even added a scoop to my black coffee in the morning which was soo lovely. I will definitely order this again. It mixed really well and being an isolate I felt no bloatedness at all after drinking. Great quality product!
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I've been using Whey Protein 90 isolate as my morning and post-workout formula for around a year now, and really cannot fault it.

Gains have been good and lean, and as long as you're putting the effort in, I have found it gives the results.

Caramel Machiato is a great flavour, especially in the mornings, and I have also tried Lemon Shortcake and Cherry Bakewell which are both perfectly paletable, although I'd recommend the Bakewell to those with more of a sweet tooth.

It mixes fine in a regular shaker bottle, and makes an especially smooth shake with milk. I've tended to stick to Unflavoured variety lately, and that can also be mixed into foods quite well.

It's a good all-rounder!
My advice for thin girls: try less or add more milk
Recently became a customer of TPW, using the Vanilla Creme at present, very easy to drink and very well priced in comparison to a lot of products available on the market. Very refreshing after a hard training session.
Great taste and value for money. Will deffo be buying again to sample all the flavours.
I tried the unflavoured so I could mix it with blended fruit shakes and it's great.

It tastes like milk when you mix it with milk or water :)

I did not find any bitter after taste at all so would recommend this to anyone who has never tried a protein powder before.

My second order of a 2kg pouch has just arrived...
I bought Vanilla créme for my first order of Whey Protein 90 and I think is really nice. It has a bitter taste at the end but it isn't that bad. I already tried it as part of the mix for my french toasts and is wonderful! I highly recommend it!
I have the Banoffee Pie flavour of this and love it! Mixes really well and doesn't leave a bad after taste! Have a couple of other proteins in the go but when I finished the bag of this one I had to get another straight away! :D Would highly recommend!
Tried this flavour after getting the mint chocolate brownie flavour previously, all I can say is, WOW. I love this flavour so much, so banana-y and yummy!!! :) I look forward to finishing my workouts now so I can have two scoops of this. Also tried it mixed with the tpw casein in chocolate silk with some almond milk, which was incredible! Tpw is my go -to company now, can't recommend them or their products highly enough!!!!! So impressed. I've also tried the Jaffa cake flavour and that was lovely too :)
i have the Apple Cinamon one & the Cherry Bakewell.

The Cherry Bakewell flavour is simply amazing, the other is ok.

5* service
Used as a recovery shake the high protein content helps to repair muscles and with low carbon content it aids anyone trying to lose weight as well. A bit sweet but the flavour is great.
Flavour is fanstastic. I really was surprised at how good it actually taste. I have used the Chocolate Silk and Vanilla Cream. Both are great and I like to rotate between the two. Good with both milk and water but a bit smoother with milk.
I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now upon rising in the morning as part of my breakfast as well as using it as a part of a post workout shake. It blends well with both water and milk in even a basic shaker and has a rich smooth texture. Using this product as part of a shake alongside micellular casein, the product still blends well and tastes equally as good. Would say it is up there with the best! Spot on for flavour, texture and gains!
Tried the Jaffa Cake flavour this morning it is delicious and I'm still feeling full 4 hours later. Can't wait to try the other flavours!!
This protein powder has everything I need in my shakes, is very low in fat and mixes well, no lumps. I got the apple cinnamon swirl, Im sure it will go great in some protein balls!
quick dispatch time with accurate time . Wow so far this product is unbelievable No bloating and no bit left on the shaker recommend this to any sport thx
I love this protein so much, I literally look forward to finishing my workouts just so I can have this shake after. Tastes just like mint aero, I let my boyfriend try some after he bought from another (in my opinion inferior) company and he was soon asking to swap it for mine!!! I'm so impressed with TPW overall and so glad I switched! Five stars cannot rate this product enough!
Excellent product - mixes well, the choc mint brownie flavour is delicious and most importantly, after 2 weeks use I am already seeing the benefits - quicker recovery and increased strength.
Just THE best tasting shake Ive ever had from you guys (and the rest have been great) Caramel Macchiato is so good Id actualy drink it just because I enjoy it nevermind the great benefits nutrion wise! A + again!!!
A great company and very quick delivery!

I bought Banoffee Pie flavour and it was very nice tasted great and has a thin texture so it wasn't to sweet and filling. also low in calories!

I have no problems digesting this at all were I do with a lot of other products, this is a real top quality product and I would recommend it to anybody
Let me start off by saying that this company is by far the best i have dealt and if they carry on like this they will have a lot of loyal customers.
Now to the protein i ordered Cherry Bakewell but the sent me vanilla by accident and i normally dont like vanilla but to be fair this one is lovely.
So why give a company 5* after they sent me the wrong flavour? because they handled it quickly & great.
Fantastic flavour. I was really surprised about how good it actually tasted! (chocolate mint brownie is the best!!)
apple cinnamon swirl flavor is amazing, sometimes add a little extra cinnamon for the blood circulation benefit, consistency and taste is spot on with barely any carbs or fat, cant fault it!
Delivery time spot on like always.
Taste great!! Like a kids milkshake!! I would even go as far as saying it's the 2nd best protein shake behind (TPW's 100% Micellar Casein 'vanilla créme' I've ever had!! So best tasting 'whey' shake I've ever had!!
Mixes very well too.
Great product, very happy with it. 9.5/10 (I never give out 10s unless it's free) haha
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Excellent product with a great taste and so many options to choose from. Got the banoffee pie, mixed well and I've noticed the gains ;)
Can't fault this product. Every flavour I've tried is delicious (all excepts rhubarb and lemon shortcake) No bloat whatso ever and excellent value for money!

Flavour-Apple Cinnamon, tastes great although cinammon tends to sink to bottom and needs some swirling just before drinking, combines perfectly with so many things. TPW whey proteins, the best i have tasted, was a Promax-person for years but now glad I am on the TPW-team!
Super fast deliveries by TPW and excellent communications. I loved this product and the choc silk flavour. Will be ordering from them again. Because of the service and products you wouldn't want to go elsewhere
Amazing product, Great flavour & very versatile for use in recipes, wish i ordered more as i am nearly out. 5 stars would recommend to any coffee lovers.
Ive changed from maximuscle cyclone to this and i must say tastes alot better and does not give you the lower belly fat like the cyclone did great flavours and the site always dispatches extremely fast i will use again have been been for mounths
One of the best powders I've used. Great taste (personally I like the Jaffa cake). Powder is really fine and mixes easily with water in a shaker, no lumps or grainy pieces. Good macros too - super low in carbs and sugars.
This protein is up there with the best tasting protein that ive tried, it doesnt leave you bloated, all while being a pleasure to drink. All it needs now, is the option of a tub instead of a bag!
Good protein
This is my second batch of The Protein Works now. I went for chocolate mint brownie again as it tastes exactly how you expect it to which was surprisingly good! Now I've gone for the 4kg bag as it's such good value for money and the nutritional content is great.

Cannot recommend it enough.
I bought the 500g Choc mint brownie flavour to try. I like the taste a lot. It smells and tastes a bit like after eight mints you get for Christmas. It mixes well, after a couple of shakes it leaves a few lumps of powder but mixing it further it will become smooth.

Overall I'm really happy with this product and I can already see results in terms of training and recovery. Definitely recommend to others.
Now to try other flavours. #TPWLOVE
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I bought the unflavoured product as I cant tolerate sweeteners. It mixes well but is not great to drink. I have found I like it as one scoop in about a quarter mixing bottle of water. Body builders will be horrified by this but I add a table spoon of chocolate nesquik for flavour. As a swimmer after a 60 min 3,000 metre session nesquik's calories aren't much of an issue especially after the litre of Ultra Carb drunk! This mix of Ultra carb while swimming then protein within the hour after seems to have fixed the flu like feeling I was getting the next morning. This solution may be useful to other 48 year old endurance athletes as this failure to recover seems common with older competitors.
After a couple of years break I'm back looking to get as lean as ever . I did allot of research into nutrition and recommended supplements .
I have found both the site and products from TPW to be very informative .
The growth in the industry has enabled people like myself a wealth of products to chose from . However , it's nice to put the headache aside and allow TPW to do what they do best.
I opted for whey protein isolate 90 as I wanted to keep lean but gain a little mass also .
The first product I used was 500g of banana smooth . Very happy with the taste and also the reseal option is useful.
In the past with other suppliers I have found that no matter how good my shaker was the protein wasn't mixed enough. However , TPW protein mixes extremely well .
I have now placed an order for 500g of whey protein isolate 90 in the following flavours ; banoffe , apple cinnamon , strawberry & cream and chocolate silk.
Although the banana smooth was really nice I wanted to try a mix and find my favourites .
With regards to physical benefits , I have remained around the same weight but I can see a noticeable change in how toned I am .
I'll keep you all updated on my results but I highly recommend whey isolate for someone that wants lean muscle.
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I recently moved from the US to the UK, and was desperately seeking a replacement for my Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey in Cinnamon Graham Cracker flavour. Anyone familiar with that brand knows that, while their protein powders mix so well and get so smooth even in a shaker bottle, their flavours leave something to be desired and that was the only one I liked (and understandably, is not a popular enough flavour for it to be stocked over here). It was TPW's huge array of flavours that ultimately made me decide on their product line, and the Chocolate and Morello Cherry is (was!? where has it gone!?) the best thing of my life. It also mixes 95% as well as the Optimum Nutrition product, which to be fair, is the best at mixing on the market that I've ever tried, which means this product still mixes pretty darn well. I ordered a 500g size just to test it out, and was hoping to order it in massive bulk, but sadly it looks like the flavour is now gone... just when I thought my search was over for a new protein!
Trying to slim down, really enjoying this protein powder. Love the white chocolate and strawberry - usually blend it with 1% fat milk and a mix of frozen blueberries and strawberries - unbelievably delicious and such a good start to the day. Really helping me slim down, love the additional ingredients to the protein.
As a new customer, and never having tried protein shakes,I purchased whey protein in strawberrys and cream flavour, it's really nice, I've just received my second order, this time ordered whey protein isolate in choclate silk flavour, I'm about to try it later, I think the protein works is a great site with fast delivery and great delivery prices very impressed !!!!!'
Just started using this product. Tasty and easy to mix. I used the lemon shortcake flavour beautiful if you love sweet this is Your thing a real change from the Chocolate, banana, strawberry.
As a protein this has given me some great results. I don't carry much fat but due to diet have struggled to increase mass without losing definition.

Have used a kilo of the banana smooth which tasted good and have put about 1.5lbs of quality weight on in a month.

Just had the Rhubarb and Custard and the results will be the same but unfortunately it doesn't taste nice.

Both mix very well.
Was shocked at how much the jaffa cake flavour actually tasted like jaffa cake. Blends well and tastes really good
The caramel macchiato flavour is insanely good!! Tastes like the real thing. Top product !
Good quality protein - wouldn't expect anything less from TPW. Not to keen on the Lemon Shortcake flavour though - tastes almost like medicine!
Very impressed with this product - mixes easily and tastes really great (Butterscotch, Banana Smooth especially). I look forward to drinking it after my workout, it feels like a reward!
Wow that packs a punch, bit thinner than my old protein but does the same job and no sandy texture. I got the Lemon Shortcake, its growing on me but of you don't like strong flavors be aware. Might try putting it my seed bars
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As usual TPW amazes me.... not only is this a good protein and an isolate protein at that. You get to the point in drinking it thinking how could this be good for me because it tastes so good!
I have the apple bun flavour, tastes spot on!
Most isolate proteins taste watered down, not this! so so good!
Been ordering from TPW for last 2 months ,all the products I've had have been top draw fair play! the flavours are really nice. I look forward to having my shake after my work out! I've had the banoffie,cherry bakewell , Jaffa cake and caramel macchiato. My fav is the macchiato it's stunning. TPW protein ticks all the boxes!
Being my first time using protein supplements, I was looking for an uncomplicated solution to recovering more effectively after training sessions as well as gaining some lean mass.

This product is great, by the next and after only two weeks of use I can see increases in definition and size.
Definitely no need to look elsewhere as the price is excellent as well.

I'd recommend to anyone
My review is based on Vanilla Creme. Very fresh whey and vanilla taste. Mixes super easily with water or milk! Best whey I have tasted so far!
Customer service is also great! I instantly became a loyal customer!
Iv had strawberry and cream and strawberry and white chocolate since starting to try to drop body fat and Carb cycling and its worked perfectly fitting comfortably into my macros perfectly.

Both flavors taste great with water, milk and personal favorite for a carb up day is to mix with 300 ml of coconut water.

It was exactly what i needed to supplement my diet while i continue to get stronger and loose body fat.
Currently using Choc Mint Brownie, mixes great with water and milk. Certainly helped with progress in the gym, and recovery times.

Tried Apple Cinnamon Swirl too, but flavour got a little much after a while.
Used this product for a month now and i can already see the definition and fat loss!! Banana smooth with water mixes perfect cant wait to try the other flavours, service is great & fast
I have had several flavours of this product now. Overall the results are excellent and I find the taste, value and price is great.

I currently have Lemon Shortcake which is AMAZING - could drink it all day long and it is not bitter at all, it tastes like Kipling lemon slices! I would give 10/10 for taste!
Others I have tried are:
Vanilla Creme - 8/10 taste
Butterscotch Ripple - 9/10 with almond milk
Milk Choc Coconut - 9/10 with milk or water
Cherry Bakewell - 5/10 with both
Banana Smooth - 6/10 with both

I found banana and cherry bakewell were quite artificial tasting and sickly - all of the others I would have again but lemon is by far the nicest!

This is the first protein powder I've ever tried so I was worried it would taste horrible. I now use it in the mornings instead of a coffee, as a mid afternoon snack and after exercising at the gym.

I ordered the Strawberries and Cream flavour and it is delicious! It's just like I'm drinking a milkshake. =]

It gives me a nice boost for the day.
purchased 4kg of jaffa cake flavour and its very nice indeed. It does not have that horrible thick gritty texture that a lot of cheaper powders have when mixed really easy to drink. It reminds me of the very high end stuff that i will no longer be buying as this will be my choice of powder from now on, I would recommend this to anyone its clean fresh and healthy and the back it comes in is excellent for this product.
Ordered yesterday and delivered today! Very impressed as I was expecting it in a few days.

Never had shakes before. Because I'm a vegetarian and allergic to egg it was a difficult search but this was perfect for me. I went for chocolate silk which is tasty but a little too sweet for me. Can't wait to try the others. Overall very impressed! Plus the live chat with Rick was brill :)
Bought this product after being recommended by a friend. I've used whey products before but this is the best for taste, value for money & variety of flavours. I've been using it as a mid morning post training snack and a mid afternoon snack. It's better with milk if you prefer a thicker shake, mixed with water I'd use 100ml instead of 200ml just for personal preference. Tastes great with soy milk as well.

Delivery was fast & cheap. Courier used were very good. Even better as a first time customer I got a free protein.
I've just finished my first batch of Strawberry & cream which was delicious.
It mixed well & didn't leave any chalky after taste.
I take isolate as recovery after cycling & haven't noticed any muscle soreness so it must be working.
Just received Chocolate mint brownie which is equally as tasty as strawberry & cream!
Really spoilt for choice on flavours I just don't know what to try next!!!...
Excellent delivery service as well. on!
Keep up the good work. ..
bought this as a trial from TPW, and love it, it doesnt thicken up much, but tastes great and mixes well, will definately buy again.
Great product with the characteristics that you would expect: the right ingredients, best possible content, mixes well, not too pricey BUT IT IS AMAZING TASTING.

I bought the rubhard and custard as a trial, it tastes like you have simply put a load of rubard in the blender and blended it up with milk. If you like rubhard you will love this! I want all my other protein sacks to run out so I can order this and the other flavours. Many thanks.
Just made my second order of the Whey Protein 90 as I am about to run out!

Really think this stuff is great and also the flavours are seriously yummy! Just about to finish the Choc Mint Brownie flavour which I would definitely recommend!

I think this protein has definitely helped with what I am trying to achieve and helps with my recovery after the gym!

Can't complain as so far the service has been excellence and also the prices are very hard to beat!!
This protein is beautiful. The taste is perfectly balanced. The caramel macchiato is sweet and aromatic with a hint of toffee and strong pulse of coffee that dances around one's mouth.
I do plan on cooking with the butterscotch flavour to make some delicious, nutritious cake.I also discovered on my last batch that if you only add about 25ml of water to 25g of protein powder one can make a sweet paste/cream substance that can be used as icing.

Overall TPW's service has been outstanding with fast delivery and great-tasting products.
This stuff is great it mixs really good and tastes good too I have noticed good recovery from this and the flavours are good too will buy again many thanks
Tried the cherry bakewell and the choc coconut and both flavours are lush and mix really well. I also use them in my porridge and to make protein bars and it works really well. Highly recommend.
Had 4kg of this and lasted ages. Easy to mix and tasted great. Good post workout shake!
Such a great product!! I bought the unflavoured version as I wanted to avoid the sweaters etc. to the ingredients list on this was already great, but I was worried about the flavour. Had no reason to!! I put it in my smoothie in the morning with banana and a bit of honey and can't taste a thing!!

Very impressed. Great product. Deliver was also really quick.
First off, as always, great value for money. Great protein content. Great nutritional profile, which is what matters when buying whey.

The flavor, I love this. All flavors from this company have been exquisite so far and I've tried a bunch of them. Not one of them has failed to be excellent, unique and interesting.

Yes this actually tastes like banoffee pie.

I still can't help thinking deep down these just taste too good. Can they really be whey protein or did some sort of luxury gourmet dessert mix make It's way into the factory by accident?

That's just a joke by the way for those that don't register humor. It's my way of saying this is the best tasting whey I've ever had. And not just this flavor, every single flavor that I've tried so far.

So while I don't usually recommend supplements or companies under normal circumstanes, when it comes to this company and product I cannot fault any single thing about the whey protein they deliver!
Love this whey TPW is my go to supp brand now.Follow directions & have a shake during & finish off after a session for the best gains,It mixes like nothing else & I have hardly any water with mine.I don't understand how people can write a review about a product & not mention anything about if it works.If it tastes nice (Which this does) it's a bonus not a given ! If taste is all you think about just go and buy some chocolate milk !
Been using this for about 4 months now. The shakes all taste great and are really light on the stomach. The low fat, carbs, sugar and additives work wonders when trying to maintain weight. They are also very reasonably priced, so won't break the bank when using regularly. Definitely recommend.
Vanilla tastes amazing, by far the best protein on the market, great value for money compared to other brands and better results, perfect!
tried the unflavoured whey protein isolate 90 for the first time today and i must say its the best protein i have tried.unlike most proteins it doesnt froth up.would recommend it to anyone
It's rare to find such a pure protein these days. So many others have loads of additives or hidden ingredients that not only reduce the overall quality of the protein but also mean you're ingesting a small science experiment every time you drink a shake rather than just the stuff you need.

I went for unflavoured for that reason, it has a higher protein content than the flavoured version as it's less ingredients and it's also a bit cheaper so great value for money. The taste really isn't too bad at all. I mix a scoop with water and it's fine, it tastes very similar to skimmed milk.

Great product!!
Bought the Choc Silk a while ago and it is just great. Great with water or milk!!! Thank you TPW!
ordered jaffa cake great taste and fantastic service from tpw as usual many thanks
Have just started lifting so am trying to eat more protein. I find this a great way to make up my macros, without adding extra carbs. I've bought chocolate silk flavour and add it to Greek 0% yoghurt and also to my morning oats. Looking to try some other flavours too.
Order delivered super fast. The protein is best I have had. My last supplier has been clicked into touch !

Fantastic product from a fantastic company
I have tried many different whey isolates over the years. This is the best I have had so far, both in terms of clean ingredients, low carb, and low fat. Taste is subjective. My personal taste ranking currently is:
1. Caramel Macchiato
2. Milk Choc Coconut
3. Chocolate silk
4. Jaffa cake
The first two flavours are out of this world. Really really tasty. Taking flavour 1. As you wake up in the morning is like drinking a nice coffee shake.

As for the results. My recovery between workouts is definitely helped using this whey isolate.
Ordered yesterday, and just received the pack. Great service!

Haven´t used yet. When I start using, I'll write about it's efficiency
Fantastic Product. Great service again, ordered this 3-5 days and recieved this in 2 days!

Hello all

Since protein consumption is a lifestyle, we spend a lot of our hard earned cash every day on protein. We must make sure we are getting the most for our money and avoid being sucked into marketing hype.

As a loyal fan of Optimum Nutrition for many years I wondered if a more local product could live up to its high standards so I decided to go ahead and purchase Total Protein Works Isolate protein in 4 different flavours to compare. I have been using ON HydroWhey for years and since it is the most popular protein product I thought it would be good to use Total Protein Works Isolate90 as a reference point for the people wondering if they should switch over from the more popular brands.
I will cover all the key points.

PRICE (taken from Optimum Nutrition’s website)

Hydrowhey: £53 per 1.5kg tub after discount including delivery
Total Protein Works Isolate 90: £23.99 per 1kg tub including delivery

So the Hydrowhey costs twice as much as the TPW isolate 90, yeah sure you get an extra .5kg however matching the sizes kg to kg still works in TPW favour. The questions most people wonder are is the Platinum Hydrowhey is twice as good? Does it make sense for our hard earned money? Let's see.


Hydrowhey: 30g / 39g Scoop
Total Protein Works Isolate 90: 23g / 25g Scoop

This will look exciting to you as it excited me that I was getting 30g of protein per serving but the fact is they just packaged a larger scoop (39g). TPW isolate 90 on the other hand is only a 25g Scoop meaning you’re getting much more protein for your money. INTERESTING ISNT IT. Which leads me onto my next argument.


Hydrowhey (Both flavors): 30g protein out of 39g product = 76% pure
Total Protein Works Isolate 90 All Flavours: 23g protein out of 25g of product = 90% pure

Here is where I start to get disappointed. Since the HYDRO is almost twice as expensive I was expecting to get a purer form of protein without the thickness of the whey concentrates. I have seen brands that offer protein over 90% pure where 10 grams of product give you 9 grams of pure protein. To my surprise the Hydrowhey is even less pure than the TPW Isolate 90. My first reaction was WTF have I been doing spending all this money.

MIXING (with water)

Hydrowhey Double Chocolate
Total Protein Works Isolate 90 Jaffa Cake

I used a normal run of the mill shaker cup The Hydrowhey mixed with the water just as the TPW Isolate 90 . No difference noted.


Hydrowhey Turbo Chocolate
Total Protein Works Isolate 90 Jaffa Cake

Both taste equally as good as each other however I did notice there is a slight bitter taste in the Hydrowhey but it did not make it less tasty.

So which is better tasting? None are, I think they both taste good. Every individual will have a different opinion here. The only edge TPW have is with their isolate they have plenty of choice of some amazing flavours , I also recommend the Apple Cinnamon swirl


Total Protein Works Isolate 90 Jaffa Cake

I honestly did not notice or feel any difference. It could be that the Hydrowhey was less heavy on my empty stomach but I would have to run some more tests to confirm that. One other important thing to read is that Hydrowhey isn’t totally Lactose free.

BCAA content

Hydrowhey: 8.8g out of 39g of product = 22% BCAA
Total Protein Works Isolate 90 Jaffa Cake: 5.5g out of 24g of product = 22%BCAA

I was excited about getting more BCAAs from the Hydrowhey but as you see we get the exact same amount as we do from TPW Whey Isolate.


I think the Hydrowhey is a great product, and think that Optimum Nutrition have it spot on with their supplements however when we compare all the factors such as Price, Serving Size, Taste, Purity, Digestion etc, the question we have to ask ourselves is, is it worth paying nearly double for a product that has some amazing Marketing behind a massive global name, or are we just lining the pockets of the companies owners. Think I know where my thoughts lie with this and for me Total Protein Works isolate 90 wins for me hands down.

Hope this review helps you guys
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I bought the Apple & Cin. Swirl and Jaffa Cake. I have to say that they both taste seriously nice, better and less harsh than other brands which I have tried.

Can't comment too much on results as it is early days.
Good protein and the price is right.
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The Caramal Macchiato flavour is amazing. Mixes really well and is great with oats - tastes like a naughty treat which is great for anyone with a sweet tooth!
Finally got around to this flavor after trying three others so far. As expected a great flavor just like all the rest. I've yet to try a TPW product that is not completely satisfactory. All have been superb.

Great value and great profile. The 2nd flavor of Isolate 90 I've tried. The 4th flavor in total TPW products I've tried.

5 star product as always.
I used this shake during my last month of cutting with great effect as it is low in carbs and fat with a high protein content. I have continued to use these shake on my current 2 month lean bulk for the same reasons as i am trying to put on a small amount of muscle whilst adding as little body fat as possible before i cut again. (and yes il be using these shakes for when i cut again)

I have tried Choc Coconut, Lemon Shortcake, Cherry Bakewell, Chocolate Silk, Vanilla Smooth, Butterscotch Ripple & Jaffa Cake.

Firstly they all mix extremely well with water or milk (i use unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened soya milk). The taste is better with milk as its a thicker shake but still tasty and drinkable with water. I always take with water post workout.

I mix 50g (2 scoops roughly) in with my Porridge Oats in the morning once the oats have been taken out the microwave and it mixes in really well. A tiny bit grainy but it adds so much flavour to the otherwise boring and plain oats.

On to flavours. Chocolate Coconut is possibly the best tasting whey i have ever tasted, it has a nice chocolate taste and you can really taste the coconut, which isnt to overpowering but just right in my opinion.

Lemon Shortcake really surprised me, i thought it was going to be bitter and not that great but i was wrong! It definately tastes of lemon but is very subtle, the best way i can describe it is like lemon bon bons from the sweet shop when you was a kid.

Chocolate silk is exactly as you would imagine, definately tastes better with milk as i finf the milk enhances the chocolateyness!

Vanilla i would say the same as above.

Cherry Bakewell & Butterscotch Ripple are nice and offer something different from the usual flavours but arent as good as the other flavours. Im glad i tried them as they were nice but i wont be getting these flavours again.

Jaffa Cake is very nice, strong orangey taste that lingers on your tongue.

I also cook my own Protein pancakes using these shakes. Ive used Choc Silk, Choc Coconut & Vanilla all with great outcomes and tastey pancakes.

At my final whey in i was bang on 90KG at 7.3% bodyfat, and i really feel these shakes helped aswell as satisfying sweet cravings.

I will also add that i have tried the Chocolate Mint & Caramel macchiato flavours in the Diet Whey Complex. The mint is fantastic, it is a more natural tasting mint flavour than Optimum Nutritions Choc Mint which is one of my favourite tasting shakes ever.

What can i say about caramel macchiato! WOW! Just WOW! if you like your coffee then seriously get this. It is literally like drinking an iced caramel latte out of StarBucks but a healthy version. Amazing, great job on this one!

I have to take a high amount of protein because of my size and lean body mass so have 2 scoops in the morning mixed with porridge of Whey 90 Isolate. Then at about 11:30am i have 54g of diet whey complex with unsweetened soya milk 300ml. Then post work out i will have 2 scoops with water of whey 90 isolate.

Ive tried many different companies, Optimum Nutrition, Phd, MyoFusion, MyProtein (crap and il never again use their products) and in my opinion The Protein Works products are up their with Optimum Nutrition in terms of taste and results. I will continue to use Optimum Nutrition products aswell as The Protein Works products. But in terms of Taste, Results and value for money you have got it spot on. Well done.
Just discovered TPW and went for the vanilla creme, it tastes just like vanilla ice cream but with a slightly artificial aftertaste but i'm not fussed about that at all, it's 100 times easier to drink than anything else i've tried, I usually have to hold my nose and try and stop myself from gagging with other products!
Also, very reasonably priced!
This is a great protein powder. Soluble/drinkable in water or as I prefer 1% milk. Ideal an hour ahead of a session or immediately after a session. No bittyness about it. As the summary suggest the strawberry and cream variant is awesome. Used to always favour banana as a safe bet, but this is great!!!
orderd the unflavord by accident but wasnt that bad, after the tenth scoop ish that flavor started to become worse. but i used hot chocolate powder to make it taste better, then it was brilliant
I already have the Chocolate Silk flavour which is awesome but decided to try the Vanilla Creme to mix things up a bit and the taste is awesome. Made in a blender it makes for a really creamy shake. I usually add coconut or almond milk and some fruit to it or even coffee for a great morning coffee shake. I use protein shakes as a way to increase my protein intake during high intensity workouts and these work great for me. I will definately be ordering more from TPW.
Just got this delivered yesterday, going to be using this as a pre-work out shake in order to give me a small boost. With Total Mass Matrix in the morning and post w/o, hopeful start maing even better gains.
Got recommended TPW by a trainer and haven't regretted it one bit. Tried out Jaffa cake and cherry bakewell to begin with. Jaffa Cake was delicious with milk, first time i found myself enjoying the taste of shake. Cherry bakewell tasted better with water in my opinion and mixed great too. Looking forward to giving this apple cinnamon everyone's been raving about a go!
Bought this a week and a bit ago and have now been taking it for a week. This stuff is incredible. I wanted to up my protein intake and getting a 40g protein first thing in the morning with my porridge is an amazing way to kick off the day! :) 10/10 mixes really well, tastes great and weight has dropped, while muscle has improved. Happy customer!
Ordered this in Chocolate Coconut (how much more interesting can you get in whey flavors?) along with a bunch of other products. Excellent product. Great quality protein source. Relatively transparent ingredients. Good nutritional profile.

More protein percentage than top mainstream brands I've used. Costs much less.

Flavor is ridiculously interesting and superb. It makes me actually want to have more, in contrast to some other brands that you just have to swallow to get your protein intake up.

5 stars of course. Other products so far have been great too.
Haven't used whey for many years and wow its come on leaps and bounds. Smooth mixing with water and actually tastes good. Haven't tried with milk yet but tastes so good with water and i'm keen to keep calories down ill stick to water for now. Choco cherry tastes very good, maybe too sweet for some but I like sweet stuff. Will recommend TPW, excellent service and quick delivery.
Sheer awesomeness!!!

Had unflavoured due to my intolerance of sugar and seeing as my digestive system is happy I am happy :-D
I've tried a few of these flavours now - Apple cinnamon swirl has always been my favourite as it's one of the only shakes I've had that doesn't make me feel sick.. however I have just tried Milk choc coconut and I've got to say it's just topped the chart! Not at all sickly, great coconut taste and smells lush! I have all my shakes with coconut milk so this one goes perfectly!! Jaffa cake and banana smooth are also nice... not fond of cherry bakewell or rhubard and custard though. Yet to try the rest.........
I have only tried the choc mint and the apple cinnamon and they both taste great the choc mint has to be the best protein powder i've ever tasted, super fast delivery very happy would be nice if they done free delivery with all orders but apart from that great product.
I got the mint choc and wow what can I say I had a vanilla flavoured based 100% whey and wasn't all that kind got sickly but these are just too god and delivery was exceptional I also got a flap jack was banging just thauhht the price was a tad high but can't grumble too much
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easy mixing but choc cherry is a little too strong!,choc mint and choc coconut are winners!!!
OK so I got the Caramel Macchiato flavour! Tastes AMAZING! And I consider myself pretty fussy. Will be trying some other flavours but most definitely sticking to this protein from now on! Excellent product!
Have tried a few flavours over the past few months and have to say the Milk Chocolate Coconut one is just heavenly. Didnt thing the butterscotch one could be topped - but it has! Added to my porridge it makes breakfast seem far more indulgent
I use this as my post workout for the quick release proteins. Helps with recovery and growth.

Tastes great and mixes easily, Jaffa cake ftw
Got this for straight after training , milk chocolate and coconut flavour . fantastic taste and mixes so easy.
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Just started on the choc mint brownie flavour and it's easily as nice as any other whey isolate I've had from other brands. Previously I had the jaffa cake flavour, which wasn't without its charms either. But with that one I'd recommend experimenting with the powder to water ratio to get the best taste. For me two scoops of powder to 150ml of water produced the best taste.
I just moved to this from the TWP Whey 80 because of the reduced fat and carbs in this and I am very glad I did.

For the money I highly doubt you will find a better source of Whey protein and the taste of these products is outstanding!!!

Went for chocolate coconut and it's like drinking a bounty bar :D
I would recommend this product to anyone. Weather you have a budget or can afford to buy the silly prices some company's try to charge you.
This product is very good value for money.

The best post workout shake I have ever used.

Mixes really well with water and goes down a treat.
Jaffa Cake is so good that I don't think I will ever try any other flavour... ever.
Got the Vanilla Creme. Mixes really well, taste is good, but much nicer with milk than water.
best tasting pure isolate product I've had! spec is spot on.
I'm old school. Only use unflavoured so the quality has to be good, no complaints here, clean taste and mixed well with good amino profile. Start with good products and you get good results .
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The best mixing protein I have used. Great taste in both milk and water (chocolate silk). No horrible after taste or bloating. Highly recommended and a great price per serving for isolate.
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good product, good service, good price. very happy with this.
Ordered the Jaffa Cake flavour as my first try of TPW Whey Isolate. Found it brilliant to mix with water, and never once felt the need to thicken it up with milk! Will be ordering again and can't wait to try other flavours!
Ordered the Jaffa Cake flavour as my first try of TPW Whey Isolate. Found it brilliant to mix with water, and never once felt the need to thicken it up with milk! Will be ordering again and can't wait to try other flavours!
Great taste. Awesome value. Speedy delivery. And just to say, the staff are extremely helpful when it come to advise about training and nutrition-both on Twitter and Facebook.
awesome taste, mixes well, high protein... couldnt ask for more!
This is one of the nicest protein shakes I've ever tried. The chocolate silk flavour goes really well with almond milk.
After trying the whey concentrate I thought i'd step up to the isolate. As ever mixes easily and has good profile. Not a fan of the banana flavour as it is a bit weak and watery (using 200ml per heaped scoop). But this is personal preference and the product is great. Recommended.
Was a bit reluctant trying a different protein as have ordered different brands before and they tasted rank!
This product mixes well, taste's fantastic and is very well priced. Will be back for more. Cheers
Dnnr dnnr dnnr dnnr sing it.


That is all
Having had a bit of a bad time with protein shakes by other brands, I was a bit hesitant to try another one. But I'm glad I did. I used to get rea;;y bad side effects from other protein shakes - often feeling sick and lethargic. But with TPW shake, I've not experienced any of that. The shakes are so light they don't fill you up and the taste is really nice without being too sweet. I will definitely be trying some more flavours.
Whoever came up with the idea of Jaffa Cake flavour is a genius. I stir a scoop of this into my porridge in the morning - jaffa cake flavoured porridge is unbelievably delicious. Even if I stopped training tomorrow, I'd probably keep buying it just to flavour stuff with!
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Once again excellent prompt service from these guys.

Tried the milk choc & coconut this time. Omg to die for!

Have just ordered the pancake mix & have equally high expectations of this.

Keep up the great work!
Excellent delivery service on all of my TPW orders seriously can not fault the delivery service and as for the products they speak for themselves, great taste and quality.
Decided to try TPW - Whey protein (isolate) for the first time this week, free delivery arrived within 2days which was impressive! The flavours are brilliant as well as being a competitive supplement with its rivals in the market, cant go wrong here!
A bit more expensive than the 80, but well worth it. No bloat, mixes great and tastes even better
I've not used any protein products before and was lucky enough to find this site...right from ordering both the banana and vanilla isolate the service of proteinworks has been great, delivery is such that other company's should follow by their example and we'd all then have a life rather than waiting in all day !.... The banana flavour is yum although not yet tried vanilla....
Will be definitely ordering again.
After trying most flavours, I didn't think it possible to beat Jaffa Cake. However, this new flavour does. As a serious coconut lover, I am fully satisfied. Mixed it up with 300ml skimmed milk, one and a half scoops of protein, and a scoop of fine oats and it is absolutely unbelievable.
Ordered the Whey 90 Isolate, delivery was super fast and personally think the packaging etc is excellent!

Jaffa cake tastes delicious, especially with milk and mixes perfectly and goes down a treat. Can't speak for results as of yet so will re-review later, but so far great service, site and product.
I have been on the hunt for a Protein Shake with very low lactose figures for a while now due to my 'dodgy bowels'.
I have tried a few products out and all of them seemed to make things worse for me.
Slightly reluctant, I saw the Whey Protein 90 (Isolate) from TPW and thought id give it a go.
I couldn't be happier with the results i have got. There is no problems what so ever!
The staff on the phone were really helpful, the nutritional values are excellent and it tastes soo good.
I got the Cherry Bakewell flavour and i was blown away.
Im so happy with this product that i have ordered another 2 bags:
'Jaffa cake' 1kg and
the new 'Choc Coconut' 1kg
I cant wait to try these out!!

I will now be a very loyal, returning customer to TPW and would recommend these products to anyone!

5 star service
5 star quality
5 star products
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First time buyer. Amazing service by TPW! Bought the Cherry Bakewell flavour and damn it tastes amazing! Wont be my last purchase either!
Ordered a 2kg bag of Whey Protein 90 & was delivered the next day - staff advice excellent, even gave me a code so I got a free taster bag!! Chose the banana flavour & it's great. I dithered for ages trying to decide which company to go with, Im very happy so far!
I waited a while before posting a review but now halfway through my first bag of strawberries and cream mixes and taste great, delivery was fast and the guys at tpw were first class when I call. This will NOT be my last purchase.
Top work chaps look forward to many repeat visits
Mixes very well, tastes great with milk or water. Great product and I'm now on my 3rd bag it tastes that good!
Got the cherry bakewell flavour, it's not bad, but I don't think I could drink too much of it as it can get a bit sickly. Mixes well and easy to drink will definitely be buying some more and be trying some new flavours.
By far the best protein I've ever bought. I got the banana smooth and it tasted just like a top notch milkshake, have to stop myself having too much. Will order again.
Just tried my first scoop of jaffa cake flavour ..... oh yeah that is all
Got my batch of isolate yesterday, dammmmmm it's good. Great quality easy mixing and the shaker is brilliant. Cheers tpw
came on time tasts great will reorder agian cant fault it go order guys .
I've tried MANY brands and flavours of protein shakes but without a doubt the apple cinnamon swirl is the best tasting shake I've ever come across. I could drink it all day long.. and quite often have to stop myself from doing so!!
This tastes amazing! Best tasting shake I've ever had! Will definitely buy again!
Ordered 4 different flavours last month and finally onto the Chocolate Silk. As i've stated in previous reviews, you get the sweetness without any of the sickliness which is to these powders strength. As for results, i'm getting bigger every day :)
First time using whey protein and I love this product. Chocolate Silk is to die for. Its hard to believe it is low in carbs and fat! I take it immediately following a hard workout when I know my muscles need the extra protein and it works a treat. Really is a good post workout solution. I use the TPW shaker to mix but if I have the time I mix a scoop with coconut milk and some fruit i.e. banana or summer fruits in a blender and it makes an amazing milk shake with a taste to die for. Will definately buy again.
Finally got around to trying the Butterscotch ripple, how best can I describe it, basically it's like a werthers original protein shake however not overly sweet which is a great bonus.
As someone who suffers with lactose quite severely but prefers Whey protein over Soya (personal choice), the 90 Isolate is a revelation. I've had no adverse effects from consuming this at all, simply superb! Aside from that, it mixes great and the Apple and Cinnamon flavour is out of this world! Great product, great service.
excellent customer service too. flavours are very nice jaffa cake and banana. (not together)
since recieveing the powder i have worked extra hard and am seeing the benefits after only a couple of weeks. was very apprehensive but i have just ordered lots more!
give it a go
First time using protein products so was apprehensive, really pleased with this though. It comes in an easy to store resealable bag and the scoop is inside the bag (I didn't realise this at forst and thought it was missing). I had banana which is nice with water and even nicer with milk, would and probably will buy again.
I'd heard good things about TPW from various sources and with certain other supplement suppliers not giving a damn about their customers recently, I thought I'd give them a try. Best decision ever.
I chose this product (whey protein 90 isolate) because it strikes the right balance of pureness and cost. After much deliberation (have you seen the flavours!?) I chose the caramel macchiato due to me being a big coffee fan. It tastes great, quite a strong flavour which is a good thing when you like a lot of milk in your shake. The taste can be intense when mixed with Dextrose in your post-workout shake, due to the sweetness, but I still love it. I only bought a small size because I just have to try all the other flavours!
The delivery time and general customer service from the guys at TPW is an example every other company should follow, any problems I've had they have more than made up for!

Just had my first shake of this flavour absolutly lush ... mixed real easy smooth texture isolate 90 what more can you ask for cake in a shake
chocolate silk is amazing, mixes well tastes great. try it
bought the 2kg unflavoured 'cos im a boss
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Vanilla Creme flavour is to die for...sound like a gushing woman but it's true. It's not too sweet which I find with a lot of other companies vanilla flavours. I could just sit and drink it all day.
Bought the Cinnamon Swirl, WARINING very Stong cinnamon taste which i loved.
Quick mixing, add water, shake 5secs drink.
Used to use PHD whey Ht+ which i got at cheap prices, but this is the same value more protein per scoop. Best quality value ive seen!
Bought the vanilla isolate as its the fasted absorbing so its best after gym or sport.

Mixes well with all the usual oats,yoghurt and for making smoothies.

Mixes well,great tasting as its not too sweet like some vanilla wheys. Which means it quality due to the fact its not loaded with sugars for taste.
I've tried this product in various different flavours and it's been great, until I got the Jaffa Cake flavour. I love a good Jaffa Cake, who doesn't...but for me it doesn't work as a flavour for a protein shake. It's a little too much on the strong side and also takes a few washes of the blender afterwards to remove the orange smell. The actual powder itself though is fantastic quality as always.
great taste on the bananna smooth mixes great and does the job protein should be doing love @theproteinworks r
After switching from a well known (and expensive) brand I was a bit skeptical about the quality of TPW due to the good price. I needn't worry!! TPW offers a wide range of good tasting proteins at an excellent price. Banana Smooth is the current fave!
got Jaffa cake o h my god it tases just exactly like it , its amazing haha would defo recommend anyone to have this yumm, I out some olive oil in my shake also for the extra healthy fats :D
Another great product from TPW! First few days could not get over aftertaste (apple cinnamon swirl), but afterwards its start to taste really great! Shakes well. Havent finished bag yet but have noticed gains already! Thumbs up!
Had the strawberry and cream flavour, mixed with skimmed milk and tastes just like a standard milk shake. Been replacing breakfast with one of the these shakes and also having one post workout, can see the difference after a few weeks.
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Great stuff! Excellent quality, mixes really well and the apple cinnamon flavour tastes great!
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Been using MP for a while, but thought i'd try this as MP let me down on customer service.

Cherry bakewell flavour is lovely and mixes really well with creapure. TPW all the way! Definately ordering again
Placed my order 2 days ago, arrived today bang on time as promised. Went for 3x500g with a Diet Whey too. Packaging solid and truly resealable and the scoop on top meant it was clean as a whistle instead of full of powder. Opened the Butterscotch first and it tastes great. Looks quite dark like cola but tastes quite sweet and palletable and not as watery as I'd predicted. I'm sure the Vanilla and Caramel Mac will follow suit. Well done and thanks guys.
Tried this for the first time today (cherry bakewell flavour). Excellent taste and mixability! non-bloating like other proteins Train hard, keep your diet clean and your gauranteed results!
Have tried three flavors Banana, apple and Jaffa.

Jaffa cake rocks that is all
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This Protein is probibily the nicest tasting protein ive had in a long time. Its easily mixed with a small amount of water/ milk and mixed with oats. Fantastic supplement. Only bought a 500g bag to start with but will be getting a larger one soon.

Follow my fitness page on twitter: @bpmfitness

Amazing service came within 18 hours.
Quick delivery, great taste (I ordered Strawberries and Cream) and mixes really well. Cannot wait to try the other flavours-especially Jaffa Cake. Very impressed with the Protein Works so far.
Seen an awfull lot of hype on a certain uk bodybuilding forum about this brand,

can see why, arrived today (ISOLATE) tried the cherry bakewell and im impressed

mixes so well and is so smooth
will be sticking by this company for the future
Taste isn't really important when you want results however, going a bit experimental, I bought the Apple Cinnamon flavour. I like the taste, it does the job! Also bought the Jaffa Cake flavour, limited time and all that. Haven't tried it but from what I've bought and tasted from TPW, I most likely wont be disappointed.
Took advantage of the 4 for 3 offer on Isolate.

Only tried the Apple Cinnamon flavour at the moment but it's taste great just like all the others.

Great products again
Apple and cinnamon absolutely yummy by far the best tasting powder ever and I have been through a lot of powders. Won't be going any where else to buy my whey isolate now . I have compared the ingredients with other isolate protein powders from rival companies and its right on par with the rest if not better them some. ......oh and by the way thanks for the next day delivery on Saturday at no extra cost :)
Just tried the Chocolate Silk, it's really tasty! I find it mixes better than the cherry bakewell in water - I'll be trying the cherry bakewell in almond milk as I love that flavour too! Next to try, Butterscotch Ripple...!
1st time I've tried this one and was a bit apprehensive. Ordered it on Mon with the 3-days delivery,it came on the Tuesday good start! Cherry bakewell taste great and like other comments mixes well also tastes great. The protein its self seems to be doing the trick too so I'll definitely be getting more....nice one TPW :-)
I ordered the Cherry bakewell and Chocolate Silk yesterday, and they arrived today. Have tried the Cherry bakewell after my workout today and it was delicious. It mixed really well in water, and I will be trying it with cottage cheese and yogurt for my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. My only small issue is that by the time I had finished my drink, it had separated slightly from the water, leaving more water at the bottom of my glass.
Protein that isn't packed with sugar will 9/10 taste like dirt... surprisingly this product tastes good, blends well, gives no stomach problems and is very reasonable in price! Will buy again... goes well with creatine mono!
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So far I have tried the Cherry Bakewell and the Butterscotch Ripple flavour and they both taste amazing and mix very well. Also taste very nice mixed with Total Greek Yoghurt

Next up to try is the Apple cinnamon swirl and Choc Mint Browin!

Fantastic service from these guys. Ordered on the Thursday & arrived on the Friday. Impressive fast service!

Also prompt helpful communication when I emailed with some questions.

Ordered the butterscotch & lemon whey. Both taste great. Hard to pick a favourite! Can't wait to try the new apple & cinnamon.
Must say this is the best tasting and best priced whey out there, mixes brilliantly and great value
I purchased a 1Kg of Banana for my first order, and having now received and had chance to try out the product i can say it is excellent! Flavour is great best i've had for a protein shake and i would even go as far as to say it's good for any type of shake, can't wait to try the other flavours.
And it mixes better than any other shakes i've tried before.

Can't fault it!
Got me some Banana, cant afford real ones. Tastes good not too sweet mixes real well no lumps. quick delivery We usually get carrier turtles way up north Scotland, must have used the Linford of the turtle world.

Cheers boys and girls.
mixes well; tastes great; its the best shake I've tried
Just got 2kg of the choc mint brownie,mixes so easy,texture is better than some top named brands,taste so good and refreshing which is a plus when dieting,lol
Thanks PW.
I am now addicated to the Vanilla!
It makes my 0% Greek Yog taste like custard!
Should mention too that the mixability of this formulae is oustanding!
Have had real probs in the past but not with this!
Ordered Whey Protein Isolate, switching from a big brand name I used to use. I was torn on flavors, and settled on Cherry Bakewell. It came really fast. When I opened it, I saw it looked the way protein should look. Not loose powdery like proteins with filler in them. The smell was amazing. I mixed some up, took a taste, and it was amazing! Best protein I've ever had. You get one taste, then hit by another amazing aftertaste. I'm really happy I chose Cherry Bakewell. But I'm itching to try the other flavors now too. The Protein Works Whey Isolate is now my new regular protein. Won't ever buy anywhere else!
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Great product, i bought 4kgs of the lemon shortcake flavor, It tastes great even after 2 weeks.Low cals which is great as i'm cutting but trying to keep protein intake up to retain muscle.

Packaging is awesome and received next day.
All made so simple! Great customer service, great price, great delivery and great flavour (cherry bakewell!!!). Love it and will be back for more!
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Tried 2kg of cherry bakewell flavour first. Now on to butterscotch ripple and i havent been disappointed.good natural tasting flavours that mix perfectly with no lumps and dont leave that aftertaste some brands do.also no stomach problems and you get good value per serving for your money.what more can you ask from
an isolate?top marks from me
I'd been using Monster Milk, but that made me feel bloated, I switched to Whey Protien 90 which is an Isolate and the bloating has gone.. This protein mixes well and tastes great
Mixes easily but above all tastes fantastic (lemon and cherry bakewell).
Lemon shortbread tastes as good as extreme formulations lemon cheesecake but without all the added fats and calories.
been using this for a few weeks, very nice taste and im feeling better than ever
OhMyGosh! Banana Smooth is VERY nommy! Vanilla-ry, banana-ry nommy-ness!

:-) xx
loverley balance of flavour, not as sweet as lemon, more to my taste and an almost alcoholic taste to the almond, loverley, again thank you!
VERY buttery/biscuit taste, very sweet, very good. Had on it's own and another with supps in which had given a funky edge to previous shakes, nope, all good! Very happy, thank you.
I have been looking for some interesting flavoured shakes for a while and these really hit the mark. The Cherry Bakewell flavour is amazing and satisfies my sweet tooth brilliantly. Loved the Lemon Shortcake too.
The shakes mix really well and are very easy to drink at 6am in the morning when some shakes can be hard to force down.
I will be buying more of these - the question is which flavour!

Customer support was superb - I had a couple of questions about my order and they were answered immediately even though it was during the Christmas / New Year period - thanks!
Having tried a few different protein brands over the last year, The Protein Works Whey Protein (Chocolate Silk) is certainly the best tasting, and best value protein I've ever tried. It's got really good protein content and it mixes really well. Top marks.
This is absolute heaven with your oats, even on its own it surpasses the rest that i've tried out there. The TPW shaker with its magic 'widget' thickens even the thinest of shakes from other suppliers (rapidly using them up so i can go TPW all the way!!!) A+ Fantastic. Cant wait to try cherry bakewell!
Tried this product after seeing advertised in magazine and wasn't sure what to expect. Ordered Chocolate Silk flavour and was not disappointed. Delicious taste especially when done with milk. No nasty after taste or sickly sweetners added like other brands. Mixes really well with the free shaker. Will be buying this again and again.
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Got this not knowing what to expect but glad I took the plunge in theproteinworks this product is amazing and tastes delicious and not fake or sickly
Awesome product has made me order more of their other items,I know I won't be disappointed
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