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Diet Meal Replacement

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Diet Meal Replacement

The TPW™ Diet Meal Replacement has been music to many dieters ears and stomachs. That’s because what has been created is a comprehensive meal replacement shake that’ ideal for any diet. High in protein and low in carbohydrates and sugars it’s now a staple supplement in the cupboards of people looking to lose weight.

Each Diet Meal Replacement shake is also made with our renowned natural flavours and colours. What this means is you get a science-backed diet meal replacement shake that not only supports your nutrition and training goals, but it tastes amazing too.

Finally, whilst our Diet Meal Replacement shakes are available in a range of flavours which includes Banana Smooth, Vanilla Crème and Millionaires Shortbread, we will also be looking to expand the ‘menu’. So if you have an idea for a flavour, or just want a Diet Meal Replacement in one of our current flavours, take to social media and let us know. As we always say the door to the TPW™ Lab is always open.

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    Diet Meal Replacement from TPW™ is a high protein, nutrient dense, meal replacement shake specifically designed to contribute to weight loss. It is formulated with a multi-protein source blend comprising of whey protein concentrate, milk protein and Prolibra®.

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