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Diet Whey Protein

Diet Whey Complex is a unique formulation of the finest quality ingredients designed to promote weight loss. Combining an optimal ratio of three premium grade proteins, Diet Whey Complex is ideal for anyone looking for high quality supplementation to help achieve their weight loss goals.

Research proven ingredients include green tea extract, CLA & acetyl l carnitine to support weight loss, while flax seed provides a high source of fibre to keep hunger at bay.

  • Over 35g of quality protein per serving

  • High in dietary fibre and low in sugar

  • Designed to promote weight loss


  • Step 1:

    Product Profile

    The Protein Works


    Engineering Researched & formulated in the UK at THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Production Quality Manufactured, packed & despatched by THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Flavouring & Colouring NATURAL flavours & colours
    Thickeners & Fillers 100% FREE of thickeners & fillers
    Ingredient Sourcing TPW™ accredited supplier & INFORMED SPORT™ approved supplier
    Certificate of Analysis Independently certified & full documentation provided, see Product Testing
    Level of Guarantee TPW™ Money Back Guarantee applicable on this product
  • Step 2:

    Protein Insight

    The Protein Works


    Whey Proteins
    Whey Protein 80 (Concentrate) 50% Whey Protein 90 (Isolate) 12%
    Milk & Egg Proteins
    Milk Protein 80 (concentrate) 14% Egg Protein 80 0%
    Calcium Caseinate 90 0%    
    Non-Dairy Proteins
    Brown Rice Protein 80 (concentrate) 0% Soy Protein 90 (isolate) 0%
    Pea Protein 80 (isolate) 0%    
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  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Natural flavours and colours
  • Diabetic
  • Wheat Free
  • GM Free

Diet Whey Complex Protein

Diet Whey Complex is a unique formulation of the finest quality ingredients designed to promote weight loss. It contains both a macro nutrient profile (protein, carbohydrates and fat) and micro nutrient profile (CLA, green tea extract and acetyl l carnitine) that not only helps prevent fat storage but also helps promote weight loss. Considered the ultimate, high protein, low sugar weight loss protein shake, it's mainly used as a healthy alternative to snacking in between meals or as a low calorie meal replacements.

Please Note: If you are a beginner to diet protein shakes, we recommend starting with DIET WHEY ISOLATE 97 which is a pure protein diet shake. Diet Whey Complex is for those with previous experience of complex formula diet protein shakes.


Protein Blend in Diet Whey Complex Protein

Firstly, the macro nutrient profile contains a Protein Blend that includes single source proteins (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and milk protein) that work synergistically to burn calories through digestion. At the same time, it increases the feeling of satiety and therefore helps reduce cravings and hunger to further enhance the potential for weight loss. (Click on the "Protein Insight Icon" above for more details.)


Optimal Blend in Diet Whey Complex Protein

Next, to achieve the optimal carbohydrate content and healthy fat content, we have added pure fine oats as a source of low glycemic index carbohydrates to keep you slowly energised throughout the day and flax seed powder as a source of healthy fats that will work with the protein to keep you fuller for longer. Flax seed also regulates blood sugar levels and keeps your body in a state conducive to losing fat.


Key Active Ingredients in Diet Whey Complex

Finally, we have carefully selected a range of micronutrients scientifically proven to assist weight loss. To help you better understand the theory and science behind their inclusion, below we've listed the amount of each active ingredient used per serving and the mechanism by which it helps the body lose fat:

  • Green Tea Extract (220mg) - Powerful antioxidant to help lower cholesterol. Green tea also contains caffeine.
  • N-Acetyl L-Carnitine (270mg) - Shown to help increase the body's ability to burn fat as a source of fuel.
  • Flax Seed (1.6g) - A good source of fibre and one of nature's richest sources of Omega 3. Ideal to stave off hunger cravings.
  • Digezyme® (54mg) - Helps the absorption & uptake of the key active ingredients while also helping to break down protein, carbs & fat in the body.


Diet Whey Complex With Natural Flavours

Our premium grade whey protein is made from vegetarian sweet cheese, sourced directly from Europe's leading whey protein manufacturer. It is manufactured at our state of the art facility right here in the UK with our widely acclaimed all natural flavours and colours to create the finest quality whey protein. Unlike other brands on the market today who use artificial colours and flavours, we invest in all natural ones as we believe the taste and results are superior. No fillers or thickeners are used during the production process which guarantees a totally pure product. As we produce all our protein formulas ourselves, each whey protein offers the ultimate in freshness. For independent product certification of its quality, simply click on the Product Testing tab above to see for yourself. Find out more about TPW™ All Natural Innovative Flavours.


Premium Grade Sports Nutrition

Here at TPW™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source. Each ingredient supplier must pass rigorous audits and checks before being given the TPW™ quality seal of approval. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is our philosophy that flows through every product we manufacture and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today. Click on the Product Profile to see full product information for your absolute peace of mind.

Please note that this product is packed in-house at our very own production facility. It is supplied in a re-sealable foil pouch to ensure freshness and a scoop is included free of charge in every product.

Q. When should I use Diet Whey Complex?

A. It depends on your lifestyle and goals, we recommend using 2 servings per day as part of your weight loss plan.

Q. What are the main reasons for using Diet Whey Complex?

A. To aid weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle, and to help avoid snacking throughout the day.

Q. Are all diet shake supplements the same no matter which brand you use?

A. As with so many things in life, if you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right answers! The quality of ingredient can vary significantly and therefore the potency will do too. In addition, just because a product may be called pure it doesn't mean that it necessarily is. We recommend you read the ingredients and nutritionals on the label to better understand exactly what you are buying. We can assure you that our products are 100% pure.
At TPW™, we are committed to transparency and openness in all our products and that is why we provide a 'Product Profile' for Diet Whey complex which gives a complete overview of the product's background including our approval, location of manufacture and money back guarantee applicability.

Q. Is Diet Whey Complex suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

A. It is suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans.

Q. Can I use Diet Whey Complex with other supplements?

A. Yes. Diet Whey Complex works well with other weight loss products such as Thermopro and CLA.

Q. Do I need to take any other supplements with Diet Whey Complex?

A. No, we have developed a complete all in one weight loss supplements so you don't have to add anything else!

Q. What if any side effects will I get from taking Diet Whey Complex?

A. There are no known side effects form taking Diet Whey Complex.

Q. Who should take / benefit from using Diet Whey Complex?

A. Those who are looking to lose body fat and reduce their overall body weight in conjuncation with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Serving Size: 1-2 scoops (54g)

We recommend 2 servings daily in line with the guidelines below:

For Men: Add 2 scoops (54g) to 300-350ml of water or milk in your TPW™ Master Blender, mix well and consume.

For Women: Add 1 scoop (27g) to 150-175ml of water or milk in your TPW™ Master Blender, mix well and consume.

The less liquid you use the thicker your shake will be, so adjust to suit your own taste.

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This stuff is amazing full of goodness and tastes great. I got the banana smooth flavour it's very fruity and tastes just like a normal milkshake. I've ordered a few different things from the site in a different flavours I would say the blueberry crush and the banana smooth is the best. Tastes better than any other brand that I've tasted. Great delivery too. Have definitely started seeing the results of the product after just a week.

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My favorite by far, taste great and mixes well! Add this to your supplement program for a great results!!!
Brilliant product for cutting after a hard bulking session.

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I have really noticed a difference in my workouts since using this! Taste and texture are both amazing, I get the chocolate silk flavour and it tastes like a milkshake with skimmed milk.

Just ordered this in banana flavour,tastes super,full of protein and packed with loads of weight loss ingredients

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Great for cutting and getting into condition!

10/10 product
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Amazing flavours! I love the Vanilla & the Strawberry, I don't normally like Strawberry but this is yummy. The Blueberry is nice and refreshing, great for the morning.
These shakes keep me full and satisfied.
Amazing taste. Went for chocolate myself, makes dieting a LOT easier!
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Well worth a buy,

Great product, easy mix and amazing taste.

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10/10 product
A super diet shake full with protein and loads of weight loss ingredients

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Yes, this does the same job, but I find this one does not mix as well and is not as smooth as some of the others I've tried.

I'll stick to TPW™ 100% Whey Advanced from now on.
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Amazing flavours! I love the Vanilla & the Strawberry, I don't normally like Strawberry but this is yummy. The Blueberry is nice and refreshing, great for the morning.
These shakes keep me full and satisfied. I love mixing mine up with fruit, or PB2, almond butter etc. Will be trying more flavours next month.
Recently reordered because I love this protein and tried vanilla & chocolate silk.
Vanilla is an essential flavour and it's not overly sweet yet satisfies sweet tooth. Chocolate silk is a perfect flavour for craving (throw it in oats for breakfast, trust me). Can also get a free 250g bag when you register with the code: JR325733 so you can try another flavour free!
Diet Whey Complex provides a good blend of Whey Protein Concentrate 80, Whey Protein Isolate 90 & Milk Protein 80 combined with fat burning ingredients ALCAR, CLA and Green Tea Extract.

This product has worked well and has helped me maintain to a strict fat loss diet.

I have been using it as part of my morning breakfast meal in combination with a 75 g serving of banana choc chip protein porridge or some blueberry protein pancakes, this diet whey complex shake curbs my appetite and prevents hunger for a few hours leading up to 12:00pm dinner time.

The combination of Green Tea Extract, CLA and ALCAR have helped me loose extra fat without any changes in my weight training or cardio, they work well together making this a great fat loss product that goes well with Red-Cell or Thermopro and extra CLA.

Diet Whey Complex mixes effortlessly in water, skimmed milk, almond milk or coconut milk and tastes awesome in the Choc Mint Brownie flavour which is similar to the After 8 choc mint thins.

Caramel Macchiato is one of my favourite flavours in a range of products and also very nice and pure tasting it is not sickly or artificial like some other protein products I have tried in the past, this flavour is great for those that love coffee based products, The new Coffee Coolers are a great addition to TPW range and also work well when on a fat loss summer cutting diet combined with this product.

Because this product has a combination of Whey and Milk proteins it can be used effectively at any time of the day and provides your body with a steady release of protein to feed the muscles over a longer time span than just whey protein alone which is better suited post workout.

Diet Whey Complex gets 5/5 due to it being a great diet protein with a great flavour that will help you to lose body-fat as-long as you follow a strict diet and have a suitable training routine.

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Ordered this as a trial ! Awesome stuff highly reccomend
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I have just bought the white chocolate and strawberry flavour and after using several different brands i can honestly say this is the best one ive used. Flavour is great and mixability is the best ive used.
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Great taste, and use code CE34360 if you're making your first purchase for a free 250g bag of protein!
The supplements included in this protein are all proven to aid weight loss so when you pack them all together you get an almighty product such as Diet Whey Complex!

Do i need to say more?!

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This product makes for a great diet meal replacement and has allowed for me to maintain my strict fat loss diet.

I have been using it as a breakfast shake and it fills me up right up-till dinner time.

The combination of Green Tea and Alcar have helped me loose extra fat without any changes in training or cardio, they work well together making this a great diet and fat loss product that combines / stacks well with Redcell and CLA.

It mixes easily in water and skimmed milk and tastes like mint choc after 8's in the choc mint brownie flavor, the banana flavor is also very nice and pure tasting it is not sickly or artificial like some other banana proteins i have tried in the past e.g. M* *rotein.

The mix of both whey and milk proteins make this great for using any time of the day and provides your body with a steady flow of amino acids to aid muscle repair.

5/5 this is a great quality tasting product that will help you to lose body-fat as-long as you maintain a strict diet and have a suitable training routine.

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this is the best whey protein on the market in my opinion, compared to other sellers, the results are much coming along much quicker and its a lot cheaper too! this is a must buy!!
Love this product. I have one in the morning for breakfast as I was never keen on eating at all in the mornings. Mixed with almond milk it makes it creamier I find. I am currently also dieting with slimming world (for anybody who's on it and wants to try it - it is 5 syns a serving) and this fills me until Lunch time I find or even longer. I have used this before way back last year - but it's only the past week and a half i've been back onto this powder so be great to see it aid my weight loss :)
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I bought the strawberries and cream flavour which is very tasty! I have also tried the butterscotch which is also good.

This is the only protein I have tried but I have found that it does fill you up and I have had basically no muscle aches after exercise! I will definitely continue to use this
This product makes for a great diet meal replacement product and has helped me maintain to a strict fat loss diet.

I have been using it as a breakfast shake and it fills me up right up-till dinnertime / 12:00pm.

The combination of Green Tea and Alcar have helped me loose extra fat without any changes in training or cardio, they work well together making this a great diet / fat loss product that goes well with Redcell and CLA.

It mixes well in water and skimmed milk and tastes like mint choc after 8's in the choc mint brownie flavor, the banana flavor is also very nice and pure tasting it is not sickly or artificial like some other banana products i have tried in the past.

The mix of both whey and milk proteins make this great for using any time of the day and provides your body with a steady flow of amino acids.

5/5 this is a great quality & tasting product that will help you to lose body-fat as-long as you maintain a strict diet and have a suitable training routine.

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I have now tried Caramel Macchiato, Banoffie Pie, Chocolate Silk and Cherry Bakewell.

I love these shakes. They keep me full and I've dropped a dress size along with 10inches and a stone in weight since starting them just under 2 months ago. I use them every day and feel they are making quite a difference. I am also doing the 5-2 diet and use these along with the protient porridge (which i cant recommend enough!)

The best flavours so far are without a doubt Caramel Macchiato & Banofie Pie. The Banofie Pie tastes exactly like bananna yazoo! Just gorgeous! (Use my referral code for free protein : CR141829 - just disable your pop up browser)

Love the product! I'm someone who doesn't weigh myself but goes by what fat I can see. I've been having 2 servings a day for 3 weeks and I can literally see the weight falling off me! I do spend about 1.5 hours in the gym a night but I don't do much cardio, mainly weights and the weight is just dropping off.
Just putting in another order for more and fully recommend this for people. I currently have butterscotch, it's vile with just water so I have either all milk or half and half but it's very creamy with just milk and almost feels like you're having a full desert. However, love the product!
Just received my order, it mixes pretty well but still has bits so doesnt mix perfectly... Taste is good, a little too sweet but nothing I cant handle.. Will probably try a different flavor next time.
I previously had the diet whey isolate 97 and tasted amazing (silk choc). But this version doesn't taste as good which I was surprised about.
I got a 500g pack of this with the fat loss pack and instantly ordered 2kg of vanilla creme! Love this stuff! Mixes well, tastes great and the nutritionals are fab. I was previously using a different brand of diet shakes but this has tonnes more protein and virtually no sugar or fat which I found the other shake very high in. Brill!
Its been 15 months since i started these

I was 19.6 Stone in January 12th 2014

on my 3rd bag in that time taking 2 scoops per day and tried a few flavors. None have really been nice but its not why i take them.

Accompanied with not eating after 6:30 at night and regular Runs which are now over 10km i have managed to get down to 14.2 stone in just 15 months. I feel great and this product has played a huge part in helping me out.

I highly recommend it. However if you're lactose intolerant then use water as this will mess with you for a couple of weeks. It settles down after that.
Just ordered this as I have been scouring the Internet for a good tasting shake, and this is amazing! Caramel macchiato flavour is really nice, it mixes well and left me feeling full. So impressed, was really worried it was going to be a waste of money and taste horrible but I couldn't recommend it more. I make mine with water so I imagine if you want it even creamier, milk would do. Have only just used this so will update later to give weight loss progress report!!!
I have been using this for about two weeks now and I have lost half a stone. I workout for about 3 hours a week so not much. I've also had a big night out so I think it has still worked very well. It's excellent for taking after workouts as it totally minimises any next day after pain! I have noticed my skin is clear, slightly more toned and my hair looks healthier. I have already tried the bakewell cherry 5* and the chocolate silk 5*. I have the banoffie pie and caramel macchiato but haven't tried them yet so will update this once I have. I find this mixes brilliantly (I use a protein shaker) it's filling - I never snack! I'd highly recommend this!! I was using Herbalife before and found that to be a ripoff in comparison to this! It also wasn't as effective or as filling as this is! I did a lot of research before buying from the protien works as I was going to buy PhD protien, but this is better quality, contains more protien and is more affordable! (Use my referral code for free protein : CR141829)
Highly recommend the Strawberries & Cream flavour. Blends smoothly without much effort, tastes great and packs in plenty of protein for very few calories. A great all-rounder for increasing protein uptake and works well post-workout to help aid muscle repair. Thanks TPW :)

Use my referral code to get free protein: SD55881
tried the cherry bakewell flavour, mixed with skimmed milk, found this shake to be slightly powdery tasting, but maybe due to the oats. however definitely reduces hunger cravings and reduced snacking which has been one of my problems! would definately try a different flavour. good quality product overall.
Such quick delivery (ordered Friday and received Monday with standard delivery). I bought the vanilla creme flavour, delicious! I'm using with raspberry ketones. Looking forward to seeing the results.
Very happy with my purchase would recommend to anyone thinking of buying thanks tpw
This tastes great and the fact you can buy samples of this shows that this company cares about its customers and does not insist on you buying tons of products at ridiculous prices. Got some of this in the sale and can honestly say that it tastes really good the flavours I have tried - will definitely be re ordering when I can - super service from TPW as always so glad I found these guys they have totally re motivated me and hopefully I will see fat loss results soon
This tastes great and the fact you can buy samples of this shows that this company cares about its customers and does not insist on you buying tons of products at ridiculous prices. Got some of this in the sale and can honestly say that it tastes really good the flavours I have tried - will definitely be re ordering when I can - super service from TPW as always so glad I found these guys they have totally re motivated me and hopefully I will see fat loss results soon
After using the diet whey isolate for awhile moved onto this product.

It does take bit of getting use too as its quite thick but it really fills you up.

I ordered the vanilla flavour and mixed it with almond milk which was delicious. Normal milk in it tastes disgusting though.

I use this with raspberry ketones.
New to this kind of supplement. I rate it very highly and does the job. Also very impressed with the price and in how fast it arrived.
Being a retired rugby player, i would train 5 days a week, play each weekend and have done this for the last 20 years, never considered using a diet shake before as always had a pretty decent diet. Since stopping playing my diet has slipped and training is not as intense. Decided to replace one of my meals with this and see what happens. Hard to describe in detail , but in short have seen a difference in both my recovery but also my body. Much leaner and more stamina. Would defo recommend, any flavour. They are all great!
New to protein drinks but decided to try after my diet and exercise regime needs an additional boost. Ordered the Blueberry crush flavour and have been using it as a breakfast meal replacement for the last 4 days and I'm loving it. I mix just under 1 scoop with 100 ml of water and 100 ml of Almond milk, a handful of blueberries and a few raspberries a sliced banana a spoon of o% Greek yogurt and 30g of oats and then blend with a hand blender for a few minutes. I drink this slowly over about 10 minutes as it's quite thick but tastes gorgeous and feel healthy just having it first thing. I really suffer with hunger mud morning and tend to snack I'm managing to go for 4 hours before I'm Hungary which is brilliant for me. Hope to see some good results with exercise and may use as a meal replacement for lunch. Very Happy so far :-)
I started taking this protein shake about 10 days ago and I can definitely see the difference already. I seemed to have hit a bit of a plateau with my weight loss but since taking this my clothes are already looser (I don't weigh myself) and I'm looking more toned. It mixes well, but tastes better with almond milk than water. I've only tried the strawberries and cream flavour so far, which I'm not a massive fan of, but will definitely be ordering more in another flavour.
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I ordered the cherry bakewell on Tuesday night and arrived Wednesday before 5pm, as a newbie to protein shakes I was a little apprehensive but reviews pointed me to The Protein Works - this protein is great, it isn't as sweet as I had expected with some reviews but used a little under 1 scoop with 250ml water and 60ml almond milk and it was wonderful, creamy and smooth, a few flakes which actually I quite liked until the end gulp! Filled me up well and I drank it before a 3 hour cross trainer session, I look forward to using this daily now for my workouts with the cross trainer and half marathon training and have ordered the Banoffee pie and Soy protein as I am transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Bought it to help get my protein requirements as it is much easier for me to consume than getting a (larger) portion of protein food.
Would recommend - cherry bakewell tastes great so far! can't wait to try others
Bought this product a few months ago only just got round to using it.
Started dieting last Monday (14/07/2014) at 14st 3lb and yesturday(21/07/2014) weighed myself at 13st 7lb so thats 9lbs of fat gone forever. My diet consist of eating 6 meals a day and i replace my late morning and late afternoon snack with this shake always keeps my hunger at bay for 3/4hours. I have Banoffee Pie and i love it but due to order another soon so will try a new flavour :).
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I have been using this product now for approx 6 month and i'm really happy with it.

Not only is the taste great on the three flavours i have so far tried, but it also mixes well. I have also used it to flavour and add protein to home made flapjacks with great success.

So far i have gone from 17s 3lb down to 14s. Its all down to hard work, a reduction in junk food & calorie counting but diet whey complex has been there from the start and been a major factor in my weight loss.

A great product, great company, great taste and great price!

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So I have only been using this power for about 5 days now and already notice a difference. Not a big difference yet but when I had to buy a new belt because the old one didn't fit any more, shows something is happening. The rest of my diet has not changed. I do not exercise either!
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I have tried several proteins over the years, got pointed in TPW direction and best thing i have done, tried most of the flavours on offer here and all have been amazing, favourite being cheery bakewell, brilliant product and worth the money
I bought the Blueberry crush diet whey & it is the best I've had! The flavour is amazing and has a bitty texture. Gorgeous with milk & ice
This shake tastes incredible, bought the choc coconut and didn't think it would taste as good as it does, so nice!
It's quite thin in consistency and doesn't thicken up like other shakes I've had but it's really not an issue considering the taste and nutrition of it :)
Finally found a really good diet protein!
Great taste and easy to mix!
100% recommend!
A great product for a great price... scoop choc powder, milk, coffee, ice and dash of TPW choc fudge syrup....soooooo good when you have a sweet craving.
I have always used diet whey products from another company, but decided to give this a go as it was the flavours they offer that drew me in , prices are much lower too compared to buying in the shops.
I have been using this product now for 5 weeks , and I am seeing some real difference already, mostly take one shake a day instead of a meal and it certainly does the job. Great Product.
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I tried the protein works after my mate reccomended them to me . Went for the strawberry one. Have seen some really fast results since using this, i use instead of a meal , it keeps me full and as the taste is decent not an issue to get down you .
I ordered the Jaffa Cake flavour, and while I love Jaffa Cakes with a passion, this flavour didn't seem to much resemble one or really do it for me. Almost all of TPW's proteins (and all proteins I have tried from other companies) are artificially sweetened, and I'm a huge sucralose fan (I take a little Splenda dispenser with me everywhere) but the sweetener in this product was overpowering to the extreme. I'm not super picky, so all of that would have been fine, except that it just doesn't mix very well in a shaker cup and gives you the dreaded crunch and clump feeling where you start straining with your teeth. I've used the product maybe five times now, and it strike me as having benefits worth the inferior mouthfeel compared to many other very lovely products TPW offers. I also tried blending it with a really downtown stick blender, and while that certainly helps, there are clumps that just seem particularly hydrophobic and won't break up.
I bought this a couple weeks ago, i bought the vanilla flavour. the first time i tried it i wasn't keen but when i got use to it and added almond milk it tasted a lot better and creamy! I have also noticed weight loss which is great so it must be working! i will defiantly be buying more flavours!
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I ordered the vanilla creme and the cherry bakewell flavours. Only tried the cherry one so far. Had to add some ice cubes with the milk and blend to make it a bit more palatable. Haven't had protein shakes before so didn't know what to expect. Going to try the vanilla one blended with fruit and ice.
Using this as a meal replacement along with a healthy diet. First week on this I lost 7lb !! I've swapped over to the stevia version and the results haven't been as great but I will be going bk to this product :) only thing I would say is flax seed takes a bit of getting used to
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Bought the Banoffee Pie flavour and was very impressed, flavour is great. Found it especially nice when mixed with soya milk rather than water, will most definitely buying this product again
When I first tried this product I was looking for a meal replacement type shake, with as close to zero carbs as possible. I just wanted a thick filling heavy protein based shake with maybe some good fats in it, so this didn't completely fit the profile, but it was the closest TPW were doing at the time. Hardcore gym rats will tell you the taste and texture don't matter, however for normal people who wish to succeed in the long term, particularly with meal replacement, then taste and texture is everything.
I'm no new comer to shakes I tried just about all the most common ones and TPW come up trumps with this one. This shake mixes really easily and can be mixed really thick or thinned out with no problems or lumps. The shake does have bits in from the flax seed but these don't bother me. The taste is really good, if not a little too sweet at times, I'm really impressed by the flavours. I started with vanilla and also strawberry as these are normally the safest bets, the vanilla is really good and is probably the second best vanilla flavour I've ever had, the strawberry one trumps that as is the best tasting strawberry shake I've found. I've also tried caramel macchiato and am currently flying through a kilo of the stuff, this stuff tastes mega sweet but is nicely off set by a coffee taste in the background, I cannot get enough of this flavour at the minute. I also tried the blueberry crush, which is a little strange, mix it with milk with any fat content and it makes the milk taste almost sour, I still think the taste is good I've been using this one when I fancy a change and I've been mixing it with 1% milk or mainly water.
I haven't tried any of the chocolate ones yet because I tried chocolate silk in the bedtime fuel and the taste is rubbish, it's like a cross between milk chocolate and holicks without the sweetness, I'd much prefer this one to be a rich bitter dark chocolate taste.
Just one think for TPW, I'd probably like to see the alcar content increased by about three times, sure I could add it myself but that's not the idea and I already feel like an alchemist adding MCT and Psyllium husks.
In summary this is a great product that I use to replace my meals once or twice a day, I've been using it a couple of months now and I'm still really pleased with it.
Tried cherry bakewell, decent tasting, have had Blueberry crush whey so have gone for that this time for the diet stuff. Looking forward to a shake never happens to me but TPW flavours are great, wont be going elsewhere in future. Good value, great taste & strangely (for me- always hungry) it does actually satisfy me until my next meal. I take it as a MRP for brekky when im in a rush or half a shake post workout sometimes. Cant complain. TPW got me as a life customer if they continue.
Mixes superbly, really smooth blended with skimmed milk and ice...the Cherry Bakewell and Caramel Macchiato flavors are seriously addictive!
After loving the whey 80 I tried this in cherry bake well, tastes like cake mixed in my morning oats..the addition of flax makes for an amazing nutty texture!
I ordered the banana diet whey on Sunday with standard delivery and it's already arrived! Very speedy! :)

This is the second bag of diet whey i have tried. The first one was cherry bakewell. They both taste amazing! I also ordered most of the other flavours in the individual bottles and i have to say i liked every one!

They really fill me up and i actually look forward to having them, within a few weeks i have already noticed that my clothes are looser.

Would deffo buy again. Great service.
What can I say about this product. I have been using this shake since the start of February as a meal replacement for breakfast, and after my work outs (4 days a week). Flavours are great i use Strawberry & Cream, and Chocolate Brownie for my personal taste. I start using these because my job role change meaning I wasnt excersing much and picking at food at my desk. Im a 23 year old mate 6ft. I weighed 16:11 when I joined the gym and started taking these shakes, I weighed myself yesterday and am now 15:9, have started buying smaller wast jeans and wearing those old clothes that you keep in the hope you fit in to (and ive still have a cheat day a week)

Two weeks ago I placed my first order of the Diet Whey Complex. I was impressed at how fast the delivery was. Neither of the favours were too sweet and artificial tasting like so many of these protein shakes on the market. So far the Caramel Macchiato flavour is my favourite, very yummy. I have 2 shakes a day and was amazed they kept me going all day without any hunger pangs. In just over 1 week I have lost 10lb in weight, wow! I will be placing another order for different flavours in larger sizes.
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I have used this powder for a few weeks now and the results are astonishing. You have to take the whole thing seriously though, healthy eating and exercise every day. I bought the blueberry crush to have when I woke up and the milk choc coconut for after my workouts in the evenings. I've collectively lost around 6-7kg (apologies I don't know what that is in pounds). I'm putting through my second order and am going to try strawberries and cream and the mint choc brownie next. I love this shake, really delicious and great results!
After some dodgy courier delaying the arrival of my order TPW really impressed me with their customer service, they sorted the issue straight away and I'm so happy they did.
Best tasting diet whey I have tried so far and I've tried a few. Mixes really well with just water and tastes yummy. It will definitely keep you full for a couple of hours and is easy enough to use when at work/on the go.
I have the Banoffee Pie and it really hits my sweet tooth (I love pies hence the diet)! I'm just stuck on what flavour to order next as there is so much more choice than you get elsewhere! Great that the blend includes the supplements I also take CLA and green tea etc. Don't hesitate to order you won't regret it.
I absolutely love this protein it is definitely the best one i have used by far.
I have tried the mint chocolate, vanilla creme and the strawberry and cream flavour in this and i loved every one of them.
It mixes really well with water and/or milk whichever you prefer which is really good and you can't beat the price, it's better than the more expensive products out there!
Would advise anyone who is thinking of buying this protein to go ahead and just buy it!
Having tried many protein powders I've had my fair share of disappointing tasteless, cakey and watery shakes. That was before a friend introduced me to TPW... & I won't look back. I've tried most flavours and I recommend Caramel Macchiato, Chocolate Mint Brownie and Vanilla Crème (All 5/5) ... Cherry Bakewell, Strawberry's 'n' Crème and Apple Cinnamon are equally delicious (4/5). Blueberry Crush is nice however it's not for me (2/5). All work great with water but I'd advise using almond milk or soy for a thick and filling shake packed full of flavour!
Comes in great flavours and at a decent price per serving too. My personal recommendations for flavour would have to be strawberries and cream and chocolate brownie - good for those who have a sweet tooth and are missing there treats whilst healthy eating.
Ive just received my third bag of Diet Whey Complex. This stuff is awesome.
Its second to none. Ive tried others as most of us probably have and nothing comes close. These taste fab and fill you up. The Cherry Bakewell is gorgeous and Ive just had Banana Smooth, its yumm. I highly recommend you give this a try, you wont be disappointed. Keep up the good work TPW. :-)
Been using Banana smoothie for 2 weeks. Can see a difference in my body but not on the scales due to strength training.

Would recommend to any one who is overweight like myself who wants to combine it with a controlled diet and exercise.
Ordered a punch of stuff including this in the new flavor Rock Road. It's worth trying as it is nice. Could be a bit sweet and rich for some people so to solve that problem just put more milk/water in the shaker. Can't comment on how effective it is as I have just used it around an 30 mins ago
Been using this for 4 days and already losing weight . Caramel marchiatta is amazing! Will be recommending to the guys at the gym.
Come across this product on eBay then checked the site out and joined.
I ordered mint choc brownie flavoured gotta admit I am not keen on the flavour of the product but I feel better off it so defo gonna finish the pack off and order a different flavour. Also it's very good value for money
Ordered this as a change, usually I would go for phd diet whey. The taste of TPW diet whey is much better in comparison and I won't be going back to phd. It's less bitty and tastes so much better even with just water.
I found the proteins great, I put fine oats and dessert spoon of yogurt with the vanilla creme in for my breakfast.Really yummy.

The only criticism I have is that they are far too sweet for me and as I have never taken sugar in drinks etc., this is my one and only criticism. They do really taste like it says on the packet.
Only been using for 4 days but it definitely has helped with my picking in between meals. I cannot believe I have not gone to the biscuit or sweet tin. Thanks.
Tried both the Chocolate Silk & Strawberries & Cream, both tasted great just like proper milkshakes. Had for my breakfast and lunch just after Christmas for 2 weeks, as a kick start to getting back into losing weight. Managed to lose a few pounds just with this shake so pleased with the results.
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I love the blueberry crush and the mint choc brownie. Haven't tried the other flavours yet. Other than in shake form, I mix through my porridge as well and it tastes great with a little honey to satisfy my sweet tooth! I am impressed so far (only been using TPW prods a week or so) with taste and texture versus other brands I have tried
Oh my god, its so good. Like liquid Bounty Bar... amazing, try it and you wont be disappointed..!!! I had a sample, but will be ordering a large size on my next order.
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This time I bought the strawberry and cream , I use as my breakfast shake , I make into a smoothie with a fresh banana , some low fat yoghurt and skimmed milk after seeing someone else doing this.

Makes it a perfect start to the day and keeps me going well into lunchtime.
This is my third purchase now as getting fab feedback from my friends on the changes in me, so really keeps me motivated to keep going.

Amazing that I am seeing a difference so quickly, never thought I would .


I have been using this since start of the new year and starting to see some really good results. I have changed my diet and introduced this shake twice a day and it is really helping me .

Will continue to use until I reach my weight target .
Blitz some raspberries through my shake and tasted brilliant , the vanilla flavour is really versatile to add other things in too if you like to do that . Service was good as always, and great deals.
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Happy with my purchase, good value and tastes great, Caramel Macchiato is lovely mixed with milk and ice , I have mid morning , it's like an iced coffee.
I bought the vanilla as I had previously had a nice vanilla from another company and it is absolutely disgusting. I really wish I had bought another flavour or gone back to the original brand ( which was a little more expensive but very nice !)
My PT suggested I buy this product to hep with my weight loss plan, having only ever used whey protein before from another brand , this is certainly different to that. It made me feel very full after drinking it , I can only assume that this is the oats that did this, not an issue at all just wasn't expecting to not feel hungry for so long ( as that is quite unusual for me ! ) I think I only need the one scoop as two scoops was quite a large drink to get down me.
great value for money and great service. thanks TPW xx
A decent diet shake , have tried a few different brands and this stands up well next to the other ones I have tried, at a fraction of the cost too.
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I pinched some of this from my GF as I had run out of my normal protein. I had as my first shake of the morning , I threw some extra berries in with it and a few almonds and blended it up with some water and ice , went down well and kept me fuelled until I trained later that day, would be tempted to buy my own next time !!
I have only ever used slimfast and other supermarket products so wasn't sure what to expect from this. All I can say was this was very effective at keeping me full , much more effective than slimfast products. A good selection of flavours to choose from also . I found that it mixes best with water and skimmed milk combined, you get a better milkshake effect from doing this, overall very happy with the product and won't hesitate to use again
I blend this with ice cold almond milk for a meal replacement shake and it keeps me satisfied for quite a few hours. Taste is good with almond milk, not as nice with water, but a great shake and very fictional with good ingredients list
I love this product really fills you up, I have one in the morning then one after my workout love the taste of strawberry and white chocolate flavour will defintly be buying again. Thanks
Best vegetarian suitable protein. Currently training five times a week and without this protein i would never meet my protein requirements! Only had the Chocolate Silk flavour but it works well in everything i've made, especially pancakes! Recommended TPW to everyone i know and will continue to do so!!
Love the strawberry and white choc flavour in this product, this one and the caramel macchiato. The shake really does keep me full and stops the cravings . xx
This was the first time I used protein powder and I wanted something affordable but effective. I ordered the vanilla crème and I'm very impressed. Not only is the product great but the free delivery was superfast. I'll definitely be buying this again.
Great to see a diet whey product with green tea, L carnitine and CLA all present. Two direct competitors have inexplicably failed to include CLA in their formulas, yet still charge the same price as TPW! If you're serious about keeping weight down whilst training hard and supplementing protein, this is a great product
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Great meal replacement shake with some brilliant flavours to choose from. I always get a few of the smaller bags so I can have a different flavour each day.
Top product that stops my cravings. Well priced too compared to stuff in the shops, and with the great service you always get with these you can't go wrong
Purchased the Mint Choc version, taste is fine with Milk or water or a blend of both it's not a chore to drink! Shakes well with bottled blender just remember to shake if its put down as flax seeds will settle. Great ingredients definitely me shift some fat. Taken with supergreens.
two shakes a day and a sensible evening meal and the weight is dropping off me, I do this along with 5k run every day and the odd circuit.
When it comes to mid afternoon I really struggle not to hit the snacks and have a frenzy. So started having one of these around 3pm to curb the cravings , and it seems to be working. Two scoops in some water and it stops me grabbing the nearest snack I can find.
I use this as a morning meal replacement instead of me having a "normal" breakfast , it is much quicker to get ready also and actually keeps me feeling full until my first proper meal. , taking two scoops in milk , use the 100% whey for post workout and have seen some good changes in my body since using them both. Always loads of good deals on with this site , so time it right and you are onto a winner.
I have previously used another brands diet whey , and tpw product is much better no question. Priced at a sensible level with some nice flavour options to choose from, no reason to shop anywhere else now .
A product that provides good results for me , good choice of flavours that actually taste nice. At last I have a shake that I can take without gagging. Thanks
Great flavour range and taste (milk and water!), great mixability a most importantly a top quality product. Highly recommended.
Thank you a company who has dared to create different flavours of whey protein plus that are not overpowering and nasty.Mix well even without a ball in the shaker! I look forward to my shake each morning now!
Previously, I was a big fan of Phd's Diet Whey, however in comparison to TPW's Diet Whey complex; it's a completely different kettle of fish. TPW's mixes incredibly easy and tastes so much better than Phd's that it tastes so much better with water than Phd's does with milk. I feel great and does its job brilliantly. Just bought my second order of the stuff
This really filled me up more in the morning but isn't as bloating as some of the others I have tried. Good improvements on just adding oats to whey (which is what I used to do). Tastes good too!
This protein is really great quality - just what we needed! The Milk Choc Coconut flavour is really tasty, hence ordered more samples to check out others ;) mixes well and you can really see a difference vs slim-fast-like shakes (it's light and fluffy in the bag), my boyfriend who has a sweet tooth loves the taste too :) It helps him stay fuller for a long time in the mornings and he doesn't need to have another meal or snack until 4-5 hours later, great as a part of a balanced breakfast, just add an apple and a banana and you're good to go :) Ordered one off eBay and was very impressed with TPW service, came back for more from the website!
I ordered t batches choc mint which was great I will order again but the blueberry crush was reslly bity and didnt mix well noticed the diference by feeling fuller for longer
Bought the Chocolate Mint Brownie flavour and it is so nice.

One serving with 400ml of water keeps me full for about 4 hours.

Well recommended. 5 Stars.
I ordered the Cherry Bakewell flavour, and its delicious! Really sweet though, so avoid if you're not keen on sweet things. For someone like me with a sweet tooth, this really hits the spot - tastes like marzipan! Yum!
This stuff is amazing full of goodness and tastes great. I got the banana smooth flavour it's very fruity and tastes just like a normal milkshake. I've ordered a few different things from the site in a different flavours I would say the blueberry crush and the banana smooth is the best. Tastes better than any other brand that I've tasted. Great delivery too. Have definitely started seeing the results of the product after just a week.
Background: Female. 30. Have a 2 year old and 7 month old baby. Normally size 12 - more 14. Do not go to the gym. Like chocolate and anything bad.
Goal: Lose baby weight and tone up.
I have previously used PHD diet whey but all the flavours tasted like I had vomit in my mouth and as a result didn't drink it much and never lost weight. I ditched that and thought I would try TPW stuff.
Ordered Cherry Bakewell, Choc Mint, Banana Smoothie, in fact I ordered one of each. By far the Choc Mint and Cherry Bakewell are the nicest but they are all nice. You can taste the flax seed which lets it down slightly but no way do I dread drinking them!
How I use it: The directions say use 2 scoops with 300-350 water or milk twice a day. However on the PHD Whey this is the serving for men, Women should halve it and I do that using TDW. I think it would be handy to advise women can do this as we don't need the same amount as men. I use 175ml with one scoop. I use either Milk or Water. Water is less calorific but Skimmed Milk makes it thicker and froffy and more milkshake like. I have two searvings a day one for breakfast about 9.30 and one for lunch about 1.30 and then have whatever dinner I am doing my family normally 800 calories or below but should I have a Dominios its a treat as I have had less in the week. I have never ate breakfast and do find it hard having a shake when I don't feel hungry but I can honestly say its working and I don't feel hungry on the shakes.
Its not a miracle, consume less calories and carbs and you will lose weight, these shakes have 3g carbs I think where as slim fast has 23g!
I have cut out bad things but allow myself now and then.
On 14th Oct I weighed 11.3.
Today I weight 10.9
I am a size 12 but know if my weight falls to 10.1 (lightest I have ever been) I will be back into my pre children size 10's.
Will continue using as I don't feel like I am dieting!
Bought the mint choc brownie flavour and is delicious. This is my first time using shakes and i can see the difference and feel so much better. Easy to mix and the taste is uncanny. Love them !!!!
Got this as part of the fat loss pack. Ordered the jaffa cake flavour which tastes great. Mixes well in that brilliant shaker far superior to other proteins i've used. First time I've used TPW and am very impressed-ordered on the Thursday night and pack arrived Saturday morning. Super fast delivery and customer service is top notch.Well done will recommend you to friends. Can you do the rum n' raisin flavour in the diet protein??
TPW is now my HG of protein! Thanks keep up the great work
I used this product on my cutting cycle. As always fast delivery, tastes good and really helps with your cutting cycle. It is no substitute for diet but is a great supplement to run alongside your cutting diet.

Taste 5/5
Mixability 5/5
effectiveness 4/5
If you are trying to add muscle and cut some body fat I've found this product really helpful. The chocolate mint flavour is really good, mixes well and doesn't taste sickly or cloggy. Really good for us girls as well as the boys when trying to get cut.
Amazing flavours! I love the Vanilla & the Strawberry, I don't normally like Strawberry but this is yummy. The Blueberry is nice and refreshing, great for the morning.
These shakes keep me full and satisfied. I love mixing mine up with fruit, or PB2, almond butter etc. Will be trying more flavours next month.
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I came on to this website about an hour ago and spoke and got advice from a representative called Simon. I have always been a fan of the protein works and only ever had good results. Both me and my boyfriend use the protein and supplements and its effects have been great. I came on basically to get advice on fat loss, and the advisor Simon really did all he could to help me and he did. He advised me of the best products, and best of all he gave me insight on what he does and his progress too. I think when it comes to getting a product, help like this is really beneficial and has made me even more likely to continue buying off the protein works in the future. My boyfriend is building muscle and mass and has already seen great improvements, and I have used the caramel macchiato before for fitness and well being and has done wonders. I am sure now with all of Simons expert advice on fat loss that I will be looking great and best improved for my holidays in november. Simon is the go to man. I love the protein works and will come back here again and again.
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Was recommended the diet whey powder when I first started the gym, I was a chubby bloke when I started so this was best for me.
Great price for a decent bag, the taste is fine for a banana drink, lots of gritty bits but I didn't notice them when I drank it.
Would definitely recommend!
This is my new breakfast shake, I make up a double expresso and let it go cold and then add to my shake ( caramel machiatto ) and really sorts me out in the morning.
Good tasting product that I have been using for 4 weeks now. My training partner suggested I give this a try.

Should have done it months ago as really seeing a difference in my body, this coupled with my current regime seems to be working well for me.

A very happy customer
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Finally I have found a product that works for me

Have tried several other brands and had little joy both in terms of my results and getting the product down me. This one tastes remarkably good in comparison to others i have had.

You can still slightly taste the green tea, but the nice flavours cover it quite well , so happy with that, will stick with this product now.
Top product , tastes good and does the job. I take extra cla with it and sometimes throw some husks in to fill me up more. Solid product guys
Amazing product that really does work!!

Loads of flavour choices too, on my 3rd order now and each one has been great, no need for real food now I have this in my xx
Came back from holiday a few weeks ago, so hitting the training hard again, been using this product to kick start things.

Choose the Blueberry flavour as fancied something different, happy with the flavour, and mixes fine.

Good value for money over other products I have used in the past from the shops.
Getting good results from using this stuff. As it tastes pretty good , less of an issue getting it down you when it actually tastes alright, need to re-order soon, so just deciding which flavour to go for next. ( went for choc on first order ) Good product
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I have piled on a few pounds, having been led astray and some bad habits! So in process of trying to sort myself out. Started replacing a meal a day with this product and it keeps me going, thought i would still be hungry, but feel quite satisfied once i have had a full serving. I choose the Strawberry flavour which tastes good mixed with water and skimmed milk, you can taste the oats in it which i like. Good product which is giving me the results i was after. Happy days
Made the switch to TPW from another on line brand and glad i did. The whole experience has been faultless. from delivery to the products.

Have been taking diet whey now for 5 weeks and seeing some really good results, I've been good on the snacking too so really feel i am seeing a big difference now. Start my new training programme next week, so going to try the pre-workout next. Really happy with my choices,

Thanks TPW you are fab x
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Amazing product! Good results as it has a bit of everything in it to promote weight loss and also tastes great! I've tried banoffee pie, strawberries' n' cream and cherry bakewell and I can say that I look forward everyday to drinking my shake. Yes, it's that good.
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Using it as a meal replacement and tried the Cherry Bakewell flavour for the first time today and although the overall taste is ok I think it could be a little stronger. Also the Flax Seed could do with being ground down a little more just to improve the texture of the drink.
I am loving this product! So far i have tried the butterscotch, vanilla and blueberry flavours. I find it pleasant to drink and filling.

I have tried other protein shakes in the past and not even been able to stomach them!

Will be ordering more!
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Purchased the Banana Smooth flavour, tastes great however slight sweetener after taste that soon goes.
Using it for meal replacement at the mo to get lean and finding it keeps the hunger away. Mixes well and it dont mind the small bits in the shake. Enhances it if anything but that might just be me!
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Got my first order today (2 days early). It tastes great went for cherry bakewell. Its a bit lumpy but not that bad. It does what it says on the tin, felt fuller for longer too. Carnt wait to see results and order more
Tastes great and mixes well. Can't wait for the solo samples to come back in to stock to try more flavours. Feel energised post workout when using this product and keeps hunger and sugar cravings at bay.
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I ordered the sample bottles of several flavours, flavour is not sacrificed they taste amazing, they mix well and well the nutrition info is great!

Nutrient profile is one of the better for a diet whey, usually the carbs are higher (where as this is primarily protein, with some carbs).

The taste is quite nice, although the texture is what lets this supplement down.
Best shake I've had always tastes great blueberry crush is amazing
I have been using now for two weeks, and starting to see good results. Great product at a sensible price
Just received the blueberry crush flavour, I've liked all the flavours I've tried previously but this is by far and away the best. I've lost 7 pounds so far using this so it definitely works. Excellent products from an excellent company!
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Loved the smoothie and now love this , awesome product ! xxx
Much cheaper than other diet whey products I have bought from the shops, good range of flavours too. Bought two small bags to try a couple of flavours and caramel macchiato is my favourite, mixed with some ice and skimmed milk and it was a pleasure to drink. I give it 5 Stars
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I bought the strawberries and cream and it arrived promptly and without any hassle, which is a god send . product itself is bang on. I use once a day as a meal replacement shake, it's tastes really good and is doing the job. Overall great experience , will be back to buy more and try other products too.
Never having used a shake before, my curiosity was aroused when I saw someone else have one and they pointed my to TPW.

I'm no gym fanatic, but I work long hours in offices though try to cycle about 5 miles everyday. Trying to live healthily and eating well is important to me, but I can tend to crash at about 4-6pm - wanting to snack. So,I have used this a meal replacement and as such it's been a revelation to me.

I actually feel better for having it. I tried cherry bakewell flavour, which is tasty, but mighty sweet.

Overall, a very good experience and product.
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Just got this with the fat loss product package (great value!) .. I had previously tried the whey protein 80- ive seen good results so I'm hoping this will help me further ...I ordered chocolate silk-tastes like bourbon biscuits! Its a little gritty as other people have mentioned, but its not unpleasant at all! Il enjoy using this :)
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The Cherry Bakewell flavour is simply awesome! The shake is very smooth and blended well in the TPW shaker. Mixing with 350ml of 1% milk and it increased in volume by nearly 2" A very good shake by possibly my new favourite Protein company.
I train 4-5 nights a week and have done this for the last 7 months, never considered using shakes before as always had a pretty decent diet. Decided to replace one of my meals with this and see what happens. Hard to describe in detail , but in short have seen a difference in both my recovery but also my body, I am quite slim anyway, but this has just helped me more, going to step it up to two shakes a day for the countdown to my holidays , yayy , thanks TPW xx
Getting great results from this and the CLA combined. Easy to get down too and flavour is great , can't recommend enough . Top stuff
Received my order today and decided to give it a try. Chose the Jaffa cake flavour, and it tastes really nice. There is a bit of a gritty texture as other people have noted, because of the flaxseed, but other than that it goes down well. Can't speak for the results yet, but it's nice to have all the usual slimming ingredients already included in the mix, rather than having to add them myself. All in all, another excellent product. Hope to see some results in the next few months :)
been taking diet whey complex for 2 weeks and seeing good results already, combined with my current training ( circuits x 3 times a week and 5k runs x 2 a week ). Went for the macchiato flavour and tastes lush too
Have gone for the cherry bakewell for this and I cannot understand how they have got it to taste so good, it's wizardry I tell you!!!! With the added flax and other bits it keeps the hunger at bay as well so it's doing the job so far
This is my 3rd order from TPW since a friend recommended me. Ive been on this diet whey for a few days so cant give an accurate answer on it but i cant advise about the the actual shake itself. I chose Chocolate Smooth flavour which having tried Pro 5 complex i knew was epic however with this being diet the taste is a lot different it tastes slightly chemically but you have to expect the flavour to be a little worse when your after less calories.
It doesn't really bother me really as i don't drink protein for the flavour i take it for the GAINS haha but flavour is a bonus so just to bare that in mind if your fussy.
Made the switch to TPW like so many others have , had the whey 80 and now the diet whey and been pleased with them both. Using the diet whey as a meal replacement at the minute to slim down for summer and seeing real good results, can't recommend them highly enough. Customer service has always been spot on too , only ever had one delivery issue, but they sorted it straightaway and didn't mess me about, makes buying from them a pleasure and not a challenge like some other companies
Used other diet whey products and never really found one that actually tastes any good. You can still taste some of the actives, but you would expect that with a decent spec product, but the overall flavour is really good. have actually started to see a marked difference already versus my previous product, so the quality is shinning through. Great service also from what is a great company, they have it all .
Been using this for two weeks now and cannot believe the difference it has made to my workout and weight loss programme. Great customer support too when having delivery difficulties. Highly recommended.
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Tried the Choc Mint Brownie flavour and it's ridiculous! Massive flavour, it's like a mint choc chip ice cream and brownie milkshake. Really rich, creamy and full of flavour, but may be a bit sweet and sickly. Results were great during the week I had it, but prefer the chocolate silk flavour. Will be back for more, in between larger portions of the chocolate silk.
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Started buying the diet whey complex after a friend recommended this sight, I will never look back, have so far ordered 4 different flavours so I have a variety to choose from each day, so far mint choc brownie is my favourite, delivery is also quick which is great. Started the Insanity workout programme to lose weight and tone up as well as using this product, so far lost 8 pounds and my body is changing. Don't feel hungry for about 2.5 hours after one of these shakes. Customer for life I think....!
Really impressed with this product. Using butterscotch ripple and the taste reminds me of shortbread!
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This stuff really does taste amazing, I'm not sure what effect it is having on my body as I am still getting used to it but even mixing it with water in one of their master blenders it tastes great......I have both the Lemon Shortcake and Cherry Bakewell and I'm about to go and order the Jaffa Cake one as well!!!
had chocolate silk first was quite nice then had coconut and chocolate not so good :( i have tried vanilla and caramel both amazing tastes like ice cream if blended with milk must try flavours. I have been working out regularly and so far in 10 days i have had a 9lb weight loss great stuff
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Banana smooth is okay but doesn't taste much like bananas, strawberry and cream is pretty good. Mixes best in a blender
just tried this was the first one not an overly strong strawberry flavor but rather nice goes down well going to try it with milk next time but over all i like it
Only got it today packaging is good, Banana smooth tastes awesome!
Flavour (mochachino) was good but the gritty flaxseed texture was a little off putting, the flakes do settle too if you don't drink quickly. Mixes easily. Not as nice as the whey only but good if you want the extra supplements.
It is unique alright! Really great when cutting or dieting in general. I have had great results with this product and plan on further orders of the product! Works really well with L Tyrosine!
I went for mint chic brownie and regretted it. Just tasted fake. I wanted a natural flavour but no vanilla etc so went for that as a treat and not as much sugar as the others. Going to try banana next time...
Not quite as smooth as other brands iv tried but I will give another flavour a go and see...
I purchased this in banana flavour after using USN Diet Fuel. I didn't hate that but I just wanted to try something new.

I am so glad I have found The Protein Works. This stuff goes down a treat! I don't feel to be drinking anything nasty or feel like I'm having to force myself to drink it.

I have also used in cooking, to make ice cream and a whole variety of uses!

5 stars!
I was very wary of this stuff when I first ordered and opted for the chocolate silk.
Well, I have to say I was blown away by the quality and taste of this product. It goes down a treat, although it is slightly gritty thanks to the flax seed and I've found that you have to keep shaking the glass once you've made it to avoid the sediment from settling at the bottom.
Since then, I have tried the strawberry (superb) and banana (not so keen, but OK).
I take one of these shakes each morning and I find that they last for about 4 hours before the first signs of hunger.
I would say that a mixmaster is a must for these products.
I've also tried adding a few teaspoons of TPW smooth peanut butter which adds to the grittiness slightly but helps fend off the hunger pains.
I'm totally converted!
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Love this product and love you TPW! The best tasting diet shake i've ever had bar none, easily
My new supplier because of this : )

Absolutely no cravings!!!
I usually have to buy all the ingredients separate when cutting for the summer but this contains them all. So much easier having them in one shake. Cannot fault you guys TPW
TPW loving my new Diet Whey Complex. I made the change from another company because of the price but now it's all i use because of the results x x x
I don't use this specifically for weight loss, more as a healthy option on the go if needed. Tastes great (chocolate), reasonably priced and a worthwhile option to consider over standard whey
I've gone through a array of different diet whey proteins, and I haven't stuck to a particular company...until now! Unlike a lot of proteins I've tried this one tastes great and appears to actually help my weight loss.

I recommend the mint choc brownie!
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Always have a problem with excess stink with protein shakes, this on the other hand I have no problems!! Banoffe tastes great to. Winner!!
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Great product, easy to use and great way to of weight loss
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Ordered yesterday with the 3-5 day delivery and arrived less than 24 hours later. Caramel Macchiato tastes great and mixes well although it is a little gritty - I think it might me the flax seed. Still it tastes 10x better than most protein shakes and the bits aren't overly off putting.
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Really good product. Not keen on taste but working well soo far. Will buy again. A**** product.
3 days into using the Diet Whey Complex and I have just placed an order for another 4 bags. Great tasting and the profile is spot on. I am using it to replace a meal in order to drop a few pounds for my beach body challenge. Very easy on the stomach as well.
Tastes ok, had it with water and tried it with milk. First time ive tried a diet whey product so hopefully itll make some difference whilst im cutting
Now the summer is here I have moved on from 'The Works All-In-One' and bought some of this.

I went for the same flavour; chocolate silk as it's amazing.

Only difference is this is a little thicker, but I just add about 500ml more milk or use water instead. It's still more than drinkable!

I use this as a snack, and to keep hunger down (going from 4000 calories to 2800 is a shocker!) and it's doing the trick.

Highly recommend.
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Hey there guy's.
Just wanted to rave about this product. I was offered a modelling job in the Caribbean based on my physique at the ripe age of 40! I was in good shape and used other products to try help cut, Nothing really had much impact. I tried the Diet whey complex and in just 4 weeks i achieved amazing results! The other models on the shoot were amazed at my condition. Many thanks guys as ive got another job already lined up from this one. One happy customer. Work out hard, watch what you eat, cut out some carbs and take two shakes a day and you really can do it! even at 40!
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This is a really Great combination of ingredients for a diet!
Thought i would try a different flavour this time so went for Choc mint brownie.. Smelled lovely when i opened the bag, hats off for another great product.. Have seen great results after using this product after 4 weeks (combined with good nutrition and workouts)
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Bought the Cherry Bakewell flavour & mixed with water on day one. Tasted great. After experimenting a little, I much prefer to mix mine with either milk (I use almond or semi-skimmed) or some fat-free yogurt. Tastes amazing! No stomach complaints and my stomach is very sensitive. Diet-wise, I've started working out almost daily, eating healthier and drinking these shakes and I'm noticing a difference with the combination of all 3.
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This is the first time I have bought from this website, I had chocolate ripple flavour and it tasted great and also mixed very well. I will definitely be buying from this website again :)
Just revived my order silk chocolate,as I opend the bag it smelt lovely, I have to say its the best drink I've had so far,love the pure fine oats gave a nice texture, will defo order again. :)
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just got my diet whey opended it up and luck the scoop was at the top (makes a change) the taste was great (butterscotch ripple) was thin but was good as makes it an easy way to intake all in all a good product and will buy again
First time trying protein shake and i was quite nervous to tast it , but it is delicious :)
Just had my first shake of Diet Whey, choc silk flavour. At first, I wondered whether it wasn't mixing properly but then I realised it was the oats and flax seed in the shake. Other than that it tastes really nice, great choc flavour and you can tell the flavouring are proper flavours, not artificial ones. It's quite thin with 300ml of water so I'll probably try a bit less water next time but I think I've found a winner.
I bought this product at the beginning of Feb to help me on my weight loss mission.

I am not a fan of drinking thick liquids such as milkshakes or smoothies, but this is a really easy to drink. The bits floating around does mean you need to give it a little shake before each mouthful of drink, but other than that no problems. Taste is great (strawberry and cream) and it does mix as well as you can expect from a shake which packs in as much as this does.

I have been regularly dropping the pounds whilst drinking this product and I really do think it has helped... so much so, that I am writing this review just before ordering some more.
Tried a few diet whey protein shakes in the past, this is far and away the best!! Mixes easy and tastes fantastic (strawberries and cream), I highly recommend this product its brill!
Been using this product for a good few weeks, mainly as a breakfast subtitute before work.

I was using protein 80 and oats before work to keep me fuller for longer and stop me grabbing toast for breakfast but quite high in calories.

Then this beauty was released! Fantastic product and does exectly what it says on the tin, tastes great with milk or water (choc silk).

And only thing i'm waiting for is new flavours before I get my 2nd bag!

And as usual 5* customer service!
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Lost allot of weight with this product. Regular use with endurance training is very effective.
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Having tried several other Diet formulas on the market this one has the most comprehensive mix of other ingredients, tastes great (choc silk ordered) and price is also great. The pouch also has a nice seal and no reason why you can't use it direct from the pouch without fear of the seal failing after a few times.

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