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THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Pack Deals range contains a collection of premium, best selling products that have been purposely grouped together to meet specific training goals. These training goals range from lean muscle, fat loss to muscle mass with each pack containing supplements that promote each goal through a variety of different mechanisms. Ideal for both beginners wanting a comprehensive supplement plan as well as experts wanting a variety of supplements, they synergistically work to break training plateaus. This is the reason THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Pack Deals range continues to prove one of our most popular.

Aside from being scientifically created to meet a specific goal, the TPW™ Pack Deals range also offers unrivalled value for money. Whether you spend a high amount each month on supplements or have a limited budget, our packs are the ideal solution. We find time and time again athletes choose to shop from the Pack Deals range to get a wide variety of premium, best selling products at unbelievable prices.

More than any other sports nutrition brand on the market today, we at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ are committed to PERSONAL nutrition. This is why with each and every TPW™ Pack we allow you to choose which flavour protein you want. It’s only a small feature but we feel it’s an important one because if you’re spending your hard earned money with us, we believe you should be able to choose which flavoured protein you want!

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    The TPW™ LEAN MUSCLE ESSENTIALS PACK comprises five supplement staples that sports nutritionists have identified as being ideal to help promote lean muscle. Ultra pure and exceptionally high quality, each supplement in this unique pack works synergistically to help alter the muscle's biochemistry and thereby support gains in muscle strength and size. More importantly, they do this without adding any unwanted body fat.

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    The TPW™ LEAN MUSCLE ADVANCED PACK contains six ultra pure and potent supplements. This ground-breaking pack is ideal for anyone experiencing a plateau in their training and looking to add high quality muscle without the fat. It offers a unique supplement plan that can be used in conjunction with an effective training programme

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