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Our Whey Protein 80 Sample Pack allows you to choose any FIVE of our best-selling Whey Protein Concentrate 250g sample pouches. This unique pack gives you total flexibility to purchase our market leading undenatured, premium grade whey protein in absolutely any combination of our critically acclaimed natural flavours.

Whether you want to try out some new flavours or you're just looking for convenient pouches for your gym bag, this pack can't be beat. What's more, we've even knocked 25% off to give you even better value for money!

  • Ultra pure, premium grade whey protein

  • Ideal to sample new flavours or on the go

  • Incredible versatility & value for money


  • Step 1:

    Product Profile

    The Protein Works


    Engineering Researched & formulated in the UK at THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Production Quality Manufactured, packed & despatched by THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Flavouring & Colouring NATURAL flavours & colours
    Thickeners & Fillers 100% FREE of thickeners & fillers
    Ingredient Sourcing TPW™ accredited supplier & INFORMED SPORT™ approved supplier
    Certificate of Analysis Independently certified & full documentation provided, see Product Testing
    Level of Guarantee TPW™ Money Back Guarantee applicable on this product
  • Step 2:

    Protein Insight

    The Protein Works


    Whey Proteins
    Whey Protein 80 (Concentrate) 100% Whey Protein 90 (Isolate) 0%
    Milk & Egg Proteins
    Milk Protein 80 (concentrate) 0% Egg Protein 80 0%
    Calcium Caseinate 90 0%
    Non-Dairy Proteins
    Brown Rice Protein 80 (concentrate) 0% Soy Protein 90 (isolate) 0%
    Pea Protein 80 (isolate) 0%
  • Step 3:

    Product Testing

    The Protein Works


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  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Natural flavours and colours
  • Diabetic
  • Wheat Free
  • GM Free

Whey Protein 80 Sample Pack

Our Whey Protein 80 Sample Pack allows you to choose any FIVE of our best-selling Whey Protein Concentrate 250g sample pouches. This unique pack gives you total flexibility to purchase TPW™'s market leading undenatured, premium grade whey protein in absolutely any combination of our critically acclaimed natural flavours. Whether you want to try out some new flavours or you're just looking for convenient pouches for your gym bag, this pack can't be beat. What's more, we've even knocked 40% off for you!


Thousands of Whey Protein Flavour Options

The Whey Protein 80 Sample Pack was created after chatting to the TPW™ Community in The Locker Room™ about putting together a comprehensive bundle of all our flavours of Whey Protein 80 (concentrate). So now you don't have the hard task of deciding which of your favourite flavours to get, you can get them all. The Whey Protein 80 Sample Pack literally offers thousands of combinations of whey protein flavours for you to choose from our 16 best-selling, all natural flavours.


About Whey Protein 80 (concentrate)

Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) from The Protein Works™ is widely considered to be the highest quality whey protein on the market today. Containing the highest biological value (BV) of any known protein, Whey Protein 80 is micro-filtered and not heat treated to produce ultra pure protein. This process ensures that the protein stays intact and as pure as it can be. It also enables the powder to mix easily and achieve a smooth texture, giving you the perfect protein shake. Whey Protein 80 is rich in both BCAA's and Glutamine. It is the ideal protein to help build muscle size, definition and aid recovery.


BRAND NEW AMINOGEN® Patented Enzyme System

AMINOGEN® Patented Enzyme System

All TPW™ products are designed using the very latest sports nutrition research and technology. Our best-selling Whey Protein 80 is no different. Whey Protein 80 is now formulated with the breakthrough patented enzyme system, AMINOGEN®.

This revolutionary system helps your body to absorb even more free amino acids locked within Whey Protein 80. This in turn helps build lean muscle, increase lean body mass, decrease body fat and support vital body functions. In essence, AMINOGEN® is formulated to make your Whey Protein 80 even more effective, and at no extra cost!

Read more about the science behind AMINOGEN® Patented Enzyme System.


Whey Protein 80 Quality Assurance

Here at TPW™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source of our Whey Protein 80. We personally quality check every supplier and ingredient before giving it the TPW™ quality seal of approval. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is the TPW™ philosophy that flows through every product we make and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today. Click on the Product Profile and the Protein Insight to see full product information for absolute peace of mind.

Please note that this product is produced in-house at The Protein Works™ production facility. It is supplied in a re-sealable foil pouch to ensure freshness and a FREE scoop is included in every product.

Q. What are main reasons for buying the TPW™ Whey Protein 80 Sample Pack?

A. It's ideal if you want to try a range of flavours or if you get bored of the same flavour and want to mix things up throughout the month.

Q. Are all Whey Protein products the same no matter what brand you use?

A. As with so many things in life, if you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right answers! The quality of ingredient can vary significantly and therefore the potency will do too. In addition, just because a product may be called pure it doesn't mean that it necessarily is. We recommend you read the ingredients and nutritionals on the label to better understand exactly what you are buying. We can assure you that our products are 100% pure.

Q. What if any side effects will I get from taking Whey Protein 80 (concentrate)?

A. We haven't heard of any nasty side effects from taking Whey Protein 80 (concentrate).

Q. Can I take Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) with other supplements?

A. Yes definitely. Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) is considered the best quality source of protein on the market today and serves as a supplement staple in anyone's nutrition plan. On top of this you can look to add anything from ELITE MAN™ as a comprehensive multi vitamin to help meet your elevated nutritional needs, RAZE™ Preworkout to fuel your training sessions or Bedtime Fuel as a slow release protein before bed.

Q. Who should take / benefit from using Whey Protein 80 (concentrate)?

A. Bodybuilders and strength athletes. Endurance athletes and those new to weight training. Basically anyone looking to supplement a high protein diet whether for fat loss, muscle gain or better recovery.

Q. How are you able to offer such great value for money with the Whey Protein 80 Sample Pack?

A. As with all things at TPW™ we want to reward our loyal customers who buy more, that's why the Whey Protein 80 Sample Pack has been discounted so you can not only try a range of flavours but you also get amazing value for money when doing so.

Values based on: per 25g serving
Energy (kJ) 418
Energy (kcal) 99
Fat (g) 1.8
Fat of which Saturates (g) 1.5
Carbohydrates (g) 1.7
Carbohydrates of which Sugars (g) 1.4
Protein (g) 19.6
Cholesterol (mg) 52
Sodium (mg) 47

Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) Unflavoured

Undenatured Whey Protein Concentrate
Natural Flavourings See Whey Protein 80 product page for each individual flavour
Soy Lecithin (Instantising Agent)  

Serving Size: 25g (one large 70ml scoop) of Whey Protein 80

We recommend between 3-5 servings per day of Whey Protein 80, depending upon your own individual needs. It is widely recommended that for optimal benefits, you should take 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day.

Add 150-225ml of water or milk into your TPW™ Master Blender. Add one large 70ml scoop (25g) of Whey Protein 80, mix well and drink.

The less liquid you use, the thicker your shake will be, so adjust to suit your own taste.

Typical Daily Usage of Whey Protein 80:

  • 1 serving upon waking
  • 1 serving 30-45 mins prior to exercise
  • 1 serving immediately after exercise
  • 1 serving between meals
  • 1 serving before bed
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Great for cutting and getting into condition!

10/10 product
Just got to say FANTASTIC flavours!! Got the strawberry&cream (my fave), banana, chocolate, butterscotch ripple & caramel machiato and they are all amazing. I'd never tried protein shakes before and wasn't expecting them to taste as nice as they do so very happy! Can't wait to try more!

If you want another protein for free use my referral code:) SA269593
This was part of my first order from TPW, and with 40% off it was such good value and a great way to try different flavours before ordering bulk of one. I got Chocolate Silk, Jaffa Cake, Cherry Bakewell, Vanilla Creme, Lemon Shortcake and have also tried Chocolate Mint Brownie. All flavours are pretty tasty and true to their names. Chocolate Mint Brownie tastes just like mint Aero! I personally can't drink these with just water, but with milk they're pretty enjoyable. Can't wait to try more flavours!
I honestly don't know why other protein companies don't do this - there have been so many times I've ventured to try a new brand, then been stuck with a kilo of protein which I won't use because I've picked one of their "not so good" flavours. Anyway, this is a brilliant idea, and props to the MPW team for listening to their customers - you are a shining example of how things should be done.
All of the flavours I chose were delicious, and that's something I can't say for any other protein brand I've tried! I was worried some would be too sickly or overpowering, but the balance is just right and they manage to be pudding-y yet light and refreshing.
One other very important thing is that this is the first protein shake I've tried where I haven't had to limit myself to one serving a day in fear of Epic Protein Fart syndrome. No such fears at all with this powder - it's very easy on the stomach.
Will definitely be repurchasing :)
got as a free for joining and ordering my first product. highly fact I'm ordering more right now!
Great value, and great whey to try different flavours ;)

Essential for active individuals, and easy to stomach early in the morning when I can't face breakfast but need a protein hit!
This was my first purchase from TPW, and it's been invaluable ever since in trying to pick my favourite flavours without spending a fortune.

I've gone on to convert friends and colleagues to TPW by drawing their attention to this brilliant little sampler pack - at such good value, it's certainly a great way to lure new customers with the opportunity to try all of the flavours!
At £29.95 its an absolute bargain, and the oppurtunity to try 5 new flavours as well was too good to turn down and I was not disappointed! So tasty, great quality, excellent delivery! Top notch again from TPW.
Nice little packs of high quality protein for shakes or cooking. Will be buying more when I run out.
I've tried various protein powders in the past and TPW are 100%, by far the winners!! I love this pack - get to try everything and you get 10 servings per pack. Thats 50 servings for 29.95?! Amazing! Couldn't be happier :)
Absolutely fell in love with these flavours! Can't get enough of them! Nice texture and no lumpy grainy after taste! Mixes well and definitely feels like I'm drinking a dessert!
I love baking with protein powders and this sample pack is just too perfect! So I don't have to spend 30 to 50 euros for each flavor I want and it will probably take me a year to finish them if I buy 5 flavors at one time.

Vanilla is good for baking and making protein icecream!!! unreal!
Caramel Macchiato tastes amazing by itself or protein bars... flavor kinda fades away if you bake them.
Apple and cinnemon isn't too sweet so pretty good for baking pancake and stuff like that.
I use Mint Chocolate and Coconut Milk Chocolate to blend with my Greek yogurt and I love the texture and Flavor!
You won't get bored of protein powder if you get them! And they last for a while!

Must buy! really good Value
All the flavors I ordered ranged from good to excellent. My favorite by far is Caramel Macchiato. Strawberry was the closest tasting to an actual strawberry shake.
Another batch ordered on Wed and arrived Thursday! First gym session since and caramel macchiato still top for me, can't wait to try the new flavours I ordered e.g. Butterscotch ripple and milk choc cocunut
I'd previously tried the PW's diet whey 97 in milk choc coconut and banoffee pie, and I wasn't a huge fan of the flavours or the odd texture that the flax seed gives it.

After I realised that the calorie difference between those and the whey 80 is nominal (~5cal per serving), and reading the positive reviews, I decided to try to variety pack. I ordered vanilla creme, strawberries and cream, banana smooth, lemon shortcake, caramel macchiato and holy crap I can't recommend them enough.

I can't possibly choose my favourite flavour! it mixes 1000x better than the diet whey and the texture is much smoother. I mix them with 175ml water, and the flavours are really light and natural-tasting, but my partner prefers them with milk.

the protein works' whey 80 variety easily gets 10/10
After much research and finding the ad in Obstacle Race Magazine, Decided to give the protein powders a go. Good customer service,and products arrived the very next day. Had to resist opening them all at once, The Jaffa Cake one is great and mixes well. Strange having something good for you that tastes so good. Will be trying more products from the range soon!
Only just begun having protein shakes and this brand was recommended. Price for how much you get is excellent and the flavours are really imaginative! I got:
- Strawberries and Cream
- Caramel Macchiato
- Choc Mint Brownie
- Banoffee Pie
- Butterscotch Ripple.

I've only tried the first 3 so far and although they are very sweet, when you're hungry they're actually really nice!

I'm only having 1-2 a day at the moment just when working late and need something to keep me going between lunch and dinner and also after a workout.

Only giving 4 stars as I can't give actual results yet but so far very impressed!
I got the Cherry Bakewell flavour and i absolutely love it, the texture was nice and smooth, there was no lumps and it tasted great. I will easily be able to take this 3-5 times a day. One of the best supplements i have ever taken.
Speedy delivery and great sups. Ordering the variety pack means you don't get sick of one flavour 50 servings later. Also far the best tasting shakes I've ever had caramel macchiato being #1
Ordered late Monday night arrived Wednesday with yodel. Amazing service from the protein works, I have tried the Jaffa cake flavour and tastes 10/10 and also 10/10 for mixing very good product. Will be ordering again !
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Liked trying different flavours (except lemon shortcake, just wasn't sure at all about it) and my husband stole the strawberries and cream which he said was the best strawberry flavoured shake he'd tried and he's tried a lot!!! Going back to Naked Whey tho as it's 'cleaner'
Got these as a present, mix well and the flavours tried so far are great. The jaffa cake one is my fave so far, good with water and awesome with milk.
Cheap as chips to try five different flavours. They all taste good and come with the usual quality of the protein works.
Great price! Great taste what can I say!

Banana smooth is my fave but still have three others to try! Taste great with water but even better with milk.

This is where I will be buying my protein from.
This was my first purchase of Protein powder so I wasn't sure what to expect. They tasted great! I ordered lemon shortcake (which is my favourite), chocolate silk, strawberries & cream, banoffe pie and Jaffa cake. And they all tasted good! They also came in larger packets than I thought, so they will last a long time! Will definitely be re-ordering!
I would recommend this pack to consumers who are interested in trying a range of flavours. It's brilliant value and all tastes great! I ordered the butterscotch ripple, vanilla Crème. Caramel Macchiato and Choco silk and they all taste delicious which makes it an easy protein drink to take - sometimes I debate which flavour I want to take because they all taste so good!

Not only does it taste good but it also gives me great results. I would definitely purchase this product again as it is great value for money.
tastes delicious and great value
Really great value and the best way to trial a few different flavours. A great level of protein compared to others in the market, for a very reasonable price. The proof is in the use though, and this doesn't disappoint. Plenty of protein for the daily intake, and so easy to mix. Can't recommend this highly enough
ordered cherry bakewell got a free pouch whey 80 in chocolate silk divine taste and mixed perfectly have ordered 4kg of jaffa cake in whey 90 and also raze cant wait to try these tpw service has been outstanding so far and products are fantastic very happy customer!
These shakes are really tasty and this sample pack is a really good way to try a lot of flavours without spending a lot
Just got to say FANTASTIC flavours!! Got the strawberry&cream (my fave), banana, chocolate, butterscotch ripple & caramel machiato and they are all amazing. I'd never tried protein shakes before and wasn't expecting them to taste as nice as they do so very happy! Can't wait to try more!
  • 0 of 1 people found this review helpful
I got the Banana flavour. Awesome taste and mixes really well in a shaker. GReat value for money and protein content per serving is high.
  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Having had major cervical spine surgery my physio has told me to drink protein shakes through a straw to build up my front neck musces (its harder than you think!) so having tried a couple of other brands with flavours I can only describe as "disgusting" I came across TPW.

I bought vanilla, butterscotch ripple, mint choc chip, chocolate morello cherry, and cherry bakewell and all are scrummy, I find the butterscotch a little on the sweet side but thats no great problem, the cherry bakewell tastes just like the cake but without the calories!

I have two a day, one for breakfast and one for lunch, with the lunchtime one I throw in a handful of fruit (regardless of shake flavour) and it works for me as a meal replacement and I dont get hungry, so I'm losing a bit of weight at the same time!

Received my protein an hour ago and it was only ordered yesterday at lunchtime so very happy with the prompt service as with my previous order. The jaffa cake was tasty looking forward to trying the other flavours and seeing the results. I like the sample pack as it gave me the chance to try a few flavours in a single order to then pick my favourite.
brought a pack of these for me and the girfriend to try a range of flavours that might have not wanted to risk buying a big bag and not liking but must say very happy.
The BANOFFEE PIE is brilliant tastes a bit like a zap lolly used to get from ice cream van.
The RHUBARB & CUSTARD flavour is just like the sweets, nice.
The BUTTERSCOTCH RIPPLE is a good smooth flavour.
The JAFA CAKE flavour tastes more like choc orange rather than the biscuit but still really nice taste.
Very good mixability and high quality protein stats.
  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

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