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It seems TPW™ has shaken up the industry with many competitors now frantically attempting to copy what we do. So this month we've decided to launch one of the first innovations we brought to the UK market... TPW™ PAYDAY DEALS is back and badder than ever!

Until midnight Wednesday 31st July 2013, you have exclusive discount access to our huge range of innovative products here at TPW™ Towers! With over 50 products launched in the last 3 months alone, you can stock up with confidence that your workouts are going to be fuelled with the best sports nutrition money can buy. So whether it's our hugely popular WHEY & OAT CRISP at a new lower price or our new SUPER GREENS formula that's being dubbed the markets most nutrient dense supplement ever launched, you can save up to a massive 15%!


How It Works

It's pretty straight forward guys, simply follow the below 3 steps:

  • Add enough to your basket to hit a Payday price level of either £50, £75 or £100
  • Enter the correct discount code as shown below at checkout
  • Make some massive savings and wait for us to ship it out!


Sports Nutrition Deals

SPEND £50+ | SAVE 10%!

Save 10% by spending as little as £50! To give you an example, if you were to order 2kg of DIET WHEY COMPLEX in any one of our innovative flavours and 500g of our performance enhancing RAZE™ PREWORKOUT and then use the code ‘SAVE10’ at checkout, you'll instantly save 10% on TPW™ order.




Sports Nutrition Deals

SPEND £75+ | SAVE 12%!

Save 12% with us by spending over £75. If you wanted to have a high protein, great tasting snack in your gym bag, you could order TPW™ PROTEIN COOKIES, then PROTEIN PANCAKE MIX for your breakfast, WHEY & OAT CRISP to keep on your desk at work to stave off hunger and PEANUT BUTTER as a tasty snack any time of day or night. Then just enter the code ‘SAVE12' at checkout to save 12% on your order.




Sports Nutrition Deals

SPEND £100+ | SAVE 15%!

Save an incredible 15% when you spend over £100! If you were looking to increase muscle mass, strength and power, you could order 4kg of our best-selling weight gainer formula TOTAL MASS MATRIX, 2kg of RECOVERY PROTEIN and 500g of the intra workout formula i-SURGE and then enter 'SAVE15' at checkout to save a massive 15%!





Important Offer Information

Please Note: This offer excludes Create Your Own, Whey Protein 80 and Whey Protein 90 4kg & 6kg supersaver sizes and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, including Pack Deals. Unfortunately we need to make some profit to stay in business! Offer ends midnight Wednesday 31st July 2013, or until promo stocks are gone, whichever is sooner.