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This one simply needs no introduction. After month's of developments, we're delighted to reveal a BRAND NEW FLAVOUR in our immensely popular next generation flapjack WHEY & OAT CRISP. We know you guys love the DARK CHOC CHUNK and now it's time to get fruity with our brand new CHERRY & ALMOND!


100% Natural Flavours & Colours

As with all TPW™ products, we insist on using only natural ingredients to create the best tasting supplements that deliver the best results. Whey & Oat Crisp Flapjack is no different. It's the UK's first all natural protein flapjack bar made with 100% natural flavours. Just like our signature protein shake flavours, Whey & Oat Crisp Flapjack raises the bar in the taste department. CHERRY ALMOND is no exception and here's what the TPW™ Product Development team had to say about their latest innovation:

"First, we pack in the "good stuff" to ensure you have the best protein flapjack on the market today. This includes our premium grade whey protein isolate, whey protein isolate crispies and our innovative low GI oat blend. Then we add our trademark natural flavours with sun soaked Italian cherries and 100% natural almonds for that unbelievable natural taste. As with all TPW™ innovations, you can expect a premium quality product that tastes amazing!"




Made With Premium Grade Whey Protein Isolate

Nearly all protein flapjack bars on the market today are formulated using milk protein concentrate and whey protein concentrate. Not our ground-breaking Whey & Oat Crisp Flapjack! Everything about this protein flapjack bar screams pure quality, not least because it contains premium grade whey protein isolate in a ground-breaking formulation. 

Whatever supplement brand you use, here at TPW™ we always urge you to read the back of the label, as well as the front. This is where all the important information on your supplement is including key nutritionals and ingredients.




Low GI Carbs Keep You Fuller For Longer

We've taken care of the carbohydrates too. Whey & Oat Crisp Flapjack is engineered using a unique carbohydrate blend of rolled oats, jumbo oats, oat protein and oat bran. Its low Glycaemic Index (GI) helps avoid spikes in blood sugar levels and delivers a slow and sustained release of energy, making it the ideal snack to take in between meals or post workout.

The fibrous nature of the carbohydrates can help control cravings and reduce feelings of hunger and synergises with the high protein content to help lower your body fat.




Introductory Launch Offer!

We are launching our brand new flavour in style with both Whey & Oat Crisp flavours now only £11.99! (RRP: £18.99). This offer is so strong that we are having to limit customers to a maximum of THREE Cherry Almond boxes per order. No code required. That's LESS THAN £1 PER BAR!

WARNING: This offer is STRICTLY only available whilst promo stocks last and limited to THREE Cherry Almond boxes per customer. There is no limit on Dark Choc Chunk orders right now.