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milk protein 85

Milk Protein 85 is milk protein concentrate derived from ultra-filtered skimmed milk. It contains a mix of micellar casein, whey proteins and bioactive proteins. It also has an excellent amino acid profile, is high in BCAA's, low in fat and is an excellent source of calcium.

Milk Protein 85 is a premium grade, slow release protein, ideal to consume in between meals and before bed since it offers a sustained supply of vital nutrients to support muscle repair and recovery.

  • The ultimate slow release protein source

  • Provides tapered release of amino acids

  • High in protein, low in fat and carbs


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    The Protein Works

    MILK PROTEIN 85 (concentrate)

    Engineering Researched & formulated in the UK at THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Production Quality Manufactured, packed & despatched by THE PROTEIN WORKS™
    Flavouring & Colouring NATURAL flavours & colours
    Thickeners & Fillers 100% FREE of thickeners & fillers
    Ingredient Sourcing TPW™ accredited supplier & INFORMED SPORT™ approved supplier
    Certificate of Analysis Independently certified & full documentation provided, see Product Testing
    Level of Guarantee TPW™ LIFETIME Guarantee applicable on this product
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    The Protein Works

    MILK PROTEIN 85 (concentrate)

    Whey Proteins
    Whey Protein 80 (Concentrate) 0% Whey Protein 90 (Isolate) 0%
    Milk & Egg Proteins
    Milk Protein 85 (concentrate) 100% Egg Protein 80 0%
    Calcium Caseinate 90 0%    
    Non-Dairy Proteins
    Brown Rice Protein 80 (concentrate) 0% Soy Protein 90 (isolate) 0%
    Pea Protein 80 (isolate) 0%    
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    The Protein Works

    MILK PROTEIN 85 (concentrate)

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Milk Protein Casein

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Natural flavours and colours
  • Diabetic
  • Wheat Free
  • GM Free

Premium Grade MIlk Protein

Milk Protein 85 from The Protein Works™ is a milk protein concentrate providing over 85% milk protein per 100g (dry basis). Milk Protein 85 concentrate powder contains a mix of micellar casein, whey proteins and bioactive proteins in the same ratio found in natural milk. Milk Protein 85 is produced using ultra low heat treatment to minimize any denaturing of the protein. It is the ideal protein source to take throughout the day and before bed due to the slow release nature of the protein source.


MIlk Protein Slow Release Protein

Milk Protein 85 provides the body with a combination of slow digesting casein and quick absorbing whey protein, ideal to keep muscles nourished and supported throughout the day and night. Research shows that if that drink is Whey Protein based (hydrolysed, isolate or concentrate) then it will be in and out of your system in a maximum of a couple of hours. This will still leave several hours where the body will be starving. Milk Protein forms a gel like substance in the gut and is absorbed over a 7 hour period, effectively giving the body something to feed off for the while of this period.

In addition, a growing bed of research suggests that consuming a Milk Protein shake (ie. a Whey/Casein blend) alongside a weight training regime can offer considerably greater muscle mass gains as opposed to consuming a whey protein shake alone without casein.Milk Protein 85 is available in both flavoured and unflavoured options. In its unflavoured state, it has a smooth, neutral creamy profile and represents a very versatile protein source for anyone looking to build high quality muscle.


MIlk Protein - Ultimate Quality Assurance

Here at TPW™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source. Each ingredient supplier must pass rigorous audits and checks before being given the TPW™ quality seal of approval. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is our philosophy that flows through every product we manufacture and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today. Click on the Product Profile and the Protein Insight to see full product information for your absolute peace of mind.

Please note that this product is produced in-house at our very own production facility. It is supplied in a re-sealable foil pouch to ensure freshness and a scoop is included free of charge in every product.



The Expert's View of MILK PROTEIN 85

"The International Olympic Committee Consensus on Sports Nutrition states to support a strength or speed based workout routine athletes require 1.7grams of protein per kg of bodyweight per day. Interestingly research conducted at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada later found that endurance athletes require a greater (or equal) intake of protein than strength athletes to prevent protein catabolism during exercise."

Research: Food, Nutrition and Sports Performance II: The International Olympic Committee Consensus on Sports Nutrition (Ron Maughan et al, 2004).


Q. When should I take milk protein concentrate?

A. It depends on your lifestyle and goals, but because milk protein is a slow digesting protein it is ideally suited for use between meals and before bed.

Q.What does milk protein concentrate taste like?

A. Milk protein concentrate powder has a smooth creamy natural taste.

Q. How much protein should I take?

A. It is recommended that you consume between 2-5 servings per day, dependant upon your own personal needs. A serving would be classed as 30g (one scoop) of milk protein concentrate. It is recommended that you take 1g of protein per pound of body weight, so adjust your intake accordingly.

Q. Why do I need to take protein?

A. Consuming a protein shake can help muscle growth. It is a widely researched fuel that has been shown to help muscle growth, recovery and repair after intense exercise or workout.

Q. Is all milk protein concentrate the same, regardless of which brand it is?

A. As with so many things in life, if you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right answers! The quality of protein can vary significantly and therefore the protein content will do too. In addition, just because a product may be called milk protein concentrate it doesn't mean that it only contains milk protein concentrate. We recommend you read the ingredients and nutritionals on the label to better understand exactly what you are buying. We can assure you that our Milk Protein Concentrate 85 is purely milk protein concentrate. At TPW™, we are committed to transparency and openness in all our products and that is why we provide the following information on all our protein products: 1. Product Profile - a complete overview of the product's background including our approval, location of manufacture and money back guarantee applicability. 2. Protein Insight - a complete breakdown of the types and quantities of protein contained in the product. 3. Product Testing - an up to date certificate of analysis which provides independent verification of the protein content

Q. How can I tell if the protein I use is a good quality protein?

A. Keys signs to look for are the level of protein declared on the label. Look for milk protein concentrate with a minimum 85% content.

Q. Does your flavoured milk protein concentrate contain artificial flavouring and colouring?

A. Most protein supplements on the market today are made using artificial flavours and colours. We are committed to maintaining purity in all our products which is why we only use all natural flavouring and colouring with absolutely nothing to hide. Not only is this kinder to your body, but it also gives a more natural and real taste to your shake.

Q. What does "dry basis" and "as-is" mean when talking about protein content?

A. When you see a protein powder that states on the label the protein is given as "dry basis " this means that the moisture present in the powder is included in the total protein value. Moisture in dry protein powders are typically around 4%. However, when a protein supplement is stated "as-is" this means the actual protein content of the powder with the water content excluded. In other words, the true protein you will be consuming. As whey prices have increased significantly over recent years due to the large demand in the sports nutrition sector, some brands may not give you all the facts in regards to the true level of protein in their products. At TPW™, we believe in transparency to give you the utmost confidence when choosing your whey protein supplements. On all our protein products you will see both the as-is and dry-basis values declared. Once again, it's all about knowing what to look for.

Q. Is milk protein suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

A. Milk Protein 85 is suitable for vegetarians, but it is not suitable for vegans.

Q. Is milk protein absorbed as quickly as whey protein?

A. No, milk protein is considered a slow release protein, so ideal to use within a blend of other proteins, or between meals or before bed.

Q. Can I take milk protein with other supplements?

A. The simple answer is yes. We recommend you always check serving instructions on each product if you plan on taking a combination of supplements.

Q. Can I take too much protein?

A. If you don't burn the excess calories that come with the additional protein, it may lead to increased body fat. No other side effects have been noted.

Q. What if any side effects will I get from taking milk protein concentrate?

A. We haven't heard of any nasty side effects from consuming milk protein concentrate.

Q. Do any foods contain milk protein concentrate?

A. No, there are no foods that contain milk protein concentrate. There are many foods that contain high levels of protein, such as red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs and cheese.

Q. What does milk protein concentrate actually do?

A. It gives your body a sustained slow release of protein that is low in fat and carbs at that vital time after you've exercised or during the night when your body is in a catabolic state.

Q. What is milk protein concentrate made up of?

A. Milk protein is a source of casein and whey proteins (80% casein, 20% whey protein).

Q. Is milk protein concentrate known by any other name?

A. Milk protein concentrate is often also referred to as micellar casein, milk protein or MPC.

Q. What effects should I expect from taking milk protein concentrate alongside my training regime?

A. Results vary depending on your diet, nutrition, training and individual body type. For an average individual, it can help increase lean muscle mass and support an increased metabolic rate. It can also aid reduced muscle breakdown post exercise and improved recovery times, as well as faster muscle repair post workout. In simple terms, you should be able to get back into the gym quicker for your next workout .

Q. Who should take / benefit from using milk protein concentrate?

A. Bodybuilders and strength athletes. Endurance athletes. Those on a controlled weight loss diet. Those new to weight training. People involved in team sports.

Values based on: 30g per serving

For   Unflavoured variant

Milk Protein 80% (concentrate)


Single Serving Size: 1 large scoop (30g)

We recommend between 2-3 servings per day, or as required to meet your individual needs.

Add 300-400ml of water or milk to your TPW™ Master Blender. Add 1 scoop (30g), then shake and drink.

The less liquid you use the thicker your shake will be, so adjust to suit your own taste.


Typical Daily Usage:

  • 1 serving upon waking
  • 1 serving midday
  • 1 serving before bed
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Great Product, visible results and it tastes good as well.

This is a really nice product, the cherry bakewell and chocolate flavours are sweet without being sickly and it mixes well with either milk or water to create a thicker shake than the whey protein powder. The only downside is that it is slightly harder to mix and more likely to form small lumps than the whey protein. Overall a good product
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Great product, big thumbs up!
The strawberry and cream is much more palatable than whey protein in my opinion and gives a good release of protein over longer periods. I mix it with whey for maximum #GAINS
TF334153 - Use this code at checkout for free protein!

And trust me you'll want it, this is hands down the best whey I've used!
Milk protein is great for night time use or to hold you over if you are not going to be eating for a few hours, this product is a saver when cutting for its appetite suppressant effects. It can also be mixed with whey protein and Micellar Casein to provide a more varied blend of aminos for muscle building.

Choc mint is great for these milk based proteins, it would be nice to have a wider selection like the WPC 80 and 80SF though.

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I have tried a number of different casein products in the past and this is one of the best. I ordered unflavoured and chocolate silk and the unflavoured is surprisingly my favourite! The chocolate is nice but a little bit sweet for my liking (they almost always are). The unflavoured can best be described as milk flavoured. I've tried mixing in both milk and water. Mixing in milk taste best (unsurprisingly) but mixing in water is also fine. The neutral and natural taste is a good indication of the low processing of this protein. I will definitely reorder!
Another great buy.
Mixes very well.
Ordered a supply of Cherry Bakewell flavour of this and it is excellent. I mix it with some fine oats in the morning and post workout and have it with milk and no oats in the evening. I have noticed more gains on this product compared to Bulk powders own version of milk protein which in my opinion is not a patch on this. I have now started ordering my supps from Protein works over them. Keep up the good work.
Have been using this for several months,twice a day ( morning and before bed) a supplement to the whey I use before/after/during training.I'm in my 50's, and - together with a good diet - this has improved my recovery markedly.I lift 4x a week and do aerobic sessions 2x a week, and adding milk protein to my daily routine has made a real difference.
I buy the unflavoured option - maybe I'm the only person who actually likes the taste?

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