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When you buy amino acids from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ between now and midnight Sunday 7th April 2013, you can save a massive 15%! Simply find the amino acids that best suit you, put them into your basket and enter code 'AMINO15' and we'll automatically deduct 15% from the amino acids in your order. So whether you're buying them on their own or want to add some amino acids to your regular TPW™ order, don't hang around as this offer ends midnight Sunday 7th April 2013.




FIVE NEW ARRIVALS - Buy Amino Acids For Less!

This promotion has not only been designed to help you make huge savings, but it's also been devised so you can try out our brand new amino acids just added to the range. The range now include Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) an amino acid shown to help increase muscular vascularity, 'pump' and the delivery of nutrients to the muscles. Ornithine HCL an amino known for its rejuvenating and immune boosting properties, especially important during periods of intense training. L Tyrosine which has been shown to aid focus and cognitive functioning during competition and many more. This is as well as the array of amino products that already form part of the comprehensive TPW™ amino range such as Berry Blitz and Green Apple Spike flavoured iBCAA powder which has gone down a storm and the 100% pure TPW™ Glutamine powder, to name but a few.


Amino Acids Lowdown - Latest Article

If you want to find out more about amino acids, we have put together a basic guide called 'What are Amino Acids?' to help you choose which ones would best suit you and your training. Plus, if you have any more questions about how certain aminos can help you, as always don't hesitate to contact us directly or message us on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.


Important Information

The TPW™ AMINO ACID APRIL offer ends midnight Sunday 7th of April 2013, or whilst promo stocks last, whichever is sooner, so make sure to buy amino acids now and don’t miss out.