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Introducing brand new ZERO SYRUPS™ from THE PROTEIN WORKS™! Our latest innovation is irresistible naturally flavoured syrups that contain zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero fats and zero sugars. Zero Syrups™ can be used to flavour absolutely anything with virtually no impact on your food's nutritional profile. It's time to pimp your food and take your taste buds to a whole new level guys!


10% OFF Introductory Offer

The pimping options are pretty much endless and our first Zero Syrups™ flavour, MAPLE SYRUP, is a true classic! We've got loads more in the pipeline so make sure you keep an eye out for #INNOVATION34 in a whole range of flavours as things are going truly stratospheric.

We're giving 10% OFF launch stocks until midnight Sunday 9th March 2014, so make sure you're one of the first with code 'ZERO10'. Please note this offer is only available whilst stocks last, so hurry and grab your bottle before they run out! Scroll down for the full product insight on the latest TPW™ innovation.



The Versatility of TPW Zero Syrups™

At TPW™ Towers, we're constantly trying our Zero Syrups™ with new foods and snacks as they are so incredibly versatile. We know you'll take things to a whole new level, but here are a few of the things we tried so far to get the juices flowing:

  • Add to TPW™ Natural Protein Porridge
  • Mix in with natural fat free greek yoghurt
  • Drizzle over fresh figs for a real treat
  • Pour over banana slices with low fat yoghurt
  • Mix in with TPW™ Pure Fine Oats
  • Drizzle over TPW™ Protein Pancakes
  • Add to coffee as a tasty sugar alternative
  • Include in any TPW™ unflavoured protein shake
  • Use as a glaze with fresh chilli on chicken or ribs
  • Add to your recipe for homemade muffins and flapjacks


TPW Zero Syrups™ & Flexible Dieting

Because TPW Zero Syrups™ have no impact on your calorie intake for the day, they are ideal for anyone on a calorie controlled diet. Also, with absolutely no sugars, they have zero impact on the body's blood sugar levels. This not only ensures the body is less prone to storing body fat through the ingestion of high glycaemic index carbohydrates, but it also regulates sugar cravings.

TPW Zero Syrups™ have been created to work with almost any diet plan. With no carbohydrates, sugars or protein TPW Zero Syrups™ can be worked into any meal plan. For those who are serious about their nutrition, since it allows people to add some flavour and sweetness back into their diet which can help psychologically adhere to a specific plan.


The Small Print

As with any new product launch, this promotion is strictly based on a specified amount of promotion stock. We expect demand to be incredibly high so we strongly advise you order early to avoid disappointment! Offer valid whilst promo stocks last, or until midnight Sunday 9th March 2014, whichever is sooner.